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8195 1 month ago Remove staticmethod decorator on method to define key to group purchases unread  
5834 1 month ago The party_siret module should use party.identifier testing nicoe
8008 3 months ago No displaying child record after adding and returning to parent for using party categories chatting  
7492 4 months ago Support colspan -1 & 0 chatting  
7910 4 months ago Remove One2many to document chatting  
7903 4 months ago Rename "Update Cost Price" in "Modify Cost Price" unread  
7797 6 months ago Missing sequence on contact mechanism unread  
7785 6 months ago Allow to configure the timeout of SharedDataMiddleware unread  
7779 6 months ago Ensure order per posted date in FEC unread  
7762 6 months ago Explain how to setup language in docker README unread  
7705 7 months ago Add cache to Period.find chatting  
5334 8 months ago Invoice.update_taxes could be a dualmethod chatting  
7490 10 months ago Remove 'replace' and 'replace_attributes' from xpath inheritance unread  
7227 10 months ago Add domain on all prices to be positive chatting  
7202 11 months ago Add format_datetime to Report chatting xcodinas
7431 11 months ago URLMixin unread  
7423 11 months ago Order shipment by planned date chatting  
4339 12 months ago Add active field in carrier chatting  
7331 12 months ago Do not use temporary column to alter size unread  
2796 12 months ago Clean up nonexistent objects in the TranslationClean wizard in-progress katr
7270 12 months ago Add optional keyword on tree view unread  
7223 13 months ago Remove active on timesheet work unread  
3838 14 months ago Pressing F2 should open the search dialog in add_remove one2many widget testing abernardi
6496 15 months ago Add scenario for exception management unread  
7055 15 months ago Sign problem occures in the "Income Statement" when using Plan comptable (French) chatting  
7056 15 months ago README example does not work anymore unread  
6957 17 months ago Missing delivery address on sale report unread  
4278 18 months ago Remove trigger user unread  
6837 18 months ago Remove on_change_taxes on purchase line unread  
6834 18 months ago Add csv protection against spreadsheets chatting  
6810 18 months ago Default values for account in create chart of account wizard unread  
2943 19 months ago Sanitize profile.cfg to remove carriege return. chatting  
6655 21 months ago Missing access rule for configuration models unread  
6573 22 months ago Not assign salable product in purchase scenario test chatting  
3337 22 months ago Replace all dict creation with default value by fromkeys unread  
4618 24 months ago Cancel draft moves and draft invoice when canceling sale order chatting  
6036 25 months ago Remove default_payment_term testing lukio
4614 26 months ago Add a sequence on tax code chatting  
5175 27 months ago Add domain on journal of invoice chatting nando
6074 29 months ago Many2One sql_format should check model instance unread  
5812 29 months ago Add customer number for suppliers testing lukio
2172 30 months ago product field is required when creating sale lines in module sale_opportunity testing lukio
5838 30 months ago Use no digits for ModuleConfigWizardOther.percentage testing Pijuli
5454 37 months ago Better integer test on ModelStorage instantiation chatting  
5365 38 months ago Add invoice method to project list view chatting  
5309 38 months ago Add a tree open on cash journal report unread  
5224 39 months ago The delivery note should display the warehouse country unread  
4948 42 months ago Buttons list of wizard.State is not copied by deepcopy chatting  
3491 48 months ago Use grouping params of Move.assign_try unread  
4737 48 months ago Add invoice line of timesheet line in the view unread  
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