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Date 2015-09-24.20:25:08
On 2015-09-24 20:08, Jordi Esteve wrote:
> >>> Could you point me to example (I will not read all the chart of
> >>> account).
> >> For example, there is an account kind named "Deterioration and results
> >> on disposal of fixed assets". There are 6 accounts related to this kind
> >> of type revenue and 6 accounts of type expense, for example:
> >>
> >> Profits on investment property -> revenue
> >> Loses on investment property -> expense
> > Better to create to children kinds for each kind.
> >
> If we create children kinds, the profit and loss report or the balance 
> report will be a mess. The accountants will not understand them, the 
> authorities will not accept them.

I don't understand the rational here.
So having two children type will explode the mind of accountant while in
the same time you said that accountant understand in a minute the double
usage of kind and type. All this seems only based on your own opinions.

> So, if this issue is implemented, the work of Spanish accountants will 
> be harder instead of helping them.

So for one type that needs to be split and this split will absolutly not
be done by accountant, their work is harder.
Please you have to explain much more in details because your thinking
can not be followed.
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