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ID Activity Title Status Creator
6300 3 days ago Wrong usage of AttentionName testing ced
6294 5 days ago Creating a board view with a form inside crashes the client need-eg sergi-nan
6266 1 week ago Missing proteus dependency testing ced
5907 2 weeks ago unoconv conversion fails from within trytond deferred
6190 1 month ago iCalendar categories syncing chatting tbruyere
6128 2 months ago psycopg2cffi can't ascii encode character sql_contrain deferred resteve
5736 3 months ago Many2One widget not correctly displayed when used from children records chatting pokoli
5885 3 months ago It's not possible to double_click to switch view after discarding the changes on record chatting pokoli
4770 3 months ago libpixman crash on windows for some svg icons deferred oscar
5967 4 months ago Not show datepicker in edit tree deferred resteve
5905 5 months ago Display bug in tryton client with ubuntu mate 16.04 chatting Benjamin
5419 5 months ago Field width not correctly computed in Chrome deferred ohuisman
5413 5 months ago Konqueror QPainter::SetBrush Painter not active deferred coogor
5810 6 months ago Client crash when user name on Windows has special character need-eg oscar
5030 7 months ago Error connecting with Tryton client from Windows 8 chatting fabyc
5182 11 months ago HTML richtext encoding detection deferred adrien.benduc
4582 24 months ago Display datetime before epoch on windows chatting ced
4359 27 months ago Windows client error when image size is more 10*6 in tree view unread resteve
3469 40 months ago Security notification unread ced
6308 2 hours ago Validate size attribute in tests_depends testing pokoli
6299 3 hours ago Evolve price list in time testing ced
4005 4 hours ago Add filter to xxx2Many fields testing pokoli
6296 4 hours ago Allow None in digits testing ced
6253 5 hours ago Allow to change invoice type criteria testing sergi-nan
6307 yesterday Change filters button for icon testing ced
6306 yesterday Avoid search condition like ids in [] testing ced
6302 yesterday Set relate title for window opened from button testing ced
6303 2 days ago Use attributes keyword argument for Screen testing ced
5485 2 days ago Reevaluate screen domains on refresh testing jcavallo
5882 3 days ago RFC: Account statment import testing pokoli
6212 4 days ago Better customization of invoice sequence testing pokoli
5258 4 days ago Add confirmation on all button that can not be undone. testing ced
6297 4 days ago Add category as price list criteria testing ced
6254 5 days ago Ship Application in-progress ced
6180 5 days ago Pack Application in-progress ced
6295 5 days ago Move bower allow-root to config file of drone testing ced
4614 5 days ago Add a sequence on tax code chatting ced
6293 6 days ago Better visibility of drop_shipment boolean testing ced
6081 6 days ago Allow to define sort of M2O, O2M, M2M and Reference fields when searching them in-progress nicoe
6089 6 days ago Budget module testing pokoli
6279 6 days ago Order points should be able to define maximum quantity allowed in a location testing nicoe
6286 6 days ago Reset invisible fields to None chatting ced
6036 7 days ago Remove default_payment_term testing ced
6104 1 week ago keyboard shortcuts for sao chatting perilla
2356 1 week ago Cost method of product should be limited to fixed for service testing ced
6283 1 week ago Easy creation of fiscalyear chatting ced
4618 1 week ago Cancel draft moves and draft invoice when canceling sale order testing ced
4735 1 week ago Allow to Apply inheritance on models loaded in the pool testing pokoli
3672 1 week ago Clean translation doesn't clean double xml error message chatting ced
6109 1 week ago Add suffix to edit window from popup menu unread ced
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