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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
6922 1 week ago Enhance Product Suppliers view unread nelghani  
6917 1 week ago Allow to use reconcile wizard on statement testing ced ced
6920 1 week ago Allow to define wizard button without form validation unread ced  
6918 1 week ago Allow to edit reference field in editable list unread ced  
6915 1 week ago Show for reconciliation account with extra lines testing ced ced
6910 1 week ago remove party_required from some account_fr accounts chatting risto3  
6912 1 week ago Manage chart of account update per account unread ced  
6911 1 week ago Support non deductible taxes unread ced  
6908 2 weeks ago Add account auditor group unread ced  
5233 2 weeks ago Coma or point thousands/decimal separator testing resteve ced
6847 2 weeks ago Add optional name to contact mechanism testing ced ced
4140 2 weeks ago Missing delete in on_change keywords chatting ced  
6896 2 weeks ago Use quantity to compute sale credit testing ced ced
3331 2 weeks ago Children categories should match on price_lists and commission patterns testing pokoli pokoli
6892 2 weeks ago Allow supplier shipment without inventory moves testing ced pokoli
6401 2 weeks ago Add help text for stock testing pokoli pokoli
6895 2 weeks ago Post clearing moves testing ced ced
6893 2 weeks ago Refresh search on focus out unread ced  
3797 2 weeks ago Unify purchase description and use the one of supplier if exists testing resteve ced
6745 3 weeks ago Turkish translation in-progress kaf ced
5714 3 weeks ago Greek translation on Pootle in-progress firsttelecomltd ced
6071 3 weeks ago Add Arabic in-progress wamanu ced
3209 3 weeks ago Cost allocation for Production chatting giedrius  
6175 1 month ago RFC: New module purchase_request_quotation testing mrichez mrichez
6442 1 month ago Add serial number functionalities to lot testing nicoe nicoe
6738 1 month ago Position and count labels on one2many and tree widgets chatting perilla perilla
6180 1 month ago Pack Application in-progress ced ced
6254 1 month ago Ship Application in-progress ced ced
6860 1 month ago Do not set description as product record name in-progress ced ced
6836 1 month ago Update custom unit price after on change taxes chatting resteve  
6848 1 month ago Add open button to Many2One in list view chatting ced  
6849 1 month ago Add revision to document with quotation unread ced  
6846 1 month ago Do not register tests module on production unread ced  
2178 1 month ago Replace Rietveld chatting ced  
6511 1 month ago Drop c3 and use directly d3 chatting ced  
6851 1 month ago Optimize for disassembly unread ced  
6830 1 month ago Add retention on different receivable account chatting risto3  
4278 1 month ago Remove trigger user unread ced  
6813 1 month ago RFC: promotion coupon testing ced ced
6837 1 month ago Remove on_change_taxes on purchase line unread ced  
6834 1 month ago Add csv protection against spreadsheets chatting ced  
6833 1 month ago _synchronize_moves drops part of the purchased quantity instead of keeping track of it in-progress nicoe nicoe
6828 1 month ago Missing toolbars' buttons' tooltips chatting fmorato fmorato
6711 1 month ago trytond documentation: missing _parent behaviour chatting fmorato fmorato
6799 1 month ago suppliers don't relate to product variants chatting risto3  
6824 1 month ago Always update description when changing product testing ced ced
6810 1 month ago Default values for account in create chart of account wizard unread ced  
6332 1 month ago Add help text for carrier weight in-progress xcodinas xcodinas
6318 1 month ago Add help text for carrier testing xcodinas xcodinas
6637 1 month ago configfile could be expanded for ~ and ~user unread ced  
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