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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
7270 3 days ago Add optional keyword on tree view unread  
7293 3 days ago Documentation Dashboard module testing dave
8422 3 days ago Validate BIC with python-stdnum testing ced
8419 4 days ago Limit tax account on invoice to balance statement chatting  
7903 5 days ago Rename "Update Cost Price" in "Modify Cost Price" chatting 2cadz
6314 5 days ago Add help text for product testing nicoe
8415 5 days ago Use ssl to download from geonames testing ced
8413 6 days ago Missing rec_name searcher on Carrier chatting  
7234 6 days ago Add help text for commission_waiting testing pokoli
7233 6 days ago Add help text for commission testing pokoli
7034 6 days ago Add help text for trytond chatting udono
6191 7 days ago Allow to use the quantity of the line instead of the shipped quantity when invoicing a sale testing nicoe
8410 1 week ago Show grouping move chatting  
8202 1 week ago Errors when importing data should return back to import dialog instead of closing testing jan
7492 1 week ago Support colspan -1 & 0 chatting  
7490 1 week ago Remove 'replace' and 'replace_attributes' from xpath inheritance unread  
8405 1 week ago Order point without minimal quantity in-progress pokoli
7202 1 week ago Add format_datetime to Report in-progress xcodinas
8402 1 week ago Improve design of title and description handling on ir.model and ir.model.field in-progress Timitos
8392 1 week ago Posting account statement should require a fresh session testing pokoli
8400 1 week ago The tryton-back image is not consistent with the tryton-forward image testing dave
8240 1 week ago Add drag and drop support to sao chatting nicoe
8403 1 week ago Improve how to develop web page section documentation testing  
7443 1 week ago Add format_timedelta at the report chatting xcodinas
8396 1 week ago Define a global method to set default warehouse and add to user's preferences testing tbruyere
8346 1 week ago Load and update pycountry data from script in-progress ced
7907 1 week ago Add mapping for ToDate for sqlite chatting  
2479 1 week ago Add taxes from default account in sale line chatting  
3491 1 week ago Use grouping params of Move.assign_try chatting  
8318 1 week ago Parallelism tasks testing ced
8368 1 week ago Line with errors unread  
8398 1 week ago Redirect to the homepage when chatting nicoe
4737 1 week ago Add invoice line of timesheet line in the view testing  
7213 1 week ago Update reviewbot for flake8-3 chatting  
8366 1 week ago Add history and revision testing ced
6460 2 weeks ago Allow SQL expression as value for sql_format testing ced
8283 2 weeks ago Push docker image after running tests in-progress ced
8379 2 weeks ago Harden store of user application key unread  
8360 3 weeks ago Set subscription end date when closing it testing pokoli
8373 3 weeks ago Allow customizing Dict keys order testing ced
8370 3 weeks ago Speedup startup time testing ced
8363 3 weeks ago Improve _sync_inventory_to_outgoing in-progress ced
8364 3 weeks ago Make tax required on tax line testing ced
8055 3 weeks ago Sign build chatting  
8085 1 month ago Allow to finish a subscription line before it's next consumption testing pokoli
8239 1 month ago Add secondary unit testing ced
8350 1 month ago Show moves of product quantities by warehouse testing ced
8349 1 month ago sale subscription buttons could be at listview need-eg  
8347 1 month ago Allow supply on sale in product by company chatting resteve
8342 1 month ago Trigger should be asynchronous chatting  
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