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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
6117 yesterday Remove specific cron users testing ced
8201 yesterday Simplify cron and allow to run at fixed time testing ced
8185 yesterday Add new view type: listform chatting nicoe
7237 yesterday Add Finnish in-progress ced
8199 yesterday Speedup display of tree view unread  
8203 2 days ago Remove support for python 3.4 in-progress ced
7804 2 days ago Add Estonian language translation project in-progress ced
8004 2 days ago HTML editor testing ced
6745 2 days ago Add Turkish in-progress ced
6071 2 days ago Add Arabic in-progress ced
7845 2 days ago Angolan Portuguese Translation in-progress ced
6948 2 days ago Sale reporting in-progress  
8202 3 days ago Errors when importing data should return back to import dialog instead of closing chatting  
8200 3 days ago Remove global variable on cron startup testing ced
7783 3 days ago Allow to use session key instead of login/password chatting  
7890 3 days ago Additional informations on Payment Group testing semarie
7129 3 days ago Slow to list Lines to Pay when have lot of data pending to reconcile chatting  
7837 4 days ago Allow to include amount to compensate from previous periods on 303 report testing pokoli
7912 4 days ago Set invoice pending amount as line amount when creating lines from origins testing pokoli
7774 4 days ago Support single day view on calendar testing pokoli
7877 4 days ago Domain inversion for reference fields testing pokoli
3636 4 days ago Thousands separator different when is numeric or monetary (space, point,...) testing pokoli
8191 4 days ago Add Hindi as a new Language in-progress ced
8130 5 days ago Add CSV exports to print toolbar testing ced
8122 5 days ago Improve note button testing ced
8196 5 days ago Add locale option for CSV export and import testing ced
8195 6 days ago Remove staticmethod decorator on method to define key to group purchases unread  
8139 6 days ago Remove pygtkcompat and deprecation warnings testing ced
8193 7 days ago Refactor screen display next and previous unread  
8184 7 days ago Request Indonesian Language chatting  
4990 7 days ago Merge account type and account kind testing ced
8133 1 week ago RFC : Sale Product Customer testing mrichez
8092 1 week ago Remove unnecessary constraint required on description field testing mrichez
7947 1 week ago problem with attributes on product variants testing ced
8190 1 week ago Unify po file support unread  
8183 1 week ago Set minimal ECMAScript 6 unread  
8181 1 week ago Remove fast tabbing testing ced
8176 1 week ago Production work cycles button are not clickable once created unread  
8170 2 weeks ago Unify order on boolean unread  
5834 2 weeks ago The party_siret module should use party.identifier testing nicoe
8015 2 weeks ago Add success stories in-progress ced
8163 2 weeks ago Configure analytic account on subscription chatting  
5258 2 weeks ago Add confirmation on all button that can not be undone. chatting  
8156 2 weeks ago Invoice and Shipment methods on sale.configuration are not checked for compatibilities unread  
8155 2 weeks ago Production field is located below the Children field in the Warehouse view unread  
8151 2 weeks ago products_by_location return value for any product that were in location unread  
4763 3 weeks ago PostgreSQL supports URI formatted connection strings chatting  
8142 3 weeks ago Change view between multiselection to many2many depending on size unread  
8134 3 weeks ago Put sum on list/tree headers chatting  
8132 4 weeks ago Drone hook slow unread  
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