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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
5650 1 week ago Allow to have the party in clearing move need-eg guillemNaN  
5643 1 week ago Change rec_name label to "Record Name" in-progress albertca albertca
5485 1 week ago tryton: Reevaluate screen domains on refresh in-progress jcavallo  
5644 1 week ago Disable non aplicable screen menu option when user has no permisions chatting pokoli  
5010 1 week ago Access rights on button should not be linked to access right of models testing nicoe ced
3945 2 weeks ago Add buttons on stock move testing ced ced
5041 2 weeks ago readonly on One2Many testing ced ced
5628 2 weeks ago Correctly manage readonly on lines testing ced ced
5609 2 weeks ago Form view destroyed when closing user error message box in-progress adrien.benduc adrien.benduc
5617 2 weeks ago Catch common error about Transaction usage unread ced  
5636 2 weeks ago Improve sao mime-type guessing chatting pokoli  
5633 2 weeks ago Serial numbers on products and stock moves chatting firsttelecomltd  
5007 2 weeks ago Separate approval of payment from its creation / edition testing nicoe ced
5395 2 weeks ago Publish wheels for all packages on PyPI testing ced ced
5500 2 weeks ago Yearly asset depreciation wrongly set end date to the 31st of december testing nicoe nicoe
5615 3 weeks ago Add tests to cookiecutter template unread ced  
5607 3 weeks ago Allow tho show plain test password in Password widget chatting prayashm  
3211 3 weeks ago Roadmap for Python 3 deferred yangoon ced
5604 3 weeks ago RFC: production_work_timesheet testing ced ced
5581 3 weeks ago Improve validate error messages chatting guillemNaN guillemNaN
5589 3 weeks ago Working time aware timedeltas deferred pokoli  
5168 1 month ago Empty option of general ledger and trial balance chatting risto3  
5576 1 month ago Improve copy() to make it more flexible chatting albertca  
5577 1 month ago sepa payment should probably set RmtInf to 'reference' by default instead of 'rec_name' chatting risto3  
5571 1 month ago Add relate from product template to variants unread ced  
5568 1 month ago Add option for works editable tree widget on tab tree view inside forms chatting oscar  
5569 1 month ago Allow to configure hashing method unread ced  
5566 1 month ago Payment for line without party unread ced  
5565 1 month ago Compute party receivable/payable for account without party required unread ced  
5554 1 month ago Toggle menu for all screen sizes chatting resteve  
5443 1 month ago Need for derivative translations support chatting ced  
5121 1 month ago Allow to modify unit_price on child taxes chatting pokoli pokoli
5477 1 month ago Improve invoice cancellation with analytic account chatting udono  
5205 1 month ago Remove check_invoice_sequences chatting ced  
5258 1 month ago Add confirmation on all button that can not be undone. testing ced shrox
5104 2 months ago The AnalyticMixin is missing a domain on the company testing pokoli albertca
4080 2 months ago Remove company record rules deferred ced ced
5440 2 months ago Add scenario test to account_invoice_history chatting udono udono
5508 2 months ago Improve return sales chatting resteve resteve
5502 2 months ago Improve error message when journal has no sequence defined testing pokoli pokoli
5499 2 months ago The create internal shipment should update existing waiting shipment unread ced  
5498 2 months ago Missing loop when generate internal shipments unread ced  
5497 2 months ago Allow to search on many languages unread ced  
5441 2 months ago Peruvian Spanish Translation (es_PE) chatting nando  
5492 2 months ago Rename Address 'Name' into 'Building Name' chatting ced  
5493 2 months ago More flexible address design unread ced  
5475 2 months ago Better pattern for relate domain unread ced  
5473 2 months ago Admin user can't edit signature chatting resteve resteve
5467 2 months ago Many2Many domain should come from the relation unread ced  
5464 2 months ago Default format of OpenDocument Report chatting risto3  
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