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Well, I do have an observation (and a screenshot to demonstrate)

While typing the supplier code, the tips still display the non-supplier code/description.  This is a bit disturbing in reality.

The initial example provided below with 1234 or S1234 is relatively simple, but to demonstrate I have supplier specific codes such as 6001A12 and 6001A14 for company codes 1ACU12 and 1ACU14 respectfully.

Typing '6001' should display all the supplier specific codes for '6001...'
not the company codes.

PM: the product database including suppliers codes is many thousands of entries.

Do I understand the patch correctly that the supplier-specific codes are searched in the 'OR' domain statement after the company-specific codes/description?  (notwithstanding database sql optimisation)
If so, this can be quite brutal, perhaps some additional logic should be put in.

For example, a button to "limit" searches to supplier codes (probably on by default or at least configurable). That is, in absence of a supplier code for a quote, the supplier response typically includes their specific code allowing it to be added prior to confirming the PO for action.

Also, perhaps it would help to configure a minimal number of characters typed in prior to the tip search to avoid sluggish response (we suffered this already in oerp).  

Perhaps this last one should have a new issue created.


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