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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
5485 2 weeks ago tryton: Reevaluate screen domains on refresh testing jcavallo  
5482 2 weeks ago Add domain tabs on production work unread pokoli  
5477 3 weeks ago Improve invoice cancellation with analytic account unread udono  
5475 3 weeks ago Better pattern for relate domain unread ced  
5473 3 weeks ago Admin user can't edit signature chatting resteve resteve
5467 3 weeks ago Many2Many domain should come from the relation unread ced  
5464 3 weeks ago Default format of OpenDocument Report chatting risto3  
5445 3 weeks ago Payment term is not full historized on invoices with account_invoice_history module in-progress udono udono
5063 3 weeks ago Remove widgets on Board in-progress ced prayashm
5463 3 weeks ago Log UserErrors on a higher level chatting pokoli  
5461 4 weeks ago Inconsinstent values of default location if parent of a location is changed unread pokoli  
5450 4 weeks ago Not possible to copy record when missing read access on xxx2Many records unread ced  
5449 4 weeks ago Options --all and -u should not depend on order chatting resteve  
5452 4 weeks ago Don't create translation entry for empty string unread ced  
5458 4 weeks ago Remove record from xxx2many in wizard unread ced  
5454 1 month ago Better integer test on ModelStorage instantiation chatting ced  
5168 1 month ago Empty option of general legder and trial balance chatting risto3  
5455 1 month ago Replace logging by warnings in trytond/ unread ced  
5442 1 month ago Handling of history enabled models chatting udono  
5438 1 month ago Improve validate statement unread ced  
4879 1 month ago Suport Date, DateTime and Decimal fields in Greater/Less Pyson statement chatting guillemNaN  
5435 1 month ago Wait to get a connection from exhausted pool testing ced ced
5428 1 month ago Add ':id' and :'lang=' support to import CSV unread ced  
1616 1 month ago patch to allow pyson decoding without evaluation in-progress Timitos pokoli
4631 1 month ago PYSON widget in-progress ced pokoli
5426 1 month ago Add comparison amount on Balance Sheet and Income Statement testing ced ced
5425 1 month ago Use PYSON for tree_invisible attribute testing ced ced
5385 1 month ago Create an option in trytond-admin to set the admin password chatting ced  
5084 1 month ago Replace py2app and py2exe by cxfreeze/PyInstaller chatting ced  
5085 1 month ago Use MSYS2 to build windows exe chatting ced  
5255 1 month ago Allow to go back to draft an account asset without moves chatting guillemNaN guillemNaN
5380 1 month ago Add a button attribute 'keywords' for action in-progress alexandre.ghiazza alexandre.ghiazza
1422 1 month ago UNIQUE on postgres not working on empty values chatting yangoon  
5412 1 month ago Clear existing session when user change password chatting ced  
5404 1 month ago Group creation of French chart of account templates unread ced  
5403 1 month ago Group creation of German chart of account templates unread ced  
5395 1 month ago Publish wheels for all packages on PyPI unread ced  
5393 1 month ago Check read permission of menu after changing groups access chatting rvong  
3211 1 month ago Roadmap for Python 3 deferred yangoon ced
5387 1 month ago Add support to GTK+ 3.0 chatting ced  
5384 1 month ago Move database management to only neso chatting meanmicio  
4708 1 month ago Cannot process sales with manual invoices and shipments testing albertca  
5365 2 months ago Add invoice method to project list view chatting ced  
5352 2 months ago Improve performance on creating shipment since sale chatting resteve resteve
5351 2 months ago FIX typo extras_depend need-eg resteve resteve
5350 2 months ago Add generic unittest to check relation field definition unread ced  
5340 2 months ago party_required and non-deferral incompatibility chatting albertca  
5342 2 months ago Problem searching after moving to next page chatting albertca  
5175 2 months ago Add domain on journal of invoice unread ced  
5343 2 months ago Improve TableHandler by reducing the _update_definitions unread ced  
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