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2016-06-03 12:30 GMT+02:00 Cédric Krier <>:

> Cédric Krier <> added the comment:
> On 2016-06-03 12:10, Guillem Barba wrote:
> > 2016-06-03 10:37 GMT+02:00 Cédric Krier <>:
> > > Cédric Krier <> added the comment:
> > >
> > > I don't think company is more important than any other context data.
> So it
> > > is the all context that needs to be put. But then we start to have a
> > > security concern because we are leaking data by emails.
> > >
> >
> > I disagree.
> > The company is a very important concept in the ERP. There are lot of data
> > (the main data) that are related to a company.
> It is not more important than any other data. But of course, if you are
> using the client to find the issue, you will have difficulties because
> of company record rules. But for me, it is the record rules the problem,
> not the cron message.
> If you talk about related data then it is probably the user Model who
> has the more links.

The situation that motivated this issue is a cron that process lot of
invoices for lot of companies.
The error raised usually is a domain problem or a required field error.
These errors doesn't  show which record fail.
Without more information that "in some of the thousands invoices there is
one that field X is missing", it so hard to find which is the problematic
To have the company that failed allows the user to reduce the invoices to

Another solution is to put the record rec_name in the domain/field required
error messages. Provably this solution will solve more UX problems.


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