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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
6139 7 days ago Add support for python 3.6 chatting ced  
6163 7 days ago Add dualmethod to button and transition unread ced  
6173 1 week ago Do not let pay line for which supplier has direct debit testing ced ced
6172 1 week ago Sao, update button states on wizard chatting perilla  
6171 1 week ago Set focus on profile instead of login unread ced  
6121 1 week ago Improve navs tabs on small screens chatting ced  
6104 1 week ago key shortcuts for sao chatting perilla perilla
6160 1 week ago Warning: value "0" of type 'guint' is invalid or out of range for property 'n-columns' of type 'guint' chatting risto3  
5644 1 week ago Disable non aplicable screen menu option when user has no permisions testing pokoli xcodinas
5858 1 week ago For completeness we should be able to specify nullsfirst / nullslast in _order testing nicoe nicoe
5636 1 week ago Improve sao mime-type guessing testing pokoli xcodinas
6132 2 weeks ago We should raise a warning when the warehouse of the purchase is different then the one of the purchase request that created it testing nicoe nicoe
6114 2 weeks ago Add lock to write fingerprints and configuration unread ced  
4909 2 weeks ago Wave picking in-progress ced ced
4207 2 weeks ago Enforce readonly on field chatting ced  
6148 3 weeks ago Add support for easypost unread ced  
5853 3 weeks ago Sort parties according to their relationship testing nicoe nicoe
6051 3 weeks ago Sao, generate report with name instead url chatting perilla xcodinas
6136 3 weeks ago Add agent on opportunity unread ced  
6133 3 weeks ago Add method to set sequence on ModelList unread ced  
6030 3 weeks ago Update to drone 0.4 in-progress ced ced
6103 3 weeks ago Add Lao minimal chart of account in-progress ced ced
6043 3 weeks ago Subscription module testing ced ced
6126 3 weeks ago Allow to correct customer invoice testing ced ced
5882 1 month ago RFC: Account statment import testing pokoli pokoli
3516 1 month ago Fix anti-pattern about create/write in loop in-progress ced pokoli
6117 1 month ago Remove specific cron users unread ced  
6109 1 month ago Add suffix to edit window from popup menu unread ced  
6108 1 month ago cost price change from template results in error chatting ralf ralf
6071 1 month ago Add Arabic in-progress wamanu ced
6089 1 month ago Budget module testing pokoli pokoli
6096 1 month ago Add wizard to clean location of cancelled production chatting nblock  
6090 1 month ago Add automatically missing ending '/' on web root chatting coogor  
6097 1 month ago Use Many2One to specify actions and views Models chatting pokoli pokoli
6095 1 month ago project_invoice: Add domain to timesheets in-progress jan jan
6013 1 month ago Add tax code distribution unread ced  
6086 1 month ago Add web_user_application unread ced  
6076 1 month ago Add Service Worker do manage cache unread ced  
5215 1 month ago RFC: New module sale_deposit testing nicoe nicoe
5205 1 month ago Remove check_invoice_sequences chatting ced  
6075 1 month ago Remove single nsi unread ced  
6074 1 month ago Many2One sql_format should check model instance unread ced  
6073 1 month ago Add warning about unorderer **kwargs usage chatting ced  
6072 1 month ago Migration warning from BOOLEAN to BOOL unread ced  
2178 1 month ago setup and link a codereview (on django) with roundup in-progress ced ced
6056 1 month ago Staging moves can not be deleted chatting nicoe  
6048 1 month ago Add schema to confirmation emails unread ced  
5960 1 month ago Build a script to install al modules dependency testing pokoli oxid
4596 2 months ago One2many context is ignored when reading parent record testing pokoli pokoli
5812 2 months ago Add customer number for suppliers testing ced lukio
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