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ID Activity Title Status Nosy
10367 1 week ago Add expand/collapse selected record button unread
10331 1 week ago Improve the performances of fields.Selection using computed selections when displayed in treeviews in-progress
10364 1 week ago RPCCache should be configurable in some setups in-progress
10332 1 week ago Dict fields do two queries for searching and fetching keys in-progress
10363 1 week ago Remove unique constraint on product's BOM testing
10344 1 week ago ActivePeriodMixin use on General Ledger reports result in a huge performance penalty in-progress
10354 1 week ago Retire Albert Cervera i Areny (albertca) as committer in-progress
10356 1 week ago Retire Bertrand Chenal (bch) as committer in-progress
10353 1 week ago Retire Karla Stenger (kstenger) as commiter in-progress
10352 1 week ago Retire Robin Baumgartner (roba) as committer in-progress
10350 1 week ago Import/Export binary data testing
9939 2 weeks ago Allow update asset even lines have no move yet testing
10340 2 weeks ago Success Story Universo Óptico (UNO) unread
10328 2 weeks ago Ease email translation testing
10248 2 weeks ago account_ro module: Romanian Chart of Accounts in-progress
10324 2 weeks ago Add intangible asset unread
10318 2 weeks ago Add grouped view of move line testing
10316 2 weeks ago Missing BOOL_AND and BOOL_OR testing
10314 2 weeks ago Use BroadcastChannel unread
10307 2 weeks ago Add mnemonic navigation testing
9767 2 weeks ago Linking credit notes to assets chatting
10306 3 weeks ago Set mnemonic only to hardware keycode testing
10301 3 weeks ago We should limit data received by RPC calls chatting
10291 3 weeks ago Order reconcile line per maturity date testing
10287 3 weeks ago Add unassign support to production unread
10101 3 weeks ago Add support for database connection parameters to configuration chatting
10273 3 weeks ago Allow lock all table with ModelSQL.lock unread
10160 4 weeks ago Configure sale_shipment_cost_method at customer level. testing
10161 4 weeks ago Configuration of invoice_method and shipment_method at customer level. testing
9305 4 weeks ago Adding currency on party testing
8570 1 month ago Search also on replaced party chatting
9831 1 month ago Aggregated reporting for purchase data testing
9521 1 month ago Add taxes for services received to german account chart testing
10247 1 month ago Improve translation handling for plain text templates chatting
10088 1 month ago Add warning when posting invoices on the future testing
8972 1 month ago Remove party required for 431x and 441x account's in-progress
9239 1 month ago Allow to deploy sao on subpath in-progress
3516 1 month ago Fix anti-pattern about create/write in loop in-progress
8725 1 month ago Update period when changing move date testing
7914 1 month ago Trim char/text field chatting
9145 1 month ago selecting payment in statement origin doesn't respect account chatting
10241 1 month ago Allow customizing the product code concatenation unread
10025 1 month ago Implement LRUDict without OrderedDict testing
6254 1 month ago Ship Application in-progress
6180 1 month ago Pack Application in-progress
10234 1 month ago Add test to ensure Function One2Many has a setter unread
10027 1 month ago Allow to partially validate a statement with origins testing
10199 1 month ago Add purchase complaints testing
9994 1 month ago Configure standalone supplier invoice line per company and supplier testing
9523 1 month ago can't enter invoice for continued education to 6333/791 (pcg français) chatting

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