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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
5180 1 week ago reversal/extourne moves chatting risto3  
7331 1 week ago Do not use temporary column to alter size unread ced  
7327 2 weeks ago Global search has horizontal scrolling testing ced ced
7325 2 weeks ago Increase the space in main navbar for tablist testing ced ced
7324 2 weeks ago Allow to open Many2One in new tab testing ced ced
7034 2 weeks ago Add help text for trytond chatting udono udono
3106 2 weeks ago Cash flow statement unread katr  
2881 2 weeks ago Pagination is not reset on new search unread reichlich  
2785 2 weeks ago Default shortcut testing rseon ced
2796 2 weeks ago Clean up nonexistent objects in the TranslationClean wizard in-progress katr katr
3486 2 weeks ago Display a visual graph of modules chatting jcavallo jcavallo
4533 2 weeks ago Optimization getting reference fields chatting albertca albertca
5856 2 weeks ago Fix performance on delete operation chatting perilla  
6075 2 weeks ago Remove single nsi in-progress ced ced
7000 2 weeks ago Expand sub-menu in menu when clicking on the name unread jan  
7116 2 weeks ago Use recursive CTE when MPTT is not there testing ced ced
6213 2 weeks ago Improve rec_name based on parent chatting ced  
5897 2 weeks ago Improve analytic account balance computation chatting resteve resteve
7306 2 weeks ago slow chart of accounts on level 3, 4, 5 and up chatting wuf31  
7295 2 weeks ago SEPA Messages could be stored on the filesystem testing nicoe nicoe
7276 2 weeks ago Allow to modify maturity date and tax lines testing ced ced
4684 2 weeks ago Improve Tax computation unread ced  
3805 2 weeks ago Remove accounting from Products chatting udono  
7254 3 weeks ago Remove active test computed from domain clause chatting pokoli  
7293 3 weeks ago Documentation Dashboard module unread lukio  
7280 3 weeks ago Update of the cost price when changing the unit price on the supplier invoice chatting tbruyere  
7271 3 weeks ago Recompute cost price after landed cost chatting tbruyere  
7285 3 weeks ago Add a meaningfull rec_name for payments unread pokoli  
7265 3 weeks ago Allow view locations on storage incoming and outgoing locations testing pokoli pokoli
6637 3 weeks ago configfile could be expanded for ~ and ~user testing ced ezraerb
7266 3 weeks ago Add cast method on field testing ced ced
7270 3 weeks ago Add optional keyword on tree view unread ced  
6830 3 weeks ago Add retention on different receivable account chatting risto3  
6948 3 weeks ago Sale reporting in-progress ced ced
5127 3 weeks ago Stick global search chatting geoffreym  
7082 1 month ago Import aeb43 file format on statement testing pokoli pokoli
7126 1 month ago Set deposit kind on some account_es taxes when the account_es module is installed testing pokoli pokoli
6442 1 month ago Add serial number functionalities to lot testing nicoe nicoe
7234 1 month ago Add help text for commission_waiting testing pokoli pokoli
7233 1 month ago Add help text for commission testing pokoli pokoli
6086 1 month ago Add web_user_application testing ced pokoli
7227 1 month ago Add domain on all prices to be positive unread ced  
7225 1 month ago Add UNECE code in-progress ced ced
7223 1 month ago Remove active on timesheet work unread ced  
7215 1 month ago Add python_requires in setup unread ced  
2177 1 month ago Being less Google dependent unread ced  
2178 1 month ago Replace Rietveld chatting ced  
7213 1 month ago Update reviewbot for flake8-3 unread ced  
7212 1 month ago Use sqlite3.backup testing ced ced
3229 1 month ago Allow 'other' in invoice line account chatting albertca  
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