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8412 3/4 hours ago copy of payment - old date and clearing move testing ced
8436 1 1/4 hours ago Missing message.xml in tryton.cfg in module production_work in-progress albertca
8441 10 hours ago css hover style for attachment "Add..." menu item does not work testing dave
8447 12 hours ago Cache commit concurrent update with nested transaction testing ced
8450 yesterday fields.depends calculation error when parent and many2many chatting  
8449 yesterday Do not use cache data after commit testing ced
8443 4 days ago Different order in tabs and DOM testing ced
7862 4 days ago Tax base amount are not decreased when using tax with update_unit_price option and child tax chatting  
8431 5 days ago Clearing of tabs list testing ced
8439 7 days ago Selection field order chatting  
8433 1 week ago All inventary lines are rewritten each time the inventory is saved. chatting  
8425 1 week ago rendering error on editable tree on sao unread  
8426 1 week ago Not show user create/write in log dialog unread  
8418 1 week ago Using yexpand attribute on notebook element testing juanjogp
8420 2 weeks ago No module named magic need-eg  
8394 2 weeks ago Unsupported operand type(s) for &=: 'NoneType' and 'Or' chatting resteve
8401 2 weeks ago Partial payment on Credit Note not possible in-progress Timitos
8281 3 weeks ago Do not copy connection pool after fork testing ced
8319 4 weeks ago Reset password and Validate e-mail doesn't work on web_user module testing pokoli
8321 1 month ago Empty calendar view with Tryton GTK client 5.0.9 on Windows chatting  
8340 1 month ago Don't save crt+s a record when open SAO from a link and user actions need-eg  
8164 1 month ago subcription ruleset creation from sao need-eg  
8273 1 month ago Crash GTK when try change location in stock shipment internal need-eg  
8094 2 months ago Tryton client 5.0 cannot minimize maximized screen to dock deferred  
8216 2 months ago Product categories are not always loaded need-eg  
8152 3 months ago carrier change erases ref need-eg  
8002 3 months ago cron task for "posting clearing move" failed testing  
7955 3 months ago Tryton 5.0.3 main menu does not apply language setting without restart deferred  
7088 4 months ago Client 4.4 is no translated when user has "es_419" deferred  
7799 5 months ago TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'datetime.timedelta' in-progress ced
7887 5 months ago Missing search stock period by company chatting  
7273 9 months ago Conflict between wizards "wizard_recompute_cost_price" and "wizard_update_cost_price" chatting  
6430 12 months ago explode_bom does not delete existing inputs/outputs moves chatting  
7198 13 months ago Unable to create asset with analytic_account and multiple companies testing pokoli
7398 13 months ago Rounding assigned quantity unread  
7399 14 months ago Rounding issue in remaining quantity computation unread  
5419 34 months ago Field width not correctly computed in Chrome deferred  
3469 68 months ago Security notification unread  
8184 1 1/4 hours ago Request Indonesian Language need-eg ced
7873 8 hours ago Rename the quantity_added field in the inventory counting wizard testing dave
8440 10 hours ago Use a single btn styling class on wizard buttons testing dave
7293 10 hours ago Documentation Dashboard module testing dave
8428 10 hours ago Add help text for dashboard testing dave
7903 yesterday Rename "Update Cost Price" in "Modify Cost Price" chatting 2cadz
8435 2 days ago Association module chatting  
8444 4 days ago Extend format_date function to allow a format other then the default chatting  
8405 4 days ago Order point without minimal quantity in-progress pokoli
8239 4 days ago Add secondary unit testing ced
8240 5 days ago Add drag and drop support to sao chatting nicoe
8445 5 days ago Add option to cancel customer invoice testing ced
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