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ID Activity Title Component Status Nosy
7799 32 months ago TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'datetime.timedelta' project_plan in-progress
7398 41 months ago Rounding assigned quantity stock unread
7399 41 months ago Rounding issue in remaining quantity computation purchase, sale unread
3469 96 months ago Security notification unread
10669 3 hours ago Add country of origin on template customs testing
10611 3 hours ago Add web shop shopify module testing
10792 4 hours ago Add lot traceability view stock_lot testing
10785 yesterday Allow to lock the table with ModelSQL.lock trytond testing
10776 yesterday Changing output product from a bom assigned to a product leads to inconsistent state production testing
10749 yesterday Allow modify reports name testing
10707 yesterday Add wizard for testing subscription recurrence rule sale_subscription testing
9767 yesterday Linking credit notes to assets account_asset chatting
10675 yesterday Set invoice date on subcriptions with invoice_start_date sale_subscription testing
10649 yesterday MiFarma success story proposal testing
10781 yesterday There should be an index on party of account.invoice account_invoice chatting
10758 2 days ago Display attribute values to complete variant name product_attribute testing
10779 2 days ago Use digits mixin for measurements product_measurements testing
10778 2 days ago Do not create empty remainder move stock_assign_manual testing
10774 2 days ago Add shipment_cost_method to sale shipment grouping fields sale_shipment_cost in-progress
9404 3 days ago There should be a way to scan binary fields content for virus trytond chatting
10769 3 days ago GTK client should export in UTF8 also under windows tryton testing
10491 3 days ago When a function field use another function field the latter is computed twice trytond in-progress
10772 4 days ago Create direct debit payments account_payment testing
10770 4 days ago Manage yalign and improve xalign sao testing
7600 4 days ago Check products quality in-progress
10766 4 days ago Add group access to create dunning wizard account_dunning testing
7177 5 days ago Alternative to MPTT using stored path trytond testing
10602 5 days ago Fill default account when creating chart of account account, account_be, account_es, account_fr testing
10046 6 days ago Build client for Apple Silicon in-progress
9215 7 days ago Remove usage of test chatting
9611 7 days ago Use list-form for attachments testing
10747 1 week ago Concurrent creation of account.journal.period account in-progress
10160 1 week ago Configure sale_shipment_cost_method at customer level. sale, sale_shipment_cost testing
10161 1 week ago Configuration of invoice_method and shipment_method at customer level. sale testing
10532 1 week ago Add warehouses to supply stock stock_supply, stock_supply_production testing
10754 1 week ago Simplify activation of module on first login trytond testing
10753 1 week ago Improve From header when sending email trytond testing
6036 1 week ago Remove default_payment_term account_invoice, purchase, sale testing
10730 1 week ago Add grouping to True when using lang.format on quantities testing
10752 1 week ago Use contact_mechanism_get in shipping modules stock_package_shipping_dpd, stock_package_shipping_sendcloud, stock_package_shipping_ups testing
10748 1 week ago ModelSingleton creation pattern could result in duplicate singleton records trytond unread
10687 1 week ago Add Serbian National Bank as source for currency rate testing
10689 1 week ago Add Romanian National Bank as source for currency rate testing
10731 1 week ago Add on numeric widget an attribute for grouping sao, tryton, trytond testing
8191 1 week ago Add Hindi as a new Language in-progress
10726 2 weeks ago Rationalize the instantiation of caches trytond testing
5757 2 weeks ago Make harder to create an index chatting
10728 2 weeks ago advance payment invoice nits sale_advance_payment unread
10727 2 weeks ago PYSON does not encode timedelta sao, tryton, trytond unread
10269 2 weeks ago Add field access on referential document account_invoice, sale testing

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