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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
5387 4 days ago Add support to GTK+ 3.0 testing ced ced
5104 4 days ago The AnalyticMixin is missing a domain on the company in-progress pokoli ced
5897 4 days ago Add tree traversal in analytic account parent field chatting resteve resteve
5799 5 days ago Implement allow_similar tabs in sao testing pokoli pokoli
5864 5 days ago Resfresh domain_count when using a filter testing pokoli pokoli
5085 5 days ago Use MSYS2 to build windows exe testing ced ced
5715 5 days ago Favorites menu in sao testing xcodinas xcodinas
5441 5 days ago Peruvian Spanish Translation (es_PE) in-progress nando ced
5084 5 days ago Replace py2app and py2exe by cxfreeze/PyInstaller testing ced ced
3516 5 days ago Fix anti-pattern about create/write in loop in-progress ced pokoli
5657 6 days ago Proposal of a new module : Purchase Requisition in-progress mrichez mrichez
5895 6 days ago Disable selection of most of the HTML unread ced  
5893 7 days ago Compare uom and product default uom is never true chatting resteve  
5756 1 week ago Add Calendar view in sao testing xcodinas xcodinas
5891 1 week ago Cannot cancel stock move with view locations in-progress albertca albertca
5858 1 week ago For completeness we should be able to specify nullsfirst / nullslast in _order testing nicoe nicoe
5834 1 week ago The party_siret module should use party.identifier testing nicoe nicoe
5853 1 week ago Sort parties according to their relationship testing nicoe nicoe
5352 1 week ago Improve performance on creating shipment since sale chatting resteve resteve
5889 1 week ago Allow to block payment of lines testing ced ced
5835 1 week ago RFC: Email Notification testing pokoli pokoli
5882 1 week ago RFC: Account statment import in-progress pokoli pokoli
5875 1 week ago Polish translation (pl_PL) unread wowarcz ced
5760 1 week ago RFC: Contract module testing pokoli pokoli
5866 2 weeks ago Use sched in trytond-cron unread ced  
4508 2 weeks ago It should be possible to customize the icon of a button in a tree view chatting pokoli pokoli
5783 2 weeks ago Add user application API for timesheet testing ced ced
4631 2 weeks ago PYSON widget in-progress ced pokoli
5856 2 weeks ago sao: Fix performance on delete operation chatting perilla  
5656 3 weeks ago Allow to open subtasks in project task related testing pokoli pokoli
5841 4 weeks ago Document price list behaviour unread nblock nblock
652 1 month ago Allow to import csv with id/fs_id to update large amount of records chatting casaxa  
5380 1 month ago Add a button attribute 'keywords' for action in-progress alexandre.ghiazza  
5838 1 month ago Use no digits for ModuleConfigWizardOther.percentage unread ced  
3797 1 month ago Unify purchase description and use the one of supplier if exists in-progress resteve ced
5816 1 month ago Improve relate domains for a better inversion on client side chatting pokoli  
5817 1 month ago Replace fetchall by iteration unread ced  
5812 1 month ago Add customer number for suppliers unread ced  
5554 1 month ago Toggle menu for all screen sizes chatting resteve  
5769 1 month ago Use like instead of ilike for Reference fields chatting ced  
5784 1 month ago Web application/extension to enter timesheet testing ced ced
5714 1 month ago Greek translation on Pootle in-progress firsttelecomltd ced
5776 1 month ago Improve condition on firefox SVG Blob hack unread ced  
5485 1 month ago tryton: Reevaluate screen domains on refresh in-progress jcavallo  
2377 1 month ago Remember the selected order in a list view chatting pokoli  
3211 1 month ago Roadmap for Python 3 deferred yangoon ced
5757 1 month ago Make harder to create an index chatting ced  
5696 2 months ago Install missing dependencies when using --all testing mcal pokoli
5748 2 months ago Improvement performance of validation the statement chatting oscar  
5470 2 months ago Search widget does not work properly for negated rec_name criteria chatting aneolf  
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