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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
6065 1 week ago Use function field on period domain testing pokoli pokoli
6064 1 week ago Hide report path if custom template has been uploaded testing ced ced
6063 1 week ago Allow to set and synchronize report or view translations testing ced ced
2178 1 week ago setup and link a codereview (on django) with roundup in-progress ced ced
6060 1 week ago Better string format for RPCException testing ced ced
6057 1 week ago Add relate from report to translations testing ced ced
6056 1 week ago Staging moves can not be deleted chatting nicoe  
6050 1 week ago Add __all__ to testing ced ced
6047 1 week ago Remove unused relation between purchase and invoice lines in-progress pokoli pokoli
6048 1 week ago Add schema to confirmation emails unread ced  
5960 1 week ago Build a script to install al modules dependency testing pokoli oxid
6043 2 weeks ago Subscription module testing ced ced
5835 2 weeks ago RFC: Email Notification testing pokoli pokoli
6040 2 weeks ago Show maturity dates in move line of payable/receivable in-progress pokoli pokoli
4596 2 weeks ago One2many context is ignored when reading parent record testing pokoli pokoli
5812 2 weeks ago Add customer number for suppliers testing ced lukio
6036 2 weeks ago Remove default_payment_term testing ced lukio
6037 2 weeks ago Use simple list of lines to create invoice in-progress ced ced
6032 2 weeks ago The "Path" field of the report action should be read only. chatting nicoe  
6030 3 weeks ago Update to drone 0.4 in-progress ced ced
5175 3 weeks ago Add domain on journal of invoice unread ced nando
5965 4 weeks ago context_get should be get_context testing xcodinas xcodinas
6007 1 month ago Analytic rule engine testing ced ced
2939 1 month ago account_asset must prevent closing period/fiscalyear testing ced 2cadz
4506 1 month ago Add relate action to Credit Notes in Invoices chatting guillemNaN  
4543 1 month ago Use customizable function to calc get_balance and get_credit_debit query chatting guillemNaN  
3632 1 month ago Kosovo country is missing deferred guillemNaN  
5143 1 month ago Make a more specific locking to improve concurrency chatting guillemNaN  
4590 1 month ago Add producible field to product template and use it to select products to produce in-progress guillemNaN  
5255 1 month ago Allow to go back to draft an account asset without moves chatting guillemNaN  
4734 1 month ago Better support of lots in assign_try chatting guillemNaN  
5991 1 month ago Download a file with the file name from filename attribute field chatting resteve  
5988 1 month ago Not count current/total records in o2m chatting resteve  
5984 1 month ago Check access for on_change unread ced  
5980 1 month ago Allow to configure the number of loaded records testing pokoli pokoli
5974 1 month ago Do not run account wizard if no company was created unread ced  
5973 1 month ago Allow to customize party sequence before company wizard unread ced  
4614 1 month ago Add a sequence on tax code unread ced  
2172 1 month ago product field is required when creating sale lines in module sale_opportunity testing nicoe lukio
5964 1 month ago Add optional support for weasyprint chatting ced  
5342 1 month ago Problem searching after moving to next page chatting albertca  
4624 1 month ago Convert get_supply_period to classmethod to improve generate_requests() performance chatting guillemNaN  
4409 1 month ago fingerprints vs CA unread ced  
5838 1 month ago Use no digits for ModuleConfigWizardOther.percentage testing ced Pijuli
5455 1 month ago Replace logging by warnings in trytond/ testing ced dmoller
2254 1 month ago Rename party in sale and purchase chatting ced  
2427 1 month ago incomplete doc for stock unread jcm  
5032 1 month ago Add pluggable report converter chatting ced  
5799 1 month ago Implement allow_similar tabs in sao testing pokoli pokoli
5895 1 month ago Disable selection of most of the HTML testing ced xcodinas
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