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8348 6 hours ago can't delete empty invoice if account_tax_cash is installed. testing ced
8375 yesterday n_sign_posn and p_sign_posn are considered as string by trytond.convert chatting semarie
8319 yesterday Reset password and Validate e-mail doesn't work on web_user module testing pokoli
8374 yesterday offcanvas does not work on small screen testing ced
8356 2 days ago Calling to the old raise_user_error method in the module sale_supply_drop_shipment testing ced
8340 2 days ago Don't save crt+s a record when open SAO from a link and user actions need-eg  
8339 2 days ago implicit dependency on account_deposit with account_payment_clearing testing semarie
8354 2 days ago Can't remove a product when is not in the list chatting  
8369 2 days ago Sort keys of PYSON XML value testing ced
8367 2 days ago Invalid search for timesheet line in-progress ced
8365 3 days ago Revision datetime are in UTC testing ced
8358 7 days ago Wrong unit when converting request into purchase testing ced
8357 7 days ago Fail import on empty value with locale format testing ced
8321 1 week ago Empty calendar view with Tryton GTK client 5.0.9 on Windows chatting  
8343 2 weeks ago Can't create a new record when editable="bottom" and multiples module inherit view need-eg  
8164 3 weeks ago subcription ruleset creation from sao need-eg  
8273 3 weeks ago Crash GTK when try change location in stock shipment internal need-eg  
8281 1 month ago Do not copy connection pool after fork unread  
8094 1 month ago Tryton client 5.0 cannot minimize maximized screen to dock deferred  
8216 1 month ago Product categories are not always loaded need-eg  
8152 2 months ago carrier change erases ref need-eg  
8002 2 months ago cron task for "posting clearing move" failed testing  
7955 2 months ago Tryton 5.0.3 main menu does not apply language setting without restart deferred  
7088 3 months ago Client 4.4 is no translated when user has "es_419" deferred  
7799 4 months ago TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'datetime.timedelta' in-progress ced
7887 4 months ago Missing search stock period by company chatting  
7273 8 months ago Conflict between wizards "wizard_recompute_cost_price" and "wizard_update_cost_price" chatting  
6430 11 months ago explode_bom does not delete existing inputs/outputs moves chatting  
7198 12 months ago Unable to create asset with analytic_account and multiple companies testing pokoli
7398 12 months ago Rounding assigned quantity unread  
7399 13 months ago Rounding issue in remaining quantity computation unread  
5419 33 months ago Field width not correctly computed in Chrome deferred  
3469 67 months ago Security notification unread  
8360 yesterday Set subscription end date when closing it testing pokoli
8373 yesterday Allow customizing Dict keys order testing ced
8370 2 days ago Speedup startup time testing ced
8368 2 days ago Line with errors unread  
8366 3 days ago Add history and revision testing ced
8363 3 days ago Improve _sync_inventory_to_outgoing in-progress ced
8364 4 days ago Make tax required on tax line testing ced
8284 4 days ago Preserve original delivery date for backorder on future delivery dates testing mrichez
8055 4 days ago Sign build chatting  
8085 7 days ago Allow to finish a subscription line before it's next consumption testing pokoli
8239 7 days ago Add secondary unit testing ced
8350 1 week ago Show moves of product quantities by warehouse testing ced
8349 1 week ago sale subscription buttons could be at listview need-eg  
8346 1 week ago Load and update pycountry data from script chatting  
8347 1 week ago Allow supply on sale in product by company chatting resteve
8342 1 week ago Trigger should be asynchronous chatting  
8344 2 weeks ago Old iso code in script for import translation in-progress tbruyere
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