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7885 yesterday tryton GTK-Client. Invalid tree path '0' testing ced
7996 yesterday trytond Missing read/search access to ir.calendar* testing ced
7995 yesterday production_work Not able to enter duration in Cycles of Works unread  
7988 yesterday sao Reloading product.product URL crash unread  
7993 2 days ago   problems with start balance in general ledger unread  
7987 4 days ago tryton Change checkbox on Dict does not trigger on_change testing ced
7657 4 days ago stock_consignment Set origin to null when clone a stock move testing ced
7985 4 days ago   Opening a record from a one2many that is in readonly mode shows record on edit mode chatting  
7936 4 days ago tryton Modified field in editable one2many are duplicated to focus record when save parent record testing ced
7984 5 days ago sao Pie chart too small testing ced
7983 5 days ago account_fr Repeatable FEC order testing ced
7981 5 days ago trytond Missing description field in attachment list view chatting  
7976 7 days ago account_fr Account 400 and 410 should be view testing ced
7973 1 week ago trytond Stop non current transaction testing ced
7970 1 week ago tryton Error: timestamp out of range for platform time_t unread  
7541 1 week ago tryton The Client is closed suddenly when attaching files chatting  
7963 1 week ago account_invoice_history, sale_shipment_grouping, stock_supply_forecast Missing test packages in chatting  
7918 1 week ago   negative product cost price for sales and production with UOM less than default unread  
7882 2 weeks ago stock_lot_sled stock_lot_sled breaks the creation of purchase and production requests if they are not for today testing ced
7887 2 weeks ago stock Missing search stock period by company chatting  
7947 2 weeks ago product_attribute problem with attributes on product variants chatting  
7955 2 weeks ago   Tryton 5.0.3 main menu does not apply language setting without restart unread  
7950 2 weeks ago trytond Data synchronised always out of sync unread  
7952 2 weeks ago tryton Trouble to display correctly one2many on tryton unread  
7938 3 weeks ago account Re-create accounts when an account is overwrite template or inactive chatting  
7933 3 weeks ago account Not all fields of TestTaxViewResult get computed by TestTax Wizard chatting Timitos
7932 1 month ago sao Field shortcuts enabled when field is readonly unread  
7879 1 month ago tryton GTK-Client: Filter not working need-eg  
7923 1 month ago sao Sao doen't hide page widget (tab content) when the tab is active unread  
7917 1 month ago sao, tryton Do not override action context with record context testing pokoli
7839 1 month ago sao, tryton General Ledger Lines are not opened when opening account detail from Income Statement testing pokoli
7841 1 month ago sao, tryton tabs disappearing when browser reload chatting xcodinas
7856 2 months ago stock Can't move qty from a parent location to child location chatting  
7769 2 months ago tryton Error when clicking on "Manage Favorites" just after launched gtk client deferred  
7799 2 months ago project_plan TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'datetime.timedelta' in-progress ced
7714 3 months ago stock_package Package should be readonly depending on some shipment state chatting  
7712 3 months ago sao Click more remove the all selection unread  
7273 4 months ago account_stock_continental Conflict between wizards "wizard_recompute_cost_price" and "wizard_update_cost_price" chatting  
7605 4 months ago analytic_account, analytic_sale, sale_shipment_cost mandatory analytic and sale_shipment_cost chatting  
7088 4 months ago sao, tryton Client 4.4 is no translated when user has "es_419" in-progress ced
7510 6 months ago tryton The tryton client 4.8.2 crash on a change of view with gtk < 3.22.22 deferred  
6430 7 months ago production explode_bom does not delete existing inputs/outputs moves chatting  
7198 7 months ago analytic_invoice Unable to create asset with analytic_account and multiple companies testing pokoli
7398 8 months ago stock Rounding assigned quantity unread  
7399 8 months ago purchase, sale Rounding issue in remaining quantity computation unread  
5419 28 months ago sao Field width not correctly computed in Chrome deferred  
3469 63 months ago   Security notification unread  
7975 yesterday trytond Make Cache transactional testing ced
7837 yesterday account_es Allow to include amount to compensate from previous periods on 303 report testing pokoli
7776 yesterday project_invoice Rely less on duration and more on amount testing pokoli
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