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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
5443 7 days ago Need for derivative translations support chatting ced  
5553 1 week ago RFC: dunning fee testing ced ced
5439 1 week ago RFC: shipping and shipping_ups module testing nicoe nicoe
5548 1 week ago Add count on action window domain testing ced ced
5121 1 week ago Allow to modify unit_price on child taxes chatting pokoli pokoli
5544 2 weeks ago RFC: web_user testing ced ced
5541 2 weeks ago Use context model in ProductByLocation and ProductsByLocations testing pokoli pokoli
5319 2 weeks ago list view with only one element does not automatically select an entry need-eg jackman.pierre  
5501 2 weeks ago Missing menu entry to show quantity of lot testing ced pokoli
5477 2 weeks ago Improve invoice cancellation with analytic account chatting udono  
5221 2 weeks ago Relate window title in-progress ced pokoli
5530 3 weeks ago RFC: authentication by SMS module testing ced ced
5521 3 weeks ago Customizable login process testing ced ced
5205 3 weeks ago Remove check_invoice_sequences chatting ced  
5258 3 weeks ago Add confirmation on all button that can not be undone. testing ced shrox
5324 1 month ago Use ldap3 instead of python-ldap testing ced nicoe
5104 1 month ago The AnalyticMixin is missing a domain on the company testing pokoli albertca
5500 1 month ago Yearly asset depreciation wrongly set end date to the 31st of december testing nicoe nicoe
4080 1 month ago Remove company record rules deferred ced ced
5440 1 month ago Add scenario test to account_invoice_history chatting udono udono
5508 1 month ago Improve return sales chatting resteve resteve
5502 1 month ago Improve error message when journal has no sequence defined testing pokoli pokoli
5499 1 month ago The create internal shipment should update existing waiting shipment unread ced  
5498 1 month ago Missing loop when generate internal shipments unread ced  
5497 1 month ago Allow to search on many languages unread ced  
5441 1 month ago Peruvian Spanish Translation (es_PE) chatting nando  
5492 1 month ago Rename Address 'Name' into 'Building Name' chatting ced  
5493 1 month ago More flexible address design unread ced  
5488 1 month ago Zip should have a rec_name unread ced  
5485 1 month ago tryton: Reevaluate screen domains on refresh testing jcavallo  
5475 1 month ago Better pattern for relate domain unread ced  
5473 1 month ago Admin user can't edit signature chatting resteve resteve
5467 1 month ago Many2Many domain should come from the relation unread ced  
5464 1 month ago Default format of OpenDocument Report chatting risto3  
5445 1 month ago Payment term is not full historized on invoices with account_invoice_history module in-progress udono udono
5463 1 month ago Log UserErrors on a higher level chatting pokoli  
5461 1 month ago Inconsinstent values of default location if parent of a location is changed unread pokoli  
5450 1 month ago Not possible to copy record when missing read access on xxx2Many records unread ced  
5449 1 month ago Options --all and -u should not depend on order chatting resteve  
5452 1 month ago Don't create translation entry for empty string unread ced  
5458 1 month ago Remove record from xxx2many in wizard unread ced  
5454 1 month ago Better integer test on ModelStorage instantiation chatting ced  
5455 1 month ago Replace logging by warnings in trytond/ unread ced  
5442 1 month ago Handling of history enabled models chatting udono  
5438 1 month ago Improve validate statement unread ced  
4879 1 month ago Suport Date, DateTime and Decimal fields in Greater/Less Pyson statement chatting guillemNaN  
5428 1 month ago Add ':id' and :'lang=' support to import CSV unread ced  
1616 2 months ago patch to allow pyson decoding without evaluation in-progress Timitos pokoli
4631 2 months ago PYSON widget in-progress ced pokoli
5385 2 months ago Create an option in trytond-admin to set the admin password chatting ced  
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