List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
6269 yesterday Scenario depending on current date chatting ced
9312 yesterday Add module to compute product cost per warehouse testing ced ced
9999 2 days ago Add module to allow services to be invoiced when they are done in-progress dave dave
9386 2 days ago Allow trusted client to bypass the wait period when entering the wrong password chatting nicoe
9998 3 days ago Use gravatar profile image on bugs testing ced ced
9610 4 days ago Improve account module documentation testing dave dave
9995 4 days ago Add carrier to shipment list view testing ced ced
9994 4 days ago Configure standalone supplier invoice line per company and supplier unread ced
9793 4 days ago Improve res documentation testing dave dave
9740 4 days ago Add shipment cost to outgoing moves testing ced ced
9991 5 days ago add shipping to contact mechanism chatting dotbit dotbit
9937 5 days ago Simplify menu names testing ced ced
9922 5 days ago Remove tempusdominus dependency testing ced ced
9944 1 week ago Reports stock quantity issues testing ced ced
9984 1 week ago Rename code into number testing ced ced
9720 1 week ago Add validate to prevent to select average cost_price method on product of type service testing mrichez mrichez
9728 1 week ago Add reference about shipment or production on product quantites moves by warehouse testing mrichez mrichez
9649 1 week ago Add help for each selection testing ced ced
9983 1 week ago The custome DateTime widget uses modify_text which is deprecated chatting nicoe
9982 1 week ago Allow opening Reference column like Many2One unread ced
9981 1 week ago Avoid empty moves on stock accounting testing pokoli pokoli
9846 1 week ago Update dimensions on package for shipment_out testing mrichez mrichez
9791 1 week ago Add start/end balance on General Ledger Line testing ced pokoli
9729 1 week ago Domain error when posting a statement with cancelled invoices testing pokoli atarroja
9769 1 week ago Wizard to manually unassign inventory stock_move in customer shipment testing mrichez mrichez
9979 1 week ago Add price list on purchase testing ced ced
7167 1 week ago Improve Full Size Dialog Title testing albertca ced
9973 1 week ago tryton: Make text in messagedialog selectable testing jan jan
7442 2 weeks ago Allow to skip user warning globaly testing ced atarroja
9978 2 weeks ago tryton: Proposal to add tab related entries when right click on page tabs in-progress jan jan
8804 2 weeks ago Automatically update currency rates testing xcodinas ced
9391 2 weeks ago Add product kit support testing pokoli ced
9948 2 weeks ago Allow to customize FROM header testing ced ced
9800 2 weeks ago Add wizard to fill lots on stock move testing ced ced
9974 2 weeks ago Expose an OpenAPI resource unread ced
9970 2 weeks ago Make public _domain_column, _domain_value and _domain_add_null from Field unread ced
9782 3 weeks ago Add validate option to trytond-admin testing ced ced
9903 3 weeks ago Group models for access and rule check testing ced ced
8845 3 weeks ago gtk client needs wait cursor for long actions such as GL reporting testing risto3 ced
9962 3 weeks ago Update unit price when modifying posted invoice or done move testing ced ced
8649 3 weeks ago Add DnD on CSV export/import testing ced atarroja
9958 3 weeks ago Do not make carrier cache depend on context testing ced ced
9517 4 weeks ago Add new obligatory company identifier for Romania from stdnum testing dotbit dotbit
9953 4 weeks ago Add support to export/import Dict field in CSV unread ced
9952 1 month ago Permit multiple workflow unread ced
7986 1 month ago Link between opportunities and projects testing pokoli pokoli
9951 1 month ago Display line without party on "Lines to Pay" unread ced
5581 1 month ago Improve validate error messages in-progress guillemNaN pokoli
9949 1 month ago Add support for readthedocs notification unread ced
9601 1 month ago Improve company module documentation testing dave dave

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