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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
8274 4 days ago Use queue and delay to process requisition testing ced
8275 4 days ago Allow to reset to draft rejected and approved complaints testing ced
8199 6 days ago Speedup display of tree view unread  
8277 7 days ago Use bitbucket mirror for prefixed modules testing ced
8253 1 week ago Allow move as move's origin testing ced
8239 1 week ago Add secondary unit testing ced
6254 1 week ago Ship Application in-progress ced
6180 1 week ago Pack Application in-progress ced
8264 1 week ago Use depends on _autocomplete_domain testing ced
8240 2 weeks ago Add drag and drop support to sao chatting nicoe
7770 2 weeks ago RFC: UK Accounts testing dave
8256 2 weeks ago Remove hgreview from how to develop chatting  
8244 2 weeks ago Add warning when an supplier with same reference already exists testing pokoli
8238 2 weeks ago Allow conversion between UoM of different categories testing ced
8242 2 weeks ago Add warning when processing payment with date out of range unread  
8221 3 weeks ago Replace table for affix in treeview cell unread  
8227 3 weeks ago Use field context to read .rec_name unread  
8229 3 weeks ago Show origin instead of shipment on moves list unread  
8228 3 weeks ago Replace purchase fields on stock move by reference field unread  
8215 4 weeks ago Children rec_name is not set until parent is saved chatting  
7845 1 month ago Angolan Portuguese Translation in-progress ced
8202 1 month ago Errors when importing data should return back to import dialog instead of closing chatting  
7237 1 month ago Add Finnish in-progress ced
7804 1 month ago Add Estonian language translation project in-progress ced
6745 1 month ago Add Turkish in-progress ced
6071 1 month ago Add Arabic in-progress ced
6948 1 month ago Sale reporting in-progress  
7783 1 month ago Allow to use session key instead of login/password chatting  
7890 1 month ago Additional informations on Payment Group testing semarie
7129 1 month ago Slow to list Lines to Pay when have lot of data pending to reconcile chatting  
8191 1 month ago Add Hindi as a new Language in-progress ced
8195 1 month ago Remove staticmethod decorator on method to define key to group purchases unread  
8193 1 month ago Refactor screen display next and previous unread  
8184 1 month ago Request Indonesian Language chatting  
8190 1 month ago Unify po file support unread  
8183 1 month ago Set minimal ECMAScript 6 unread  
8176 1 month ago Production work cycles button are not clickable once created unread  
8170 1 month ago Unify order on boolean unread  
5834 1 month ago The party_siret module should use party.identifier testing nicoe
8015 1 month ago Add success stories in-progress ced
8163 1 month ago Configure analytic account on subscription chatting  
8156 1 month ago Invoice and Shipment methods on sale.configuration are not checked for compatibilities unread  
8151 1 month ago products_by_location return value for any product that were in location unread  
4763 1 month ago PostgreSQL supports URI formatted connection strings chatting  
8142 1 month ago Change view between multiselection to many2many depending on size unread  
8134 1 month ago Put sum on list/tree headers chatting  
8132 1 month ago Drone hook slow unread  
7703 1 month ago Update database for new SQLite feature unread  
7851 1 month ago Add MultiSelection field in-progress pokoli
6854 2 months ago Merge invoice, payment and payment group in statement line chatting  
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