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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
7056 1 week ago README example does not work anymore unread ced  
6892 1 week ago Allow supplier shipment without inventory moves testing ced pokoli
6830 1 week ago Add retention on different receivable account chatting risto3  
6846 1 week ago Do not register tests module on production testing ced pokoli
7051 1 week ago Limitation on number of modules unread ced  
7036 1 week ago Browse parent back unread ced  
7050 1 week ago Use csv sniffer unread ced  
7049 1 week ago Improve dependency links in-progress ced ced
4341 1 week ago Flexible active in-progress ced pokoli
7029 3 weeks ago Notification emails should be sent to a fallback address when the recipient has no address in-progress nicoe nicoe
7034 3 weeks ago Add help text for trytond chatting udono udono
6984 3 weeks ago ModelSingleton vs MultiValue chatting ced  
7027 1 month ago Use most used currency for purchase request chatting ced  
6399 1 month ago Add help text for product_attribute testing pokoli pokoli
7023 1 month ago Missing active field chatting ced  
6400 1 month ago Add help text for currency testing pokoli pokoli
7024 1 month ago Missing move cost price to product level instead of template chatting resteve  
2939 1 month ago account_asset must prevent closing period/fiscalyear testing ced 2cadz
6889 1 month ago Use spellcheck and lang attribute for textbox widget testing ced xcodinas
7010 1 month ago Add settings on sao testing pokoli pokoli
7018 1 month ago Preserve session on page reload testing pokoli pokoli
7012 1 month ago Allow to create internal order points to provision supplier consignment locations in-progress albertca albertca
6999 1 month ago Enable direct print on linux again chatting Timitos  
7001 1 month ago Use mailto method for mailto url too chatting Timitos  
6912 1 month ago Manage chart of account update per account in-progress ced pokoli
6739 1 month ago Widget buttons should be ignored when tabbing chatting xcodinas xcodinas
7007 1 month ago Auto-uninstall old version before installing unread ced  
6175 1 month ago RFC: New module purchase_request_quotation testing mrichez mrichez
6751 1 month ago Reduce number of queries in ModelSQL.write unread ced  
7006 1 month ago Shipments and Production assign_try() should work at document level chatting albertca  
7000 1 month ago sao: expand submenues in menue when clicking on the name unread jan  
6081 1 month ago Allow to define sort of M2O, O2M, M2M and Reference fields when searching them in-progress nicoe nicoe
7004 1 month ago Improve opening of url without scheme with url widget chatting Timitos  
7003 1 month ago User roles module chatting smarro smarro
6833 1 month ago _synchronize_moves drops part of the purchased quantity instead of keeping track of it in-progress nicoe nicoe
6857 1 month ago Icons in menu are not shown on gtk3 chatting Timitos  
6986 1 month ago Warning on inventory lines with big quantity difference than expected unread mrichez  
6389 1 month ago Add a test to ensure that all buttons are registered in ir.model.button testing pokoli pokoli
6919 1 month ago Add depends to Button in-progress ced pokoli
6968 1 month ago Allow to register favorites as user actions unread ced  
6401 1 month ago Add help text for stock testing pokoli pokoli
6969 1 month ago multiple page selections don't seem to work in tryton-GTK{2,3} clients unread risto3  
6963 1 month ago Set number credit invoice without products chatting resteve  
6962 1 month ago Automatically select many2one rec_name when exporting fields unread pokoli pokoli
6920 1 month ago Allow to define wizard button without form validation chatting ced  
6947 1 month ago sao: implement 'sum' on tree views chatting perilla perilla
6957 2 months ago Missing delivery address on sale report unread ced  
4884 2 months ago domain_<field_name> is not called for some field types chatting pokoli pokoli
6937 2 months ago Sao does not support subdirectory unread ced  
6935 2 months ago Party associated to... chatting ced  
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