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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
4560 3 days ago Use real % in sale_opportunity testing ced xcodinas
3797 3 days ago Unify purchase description and use the one of supplier if exists in-progress resteve ced
5828 3 days ago Display rec_name instead of name for variant chatting nblock nblock
5830 4 days ago Do not send reviewbot comments to reviewers testing ced ced
5718 4 days ago Overdue days should be a duration testing ced xcodinas
5760 4 days ago RFC: Contract module testing pokoli pokoli
5804 4 days ago Implement translatable fields in sao testing xcodinas xcodinas
5827 5 days ago Allow tryton client to run without access to config dir chatting unicode2013  
5825 5 days ago Remove Journal.update_posted feature testing ced ced
5493 6 days ago More flexible address design testing ced ced
2327 6 days ago Add address formating per country testing ced ced
5819 6 days ago Allow to call ModelSQL.__insert_history testing ced ced
5816 6 days ago Improve relate domains for a better inversion on client side chatting pokoli  
5817 7 days ago Replace fetchall by iteration unread ced  
5812 7 days ago Add customer number for suppliers unread ced  
5799 1 week ago Implement allow_similar tabs in sao testing pokoli pokoli
5554 1 week ago Toggle menu for all screen sizes chatting resteve  
5769 1 week ago Use like instead of ilike for Reference fields chatting ced  
5784 1 week ago Web application/extension to enter timesheet testing ced ced
5443 2 weeks ago Need for derivative translations support testing ced ced
5782 2 weeks ago Add support for user application testing ced ced
5783 2 weeks ago Add user application API for timesheet testing ced ced
5105 2 weeks ago Add Mixin for sequence order in-progress ced pokoli
5714 2 weeks ago Greek translation on Pootle in-progress firsttelecomltd ced
5776 2 weeks ago Improve condition on firefox SVG Blob hack unread ced  
5485 2 weeks ago tryton: Reevaluate screen domains on refresh in-progress jcavallo  
5441 3 weeks ago Peruvian Spanish Translation (es_PE) deferred nando  
2377 3 weeks ago Remember the selected order in a list view chatting pokoli  
3211 1 month ago Roadmap for Python 3 deferred yangoon ced
5757 1 month ago Make harder to create an index chatting ced  
5104 1 month ago The AnalyticMixin is missing a domain on the company testing pokoli albertca
3516 1 month ago Fix anti-pattern about create/write in loop in-progress ced pokoli
5696 1 month ago Install missing dependencies when using --all testing mcal pokoli
5748 1 month ago Improvement performance of validation the statement chatting oscar  
1616 1 month ago patch to allow pyson decoding without evaluation testing Timitos pokoli
5470 1 month ago Search widget does not work properly for negated rec_name criteria chatting aneolf  
5726 1 month ago Remove default table_query method unread ced  
5713 1 month ago Add support of collation when ordering translatable fields chatting ced  
5716 1 month ago Shortcut for opening the translation window unread silwol  
5702 1 month ago Close modal dialogs with data dismiss modal chatting resteve resteve
5703 1 month ago Show attachment and note icon in toolbar chatting resteve  
5701 1 month ago Add xlsx and docx to output document formats chatting ralf ralf
4278 1 month ago Remove trigger user unread ced  
4618 1 month ago Cancel draft moves and draft invoice when canceling sale order chatting ced  
5694 1 month ago Remove multidatabase support unread pokoli  
5657 1 month ago Proposal of a new module : Purchase Requisition in-progress mrichez mrichez
5685 1 month ago Use environment markers in unread ced  
5684 1 month ago Product and lot quantities relates should not be available on configuration action. unread pokoli  
5673 1 month ago Test states in test_depends testing pokoli pokoli
5667 2 months ago Allow to export reference rec_name in CSV unread ced  
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