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On 2016-07-29 11:41, Jean CAVALLO wrote:
> They may be useful in some cases, I just wanted to point out that in the
> particular case you gave they do not.
> See
> and
> The scheduler will use the composite index for the first column and it
> will be as efficient as having an extra index only on this column.
> This allows to create less indexes and save some space :)

Not necessary, such composite index could be bigger and so more
expensive to load. So as my previous link shows, there are legitimate
use case to have "duplicate" indexes so a warning will be annoying.

> Regarding the reverse, I agree it should not be a rule, but IMHO in
> 90-95% of the case it should be set. Even on small tables, where the
> cost of adding the index is minimal.

No, index on small table is just a waste of resources.
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