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Date 2016-04-21.12:37:50
El 21/04/16 a les 11:54, Carlos Eduardo Sotelo Pinto ha escrit:
> Carlos Eduardo Sotelo Pinto<>  added the comment:
> @ced Yes, My proposal is to help on the es_PE> I will work on it this weekend. I guess I must done on pootle.
What ced says is that we need to implement some system to make a 
language depen on another (so it's a derivate of other). With this 
dependence we avoid duplicating all the translations that are equal in 
both languages.

It will be great if you can try proposing a patch for it. IMHO, this 
patch will add a Many2One from ir.lang to ir.lang to indicate the 
translations. Once you have the derivative relation, the queries to 
fetch translations from the database should be updated to pick the 
derivative language translation if there is no translation on the base 
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