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6655 3 days ago Missing access rule for configuration models unread ced
6561 4 days ago Remove required from party payable and receivable accounts testing pokoli
5644 5 days ago Disable non applicable screen menu option when user has no permisions testing pokoli
6637 1 week ago configfile cound be expanded for ~ and ~user unread ced
6573 1 month ago Not assign salable product in purchase scenario test chatting resteve
3337 1 month ago Replace all dict creation with default value by fromkeys unread ced
6496 2 months ago Add scenario for exception management unread ced
4618 3 months ago Cancel draft moves and draft invoice when canceling sale order chatting ced
6036 4 months ago Remove default_payment_term testing ced
5258 4 months ago Add confirmation on all button that can not be undone. testing ced
4614 4 months ago Add a sequence on tax code chatting ced
2356 5 months ago Cost method of product should be limited to fixed for service testing ced
5175 5 months ago Add domain on journal of invoice chatting ced
6074 7 months ago Many2One sql_format should check model instance unread ced
5812 8 months ago Add customer number for suppliers testing ced
2939 8 months ago account_asset must prevent closing period/fiscalyear testing ced
2172 9 months ago product field is required when creating sale lines in module sale_opportunity testing nicoe
5838 9 months ago Use no digits for ModuleConfigWizardOther.percentage testing ced
5834 10 months ago The party_siret module should use party.identifier testing nicoe
4278 12 months ago Remove trigger user unread ced
5454 15 months ago Better integer test on ModelStorage instantiation chatting ced
5365 16 months ago Add invoice method to project list view chatting ced
5334 17 months ago Invoice.update_taxes could be a dualmethod unread ced
5309 17 months ago Add a tree open on cash journal report unread ced
5224 18 months ago The delivery note should display the warehouse country unread ced
4948 20 months ago Buttons list of wizard.State is not copied by deepcopy chatting resteve
4782 26 months ago Move.assign_try design for one move per product unread ced
3491 26 months ago Use grouping params of Move.assign_try unread ced
4737 27 months ago Add invoice line of timesheet line in the view unread ced
4144 35 months ago Convert report if/else test by selection translation unread ced
1502 36 months ago Move reconciliation sequence on account configuration unread ced
2004 36 months ago adding keyboard shortcuts for every shortcuts unread yano
2556 36 months ago Check siret when checking siren unread NicolasTr
2785 36 months ago Default shortcut unread rseon
2796 36 months ago trytond: Clean up nonexistent objects in the TranslationClean wizard in-progress katr
2943 36 months ago Sanitize profile.cfg to remove carriege return. chatting andrewg
3158 36 months ago check_modify for sale and purchase line unread ced
2479 36 months ago Add taxes from default account in sale line chatting roba
3268 36 months ago Force values in create unread ced
3458 36 months ago sale_shipment_cost: add data in cost_line from on_change_product chatting resteve
3460 36 months ago ATK name on button without text unread ced
3462 36 months ago Add ATK name and description on widget unread ced
3464 36 months ago Add shortcut to tab menu unread ced
3722 36 months ago Don't retry too fast to fetch icon after failure chatting jcavallo
3813 36 months ago sale_opportunity add menu access for sales chatting ohuisman
3818 36 months ago Access right for taxes on sale line unread ced
3825 36 months ago Changing date before first revision: You try to read records that don't exist anymore. chatting yangoon
3892 36 months ago Add default notebook empty to company view form unread oscar
4017 36 months ago Cancelling a statement with reconciled lines chatting ced
5876 10 months ago Help text: Clear the record -> Clear the field chatting yangoon
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