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ID Activity Title Component Status Assigned To
10841 yesterday Missing unique contraint on invoice line taxes account_invoice, purchase, sale testing
10751 1 month ago Dunning reference is always empty account_dunning_email, account_dunning_letter unread
10441 5 months ago tab_domain not used to compare tabs sao, tryton unread
10436 5 months ago Analytic Rule misses company domain analytic_account unread
10830 4 days ago Add a generic module test for orphan XML views trytond testing
10532 5 days ago Add warehouses to supply stock stock_supply, stock_supply_production testing
10842 1 week ago Enforce depreciable domain on draft state account_asset unread
10843 1 week ago Enforce landed cost domain on draft state account_stock_landed_cost unread
10819 1 week ago Add Keyboard Shortcut for Favourites (Bookmarks) sao, tryton unread
10392 2 weeks ago Restrict Income Statement dates to the one in the fiscalyear account testing
9611 1 month ago Use list-form for attachments testing
10665 2 months ago Add exports in group view trytond need-eg
10469 2 months ago Add actions in group view trytond testing
10592 3 months ago vsf_update cron should be editable web_shop_vue_storefront unread
10416 4 months ago Improve main menu naming testing
10442 5 months ago Inventories account type should be an asset account_stock_continental chatting
10408 5 months ago Add filename to shipping label stock_package_shipping chatting
10400 5 months ago Use search input for search boxes sao testing
10324 6 months ago Add intangible asset account_asset, product unread
10287 6 months ago Add unassign support to production stock_assign_manual unread
10273 6 months ago Allow lock all table with ModelSQL.lock trytond unread
10241 6 months ago Allow customizing the product code concatenation product unread
10234 6 months ago Add test to ensure Function One2Many has a setter trytond unread
8156 7 months ago Invoice and Shipment methods on sale.configuration are not checked for compatibilities sale unread
10115 8 months ago Replace "save as" option by two buttons in CSV export tryton unread
10047 8 months ago Remove required remainder on payment term lines account_invoice unread
7490 8 months ago Remove 'replace' and 'replace_attributes' from xpath inheritance trytond unread
10012 9 months ago Add total amount on dunning account_dunning_email, account_dunning_letter unread
10005 9 months ago Use XDG_CONFIG_HOME by default tryton unread
9970 9 months ago Make public _domain_column, _domain_value and _domain_add_null from Field trytond unread
8806 10 months ago The warning msg_move_cancel_closed_period ask a question. account in-progress
9678 10 months ago Set employee on invoice validate and post account_invoice in-progress
9352 11 months ago Strip empty lines from CSV import
6163 11 months ago Add dualmethod to button and transition trytond unread
9758 12 months ago Use i18n:msg in email template marketing_email unread
9670 12 months ago Sales per Category reporting missing graph and access right sale chatting
9667 12 months ago Add confirm on cancel button of shipments stock unread
9638 12 months ago ModelView's on_change_with() should return rec_name of m2o fields trytond chatting
9572 13 months ago Add a invoice payment and writeoff methods to demo unread
9482 15 months ago Complete address format unread
9436 16 months ago Add timezone on cron task trytond chatting
9432 16 months ago Replace sql constraint on move by domain stock unread
9190 18 months ago Add relate from stock move to account move account_stock_continental unread
9088 20 months ago Missing documentation about maxconn and minconn trytond unread
9050 20 months ago Display Many2One as relation model in ir.model trytond chatting
9057 20 months ago Allow non salable product for return purchase, sale unread
5834 20 months ago The party_siret module should use party.identifier party_siret testing
8940 22 months ago Inherti party class in account_invoice account_invoice chatting
8808 22 months ago adding missing tax identifier type (do_cedula) party in-progress
8915 22 months ago Add logging file option tryton unread

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