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7799 22 months ago TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'datetime.timedelta' in-progress zinsky ced
7398 31 months ago Rounding assigned quantity unread ced
7399 31 months ago Rounding issue in remaining quantity computation unread ced
5419 51 months ago Field width not correctly computed in Chrome deferred ohuisman
3469 86 months ago Security notification unread ced
9903 11 hours ago Group models for access and rule check testing ced ced
9900 yesterday Use a better getter for move fields unread nicoe nicoe
9145 yesterday selecting payment in statement origin doesn't respect account chatting risto3
9753 yesterday Closing a period should check for draft statement in the period chatting semarie semarie
9222 2 days ago Cache selection of Reference fields testing albertca albertca
9899 2 days ago Add amount on complaint action testing ced ced
7442 2 days ago Allow to skip user warning globaly testing ced
9625 2 days ago Use available space on navbar testing atarroja atarroja
9729 2 days ago Domain error when posting a statement with cancelled invoices testing pokoli atarroja
9561 2 days ago Improve account type amount performance testing pokoli pokoli
9897 2 days ago Simplify party lang on invoice line testing ced ced
9895 4 days ago Add generic test for the check erase of party testing ced ced
9893 5 days ago Simplify PYSON evaluation with domain unread ced
9776 5 days ago Add promotion based on total amount of sale testing ced ced
9782 5 days ago Add validate option to trytond-admin testing ced ced
9831 5 days ago Aggregated reporting for purchase data testing pokoli pokoli
9793 5 days ago Improve res documentation testing dave dave
9887 5 days ago Set preferred_locales to Stripe Customer testing ced ced
9888 5 days ago Update Braintree Customer testing ced ced
9695 5 days ago Manage name of generic products testing mrichez mrichez
8757 5 days ago need filter for journal on Account Plan account moves and GL reporting done-cbb risto3
9764 6 days ago Improve sale module documentation testing dave dave
9734 6 days ago Improve purchase module documentation testing dave dave
9716 6 days ago Improve account_invoice_stock documentation testing dave dave
9708 6 days ago Improve account_invoice documentation testing dave dave
9681 6 days ago Improve stock module documentation testing dave dave
9655 6 days ago Improve account_product module documentation testing dave dave
9635 6 days ago Improve product module documentation testing dave dave
9601 6 days ago Improve company module documentation testing dave dave
9139 6 days ago Improve party module documentation testing dave dave
9124 6 days ago Improve currency module documentation testing pokoli dave
9598 6 days ago Improve country module documentation testing dave dave
9610 6 days ago Improve account module documentation testing dave dave
9767 6 days ago Linking credit notes to assets chatting juanjogp juanjogp
6269 7 days ago Scenario depending on current date chatting ced
9636 7 days ago Add a module documentation style guide and suggested structure testing dave dave
9879 1 week ago Save record when sending email testing ced ced
9874 1 week ago Improve products and lots view for location testing ced ced
9877 1 week ago Missing digits on cost value of location testing ced ced
9876 1 week ago Location quantities are missing unit and digits testing ced ced
9523 1 week ago can't enter invoice for continued education to 6333/791 (pcg fran├žais) chatting risto3
9644 1 week ago Add domain tabs on commission list in-progress pokoli
8806 1 week ago The warning msg_move_cancel_closed_period ask a question. in-progress nicoe
6837 1 week ago Remove on_change_taxes on purchase line in-progress ced
7331 1 week ago Do not use temporary column to alter size in-progress ced

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