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Date 2017-02-17.14:04:43
> I do not think this is a doable feature because there are so many options to 
> choose when cancelling a validated order.
> For example, what does it mean if there are already shipment sent? 
> Do they need to be returned or not? 
> The same for paid invoices. 
I think nothing should not be returned automatically. 
In case the user wants to create a shipment return or credit invoice it can
be done manually, allowing to create a new sale to manage both documents if

Indeed, the user should be able to post the invoices or to send the moves
before pressing the cancel button so if there is something still pending to 
do it must be done before canceling the processing sale.

> And there are such related action done, does it still makes sense to set the
> state of the sale as canceled?
The state of the sale will never be canceled, it will be the same as if you 
followed the manual cancel procedure.
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