List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Nosy
10148 yesterday Add support for named cursor chatting
5817 yesterday Replace fetchall by iteration unread
10147 yesterday Allow to add a shipment cost line with price 0 in Sale testing
10101 2 days ago Add support for database connection parameters to configuration chatting
10096 2 days ago Skip warning for non-interactive operations in-progress
10135 2 days ago Allow sending email with record's attachments testing
10142 2 days ago Easy shipment cost on shipment testing
10143 2 days ago Test wizard StateView uses a form view testing
10130 3 days ago Update MPTT only when required chatting
9961 3 days ago Manage incoterms testing
5757 3 days ago Make harder to create an index chatting
8156 4 days ago Invoice and Shipment methods on sale.configuration are not checked for compatibilities unread
10140 4 days ago Add URL icon testing
10139 4 days ago Allow to use affix in xpath testing
8737 4 days ago Point of Sale in-progress
9257 5 days ago Manage gift cards testing
9944 5 days ago Reports stock quantity issues testing
10065 5 days ago Propose stock quantity early planning testing
9556 5 days ago Add support for ONIX book in-progress
10067 5 days ago Enforce to set company context to field with CompanyMultiValueMixin target testing
10023 5 days ago Add full text search testing
9391 5 days ago Add product kit support testing
9999 6 days ago Add module to allow services to be invoiced when they are done testing
10092 6 days ago Improve project module documentation testing
6089 6 days ago Budget module testing
10104 6 days ago Basic distance calculation for parties testing
10136 6 days ago Add tracking URL to packages testing
10119 7 days ago Order timesheet line also by descending ID testing
10053 7 days ago Allow deactivating Party Identifiers testing
10129 1 week ago Get product suppliers from product and template testing
10086 1 week ago Add support for werkzeug 2.0 testing
10125 1 week ago Add maximum to deposit recalled testing
10009 1 week ago Remove inactive sequences in list view chatting
3696 1 week ago Add a report to allow printing of account moves testing
10122 1 week ago Remove sequence code testing
9386 1 week ago Allow trusted client to bypass the wait period when entering the wrong password chatting
10117 1 week ago Add report for income statement and balance sheet testing
10116 1 week ago Improve report and CSV for tree structure testing
10032 1 week ago Allow group to inherit access from other group testing
9903 1 week ago Group models for access and rule check testing
10115 2 weeks ago Replace "save as" option by two buttons in CSV export unread
10046 2 weeks ago Build client for Apple Silicon chatting
9448 2 weeks ago Partial shipment with staging moves testing
9363 2 weeks ago Allow contact mechanism as email notification recipients testing
9611 2 weeks ago Use list-form for attachments chatting
9694 2 weeks ago Time based graph filled not only per day unread
10089 2 weeks ago Reference field display chatting
10098 2 weeks ago Show current requests testing
10100 2 weeks ago Add cache statistics testing
6254 2 weeks ago Ship Application in-progress

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