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It looks like you answered your own questions.

Concerning the unused tax codes, yes you can remove them. We did not do that for fear of breaking custom user tax setups... Trying to sum up for this:

We need tax_code_0044b but not tax_code_0044.
We need tax_code_0040b but not tax_code_0040.
We need tax_code_0981b (we don't use it currently but it could be used in theory) but not tax_code_0981.

We don't need any tax code for 0970 or 0980 since they do not appear on the VAT report. In fact it looks like that they have been merged in 0981 according to the usage notice of the form.

The totals 0979 and 0981 are not so simple to calculate. At least your suggested definitions are wrong:
- for 0981: it's not clear that everything listed in 0950 should be part of 0981. In my accounting I only need it for the "droits d'auteurs" but I have not studied all the other special cases that can appear on the supplementary form 3310-A.
- for 0979: 0207 includes EU reverse charge taxes on purchases ("auto-liquidation", cf tva_achat_intracommunautaire_biens_20_2) that should not be part of the turnover recorded in 0979 (same applies for each rate-specific tax code). So you actually need to remove the amount that we recorded in 0031 and 0044 to get the desired value. When we do our VAT report, we use this formula: 0979 = 207b + 105b + 151b + 201b + 100b - 44 - 31
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