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I reviewed the patches but there's something I don't quite like and it is that we just replace the "Property" by a "Function". That is also how we did some of the modules in bitbucket but I think in fact the current UX is not good and we should remove the idea of getting the values out of the user's context.

The problems we see are:

- There is no way for the user to know if a value in the party (or product or whatever) depends on the company or not.
- The user must switch company in order to create an invoice/sale/whatever for another company. Some organizations can easily have +5 companies with very few users which makes current UX less than convenient.

Our idea was to replace Property fields by a One2Many field in party which is explicitly shown to the user (and he has no "current company" anymore). (Where I say "party" read "any model with properties"). Something like:

class Party:
    __name__ = ''
    company_properties = fields.One2Many('', 'party', 'Per Comapany Properties')

class PartyCompany:
    __name__ = ''
    party = fields.Many2One('', 'Party', required=True)
    company = fields.Many2One('', 'Company', required=True)
    customer_payment_term = fields.Many2One('account.invoice.payment_term', 'Customer Payment Term', domain=[('company', '=', Eval('company'))])
    supplier_payment_term = fields.Many2One('account.invoice.payment_term', 'Supplier Payment Term', domain=[('company', '=', Eval('company'))])

In party_form.xml:

<page string="Company Properties">
    <field name="company_properties" colspan="4"/>

What do you think?
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