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I like to explain what is wrong to add "name" in description line and not "rec


1- Create a purchase order
2- Create a new line.
3- Select a product. When select a product on change description line: "[code]
product name"

It's same a sale order, etc...

Scenario purchase request:

1- Select purchase request and do a purchase order.
2- Wizard generate a purchase order with selected purchase request.

Lines in purchase order, description value is "product name". No add "[code]
product name". It's missign code field (generated with rec_name)

IMHO, when generate purchase order manual or purchase request, two ways to
generate a purchase is different info about description line.

My first codereview was fix description line on purchase order lines: "[code]
product name" (rec_name)

Albert comment about description line from supplier product. I'm agree because
some companies don't have same product name that supplier product. An example:

My product:
* Code: 1234
* Name: Product A

My product suplier:
* Code: S1234
* Name: Supplier Product A

If you generate purchase request, description line is "[1234] Product A". When
you send your purchase order to supplier, don't know what product is "[1234]
Product A". It's better add in description line supplier product: "[S1234]
Supplier Product A"

I hope you now understand about need to fix about description line

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