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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
6389 3 weeks ago Add a test to ensure that all buttons are registered in ir.model.button in-progress pokoli pokoli
6442 3 weeks ago Add serial number functionalities to lot testing nicoe nicoe
6489 3 weeks ago Do not use relatorio template loader unread ced  
6488 3 weeks ago Allow to use sale price list without customer testing ced ced
6487 3 weeks ago Automatically process confirmed orders testing ced ced
5960 3 weeks ago Build a script to install all modules dependency testing pokoli pokoli
6485 3 weeks ago Set kind to view for all account with less than 3 figures testing ced ced
6482 3 weeks ago Do not check stock for consumable testing ced ced
6480 3 weeks ago Review all xxx2Many Function fields to use filter unread ced  
6468 4 weeks ago Add "origin" reference field to payment. testing mshayden ced
5696 4 weeks ago Install missing dependencies when using --all testing mcal pokoli
6476 1 month ago Tryton Client error showing ced directory chatting vbastos  
5964 1 month ago Add optional support for weasyprint chatting ced  
6472 1 month ago Module update_list should also delete unexisting non activated modules testing pokoli pokoli
6466 1 month ago Add capture support testing ced ced
6071 1 month ago Add Arabic in-progress wamanu ced
5714 1 month ago Greek translation on Pootle in-progress firsttelecomltd ced
6461 1 month ago Use Timestamp for invoice open date in-progress ced ced
6463 1 month ago Add TimeStamp field chatting ced ced
6460 1 month ago Allow SQL expression as value for sql_format chatting ced  
6344 1 month ago Add environment variables to wsgi script testing pokoli pokoli
6454 1 month ago Order work by default by name in-progress ced ced
6453 1 month ago Add start/end date on work list in-progress ced ced
5757 1 month ago Make harder to create an index chatting ced  
3765 1 month ago Different exchange rates on invoices in secondary currency = unable to create valid statement chatting cshore  
6030 1 month ago Update to drone 0.5 in-progress ced ced
6406 1 month ago Add shipment tolerance to sale testing ced ced
6013 1 month ago Add flat tax report based on formula chatting ced  
6175 1 month ago RFC: New module purchase_request_quotation testing mrichez mrichez
4140 1 month ago Missing delete in on_change keywords chatting ced  
6423 1 month ago Allow to define tests in external backends testing nicoe nicoe
6089 1 month ago Budget module testing pokoli pokoli
4618 1 month ago Cancel draft moves and draft invoice when canceling sale order chatting ced  
6419 1 month ago Call to preventDefault should be done as soon as possible unread ced  
6318 1 month ago Add help text for carrier testing xcodinas xcodinas
1422 1 month ago UNIQUE on postgres not working on empty values chatting yangoon  
6125 1 month ago Allow to define the default invoice/shipment grouping method for sales deferred pokoli pokoli
6403 1 month ago trytond : Translation cache should not always be overwritten testing jcavallo jcavallo
6382 1 month ago Add support for JSON/JSONB on postgresql for dict fields testing pokoli pokoli
6314 2 months ago Add help text for product testing nicoe nicoe
6400 2 months ago Add help text for currency testing pokoli pokoli
6360 2 months ago Manage readonly state fields on calendar views testing resteve xcodinas
6396 2 months ago Hide buttons not applicable on any record testing pokoli pokoli
6401 2 months ago Add help text for stock testing pokoli pokoli
6399 2 months ago Add help text for product_attribute testing pokoli pokoli
4990 2 months ago Merge account type and account kind chatting ced  
4735 2 months ago Allow to Apply inheritance on models loaded in the pool testing pokoli pokoli
5644 2 months ago Disable non applicable screen menu option when user has no permisions testing pokoli xcodinas
6384 2 months ago Use branch for trydevpi testing ced ced
5464 2 months ago Default format of OpenDocument Report chatting risto3  
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