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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
4341 1 week ago Flexible active in-progress ced pokoli
4080 1 week ago Remove company record rules deferred ced ced
6760 1 week ago Remove CompanyReport by single report unread ced  
6745 1 week ago Turkish translation in-progress kaf ced
6734 1 week ago Add EC sales list testing ced ced
4288 1 week ago Prevalidate warns correct values testing pokoli ced
6711 1 week ago trytond documentation: missing _parent behaviour chatting fmorato fmorato
5667 1 week ago Allow to export reference rec_name in CSV testing ced ced
5643 1 week ago Change rec_name label to "Record Name" testing albertca albertca
6751 2 weeks ago Reduce number of queries in ModelSQL.write unread ced  
6563 2 weeks ago Add flat children location testing ced ced
6735 2 weeks ago Add EC sales list and VAT customer testing ced ced
6747 2 weeks ago The period context from income statement is not propagated to accounts and move lines chatting udono  
6733 2 weeks ago Party with many tax identifier testing ced ced
6581 2 weeks ago Use stripe webhooks to react to events regarding payment fail/success testing nicoe ced
6389 2 weeks ago Add a test to ensure that all buttons are registered in ir.model.button testing pokoli pokoli
2943 3 weeks ago Sanitize profile.cfg to remove carriege return. chatting andrewg  
6670 3 weeks ago New module account_dunning_email testing ced ced
5032 3 weeks ago Add pluggable report converter chatting ced  
2325 4 weeks ago Spanish chart of accounts testing albertca pokoli
6175 4 weeks ago RFC: New module purchase_request_quotation testing mrichez mrichez
3672 1 month ago Clean translation doesn't clean double xml error message in-progress ced xcodinas
5636 1 month ago Improve sao mime-type guessing testing pokoli  
6442 1 month ago Add serial number functionalities to lot testing nicoe nicoe
6664 1 month ago Add warning when creating a second chart of account unread ced  
6396 1 month ago Hide buttons not applicable on any record in-progress pokoli pokoli
4879 1 month ago Suport Date, DateTime and Decimal fields in Greater/Less Pyson statement chatting guillemNaN  
6586 1 month ago RFC: move stock location testing ced ced
6721 1 month ago Preserve original tax when applying a tax rule testing pokoli pokoli
5882 1 month ago RFC: Account statement import testing pokoli ced
6716 1 month ago Allow reviewbot to post to other roundup unread ced  
2068 1 month ago Allow to include richtext content in report chatting meanmicio  
4735 1 month ago Allow to Apply inheritance on models loaded in the pool testing pokoli pokoli
6707 1 month ago calendar views should be better unread nicoe  
6678 1 month ago Some improvements to the 'How to contribute' guide chatting kstenger kstenger
6691 1 month ago RFC: CODA import statement testing ced ced
6677 1 month ago Serve file from root http url directly instead of redirect to index.html in-progress cprecious cprecious
6561 1 month ago Remove required from party payable and receivable accounts testing pokoli pokoli
6669 1 month ago Add headers attribute on td of tree view unread ced  
6655 2 months ago Missing access rule for configuration models unread ced  
6117 2 months ago Remove specific cron users chatting ced  
2286 2 months ago Replace company change in cron on user by context chatting ced  
6644 2 months ago Manage shortcut for Favorites chatting ComputingFroggy  
6642 2 months ago Let raises server_version unread ced  
577 2 months ago reports letter: document header and footer should be localized chatting yangoon  
6637 2 months ago configfile cound be expanded for ~ and ~user unread ced  
6360 2 months ago Manage readonly state fields on calendar views testing resteve xcodinas
6629 2 months ago Add test for ModelSingleton inheritance testing nicoe nicoe
6624 2 months ago Improve documentation of "states" attribute of views unread rmu rmu
6604 2 months ago Allow to template URLAction value chatting pokoli  
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