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I review23361002 (party) how to do new API about "property fields".

IMHO new API NOT help you to create "Property fields". Here there are step by step to do it:

1- Create field outsite class (m2o)
2- Create SAME field, but in "PartyConfiguration" class (in this case, function fields)
3- Create a new class: _ConfigurationValue.
4- Each Property fied from step 1 and step 2, you need to create a NEW Class. Also, those classes need to register on __init_.

My conclusion:

1- Not easy to develop/write Property fields (framework don't help you because need to write a lot of py lines)
2- If you have a lot of Property fieds in an object, for example, sale.configuration + 24 property fields => in step 4, need to create 24 classes and register in __init__ those 24 classes. I think this step NOT help you to use/develop property fields.

My 2 cent.
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