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8891 4 days ago Show production reference on it's rec_name in-progress albertcuni
8893 4 days ago Move from consigned supplier to customer must require assignation unread  
7746 4 days ago Allow complete freedom on project and task states testing pokoli
8890 4 days ago Allow to use dotted notation in Model.get_id testing ced
8888 4 days ago Allow empty work center on work request testing pokoli
8880 4 days ago Get clients to use a better default position for new records testing ced
8882 6 days ago Limit time range in calendar view chatting  
8876 1 week ago problem maturity date with grouping payment lines chatting  
8878 1 week ago difficulty with grouping payment lines unread  
8875 1 week ago Do not refresh calendar on each event added testing ced
8873 1 week ago Set planned dates in batch in-progress albertca
1000 1 week ago Rounding for CHF chatting  
8872 1 week ago Set moves in batch testing albertca
8874 1 week ago Do not create list when writing FEC testing ced
8570 1 week ago Search also on replaced party chatting nicoe
8801 1 week ago Add help text to Dict keys testing ced
8866 1 week ago Add support for python3.8 in-progress  
8862 1 week ago Add depends fields on view_attributes unread  
8283 1 week ago Push docker image after running tests testing ced
8863 1 week ago Shorter path for cached many2one and reference testing ced
8861 1 week ago Cache UoM and Product in stock.move create testing ced
8858 1 week ago Use stock move as history source testing ced
8860 2 weeks ago stock_forecast does not spread all the quantities chatting albertca
8855 2 weeks ago Allow configuration of period end day testing dave
8856 2 weeks ago Do not validate skip transition on reconcile wizard testing ced
8852 2 weeks ago Adapt import_zip script to use the right subdivision type per country chatting  
8854 2 weeks ago Keep focus and expand on tree re-displayed testing ced
8853 2 weeks ago Prevent deleting party if used on web user testing ced
8360 2 weeks ago Set subscription end date when closing it testing pokoli
8849 2 weeks ago Allow off-balance as payment account testing ced
8845 2 weeks ago gtk client needs wait cursor for long actions such as GL reporting unread  
8844 2 weeks ago Missing form view to Locations Tree Quantity testing ced
8842 2 weeks ago regression French account plan 6451x is closed in 5.2+ chatting  
8839 2 weeks ago can't pass bank invoices charges on 6616x (French PCG) .. type interets_charges_assimilees incorrect chatting  
8435 2 weeks ago Association module testing  
8838 2 weeks ago Keep tree expanded when creating new record testing ced
8835 2 weeks ago Use package as parcel key unread  
6601 2 weeks ago Account type per balance sign chatting  
8766 2 weeks ago Allow ModelView.button_action returns action values testing ced
8765 2 weeks ago Hide empty cell in responsive tree view testing ced
8808 2 weeks ago adding missing tax identifier type (do_cedula) in-progress joseagrc
8820 3 weeks ago Add supervisor to employee testing ced
8826 3 weeks ago Show alert message with new lines chatting  
8823 3 weeks ago Add relate to stock move from purchase testing mrichez
8825 3 weeks ago Add employee to rule context testing ced
2556 3 weeks ago Check siret when checking siren chatting  
8822 3 weeks ago Remove full timesheet access to project invoice group testing ced
8815 3 weeks ago Lines To pay view, The column Origin is empty chatting  
7835 3 weeks ago Allow to send marketing emails in-progress pokoli
8812 3 weeks ago should not be possible to create invoice line with closed account chatting  
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