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7378 5 hours ago purchase, sale Select origin in stock move has no attribute 'unit' testing ced
7365 5 hours ago   admin account login error need-eg  
7381 7 hours ago trytond Tryton 4.6.3 Record rule RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded in cmp unread  
7373 7 hours ago tryton Inconsistent timezone used to filter on datetime fields with tryton 4.6.3 testing ced
7345 9 hours ago sao sao doesn't like >2 fields for filters in general ledger report testing ced
7198 2 days ago analytic_account Unable to create asset with analytic_account and multiple companies testing pokoli
7332 3 days ago   Account code tax line not updated when update chart of accounts need-eg  
7351 6 days ago proteus, sao, tryton, trytond Missing support of timedelta in PYSON unread  
7088 6 days ago sao, tryton Client 4.4 is no translated when user has "es_419" in-progress ced
7192 7 days ago   Payment type is missing when paying customer invoice in foreign currency need-eg  
7232 2 weeks ago tryton segv in client need-eg  
7273 3 weeks ago account_stock_continental Conflict between wizards "wizard_recompute_cost_price" and "wizard_update_cost_price" chatting  
6470 1 month ago sale, stock Old migration to rename packing to shipment is causing problem in upgrade chatting  
7042 1 month ago account_invoice Renew fiscal year fails with invoice sequence chatting  
6430 12 months ago production explode_bom does not delete existing inputs/outputs moves chatting  
6243 12 months ago stock_lot_sled Delta stock computation does not include expired lots in-progress ced
5885 17 months ago sao, tryton It's not possible to double_click to switch view after discarding the changes on record chatting  
5419 19 months ago sao Field width not correctly computed in Chrome deferred  
5413 19 months ago sao Konqueror QPainter::SetBrush Painter not active deferred  
4582 38 months ago   Display datetime before epoch on windows chatting  
3469 54 months ago   Security notification unread  
7051 11 hours ago trytond Limitation on number of modules chatting xcodinas
7343 yesterday trytond Rename "install-dependencies" into "activate-dependencies" chatting xcodinas
4339 yesterday carrier Add active field in carrier chatting  
7370 yesterday sao Add URL support testing ced
7375 yesterday trytond Allow to limit database listed testing ced
7372 2 days ago   Missing tab string when opening from URL without name parameter unread  
7150 2 days ago account_es Simplify account_es definition testing pokoli
5757 2 days ago   Make harder to create an index chatting  
6760 2 days ago   Remove CompanyReport by single report unread  
7364 3 days ago sao, tryton, trytond Allow to specify the view id when switching testing ced
1505 3 days ago   Singleton creation behavior chatting  
7363 3 days ago sao, tryton Do not display all views testing ced
7360 4 days ago account GL reports need reconciliation chatting  
7359 4 days ago sao, tryton Improve loading strategy testing ced
7218 4 days ago sao Shortcuts override native browser chatting xcodinas
7355 4 days ago sao Deleted or selected row not enough visible unread  
7353 4 days ago trytond Expose SQL expression to extract model and ID in Reference fields unread  
7354 5 days ago sao, tryton Coherent format for TimeDelta unread  
5841 5 days ago product_price_list, sale_price_list Document price list behaviour chatting  
5726 5 days ago trytond Remove default table_query method testing ced
7342 5 days ago stock Use indexable clause calculating stock chatting  
7352 6 days ago sao, tryton Add timedelta widget in search box unread  
7196 7 days ago trytond Improve common XML search unread  
7347 7 days ago bank Party's rec_name should not search on bank accounts chatting  
7224 1 week ago   Add UN/CEFACT CII document in-progress ced
7237 1 week ago   Add Finnish in-progress ced
6745 1 week ago   Add Turkish in-progress ced
6071 1 week ago   Add Arabic in-progress ced
5714 1 week ago   Add Greek in-progress ced
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