List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Nosy
8318 2 days ago Parallelism tasks testing
10595 2 days ago Set full locale definition testing
10545 2 days ago Add support for images on product testing
10592 3 days ago vsf_update cron should be editable unread
10583 3 days ago Add Albanian language in-progress
10346 3 days ago Create account_consolidation testing
10588 3 days ago Do not set product ids for all products to call products_by_location testing
10585 4 days ago Use the bus to invalidate almost static data in-progress
10584 5 days ago Allow inherit tag and attribute whitelist chatting
10491 7 days ago When a function field use another function field the latter is computed twice in-progress
6089 1 week ago Budget module testing
10046 1 week ago Build client for Apple Silicon in-progress
9767 1 week ago Linking credit notes to assets chatting
4440 1 week ago It should be possible to add start/end dates to parties relationships chatting
10570 1 week ago Account rule module testing
10577 1 week ago Display nice error message when importing postal codes for an unknown country testing
10571 1 week ago Use on_change to create invoice line testing
10572 2 weeks ago Add warehouse property to move testing
10569 2 weeks ago Document setting context testing
10492 2 weeks ago Print label with Sendcloud testing
10561 2 weeks ago Add Serbian in-progress
10563 2 weeks ago Add a frame around image testing
10551 2 weeks ago Convert boolean on product into MultiValue field unread
10160 2 weeks ago Configure sale_shipment_cost_method at customer level. testing
10161 2 weeks ago Configuration of invoice_method and shipment_method at customer level. testing
10269 2 weeks ago Add field access on referential document testing
10552 2 weeks ago Expand buttons acording the label unread
10536 3 weeks ago Manage copy record with access right limitation on some fields testing
10482 3 weeks ago Serbia chart of account in-progress
10532 3 weeks ago Add warehouses to supply stock testing
10525 3 weeks ago Products by locations rec_name does not filter by product anymore testing
10381 3 weeks ago Missing party indentifiers testing
10392 3 weeks ago Restrict Income Statement dates to the one in the fiscalyear testing
10533 3 weeks ago Add depends option to run-tests unread
10424 1 month ago Add split lines wizard testing
10440 1 month ago Correctly round amount_to_pay in-progress
10027 1 month ago Allow to partially validate a statement with origins testing
10088 1 month ago Add warning when posting invoices on the future testing
9128 1 month ago Send invoices to SII testing
10331 1 month ago Improve the performances of fields.Selection using computed selections when displayed in treeviews in-progress
10416 1 month ago Improve main menu naming testing
10518 1 month ago Improve statement rule keyword matching testing
10469 1 month ago Add actions in group view testing
10512 1 month ago Simplify the date/period on move template unread
7914 1 month ago Trim char/text field in-progress
10345 1 month ago Amount to pay stays at zero in case of partial reconciliation of the lines to pay in-progress
10364 1 month ago RPCCache should be configurable in some setups in-progress
10506 1 month ago Moves from multiple companies are not shown testing
8244 1 month ago Add warning when an supplier with same reference already exists testing
9145 1 month ago selecting payment in statement origin doesn't respect account chatting

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