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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
2939 6 days ago account_asset must prevent closing period/fiscalyear testing ced 2cadz
2172 6 days ago product field is required when creating sale lines in module sale_opportunity testing nicoe lukio
5964 6 days ago Add optional support for weasyprint chatting ced  
5342 6 days ago Problem searching after moving to next page chatting albertca  
4624 6 days ago Convert get_supply_period to classmethod to improve generate_requests() performance chatting guillemNaN  
4409 7 days ago fingerprints vs CA unread ced  
5838 7 days ago Use no digits for ModuleConfigWizardOther.percentage testing ced Pijuli
5455 7 days ago Replace logging by warnings in trytond/ testing ced dmoller
2254 7 days ago Rename party in sale and purchase chatting ced  
2427 1 week ago incomplete doc for stock unread jcm  
5835 1 week ago RFC: Email Notification testing pokoli pokoli
5032 1 week ago Add pluggable report converter chatting ced  
5799 1 week ago Implement allow_similar tabs in sao testing pokoli pokoli
5927 1 week ago sepa_creditor_identifier should be validated testing xcodinas xcodinas
5895 2 weeks ago Disable selection of most of the HTML testing ced xcodinas
5387 2 weeks ago Add support to GTK+ 3.0 testing ced ced
5841 2 weeks ago Document price list behaviour chatting nblock nblock
5882 2 weeks ago RFC: Account statment import testing pokoli pokoli
5943 2 weeks ago Allow consumable products in inventory chatting resteve  
5926 3 weeks ago Allow to delete with a domain unread ced  
5215 3 weeks ago RFC: New module sale_deposit testing nicoe nicoe
2349 3 weeks ago Remove Property fields. in-progress ced ced
5694 3 weeks ago Remove multidatabase support chatting pokoli  
4489 4 weeks ago Provide an easy way to change sale line quantities when in state processing chatting nicoe nicoe
4612 4 weeks ago Some models which represents surrogate entities are difficult to understand in-progress nicoe nicoe
4685 4 weeks ago Unreconciling a line related to a write-off raise no warning in-progress nicoe nicoe
4047 4 weeks ago Drop Shipments Return in-progress nicoe nicoe
5796 4 weeks ago Trigger focus_out when manually editing changed Date and Time fields in-progress pokoli pokoli
5276 1 month ago Move.reconcile should support a list of lines unread ced  
5124 1 month ago SAO - one click on line to open a record unread geoffreym  
5126 1 month ago SAO - select multiple lines on list view unread geoffreym  
4140 1 month ago Consistency in on_change keywords chatting ced  
3747 1 month ago Readonly fields when party is inactive chatting albertca  
3345 1 month ago O2M field color on domain mismatch chatting lds  
5902 1 month ago Fill filter screen with the values of the filter text chatting pokoli  
5881 1 month ago Statement line party should be required if account has requires party chatting pokoli pokoli
5581 1 month ago Improve validate error messages in-progress guillemNaN pokoli
5897 1 month ago Add tree traversal in analytic account parent field chatting resteve resteve
3516 1 month ago Fix anti-pattern about create/write in loop in-progress ced pokoli
5893 1 month ago Compare uom and product default uom is never true chatting resteve  
5858 1 month ago For completeness we should be able to specify nullsfirst / nullslast in _order testing nicoe nicoe
5834 1 month ago The party_siret module should use party.identifier testing nicoe nicoe
5853 1 month ago Sort parties according to their relationship testing nicoe nicoe
5352 1 month ago Improve performance on creating shipment since sale chatting resteve resteve
5760 1 month ago RFC: Contract module testing pokoli pokoli
5866 1 month ago Use sched in trytond-cron unread ced  
4508 1 month ago It should be possible to customize the icon of a button in a tree view chatting pokoli pokoli
5856 1 month ago sao: Fix performance on delete operation chatting perilla  
5656 1 month ago Allow to open subtasks in project task related testing pokoli pokoli
652 1 month ago Allow to import csv with id/fs_id to update large amount of records chatting casaxa  
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