List of issues

ID Activity Title Component Status Nosy
9054 34 months ago MPTT test_reparent takes more than 500s trytond chatting
8512 41 months ago Sequence not set on One2Many with first form view unread
7398 55 months ago Rounding assigned quantity stock unread
7399 56 months ago Rounding issue in remaining quantity computation purchase, sale unread
3469 110 months ago Security notification unread
11931 2 days ago Allow to deactivate lot stock_lot testing
11930 3 days ago Allow to resend reset password trytond, web_user unread
11927 3 days ago product.list_price instead of product.list_price_used in product_kit product_kit chatting
11928 4 days ago Update consumed until when deleted consumption sale_subscription unread
11858 4 days ago Support single bank account handling many currencies account_statement_sepa, bank chatting
11925 4 days ago Improve report documentation topic trytond testing
11926 4 days ago Allow to edit customer on purchase request sale_supply_drop_shipment unread
11837 5 days ago Add Intrastat declaration testing
11908 5 days ago Our estimation of the number of records is puzzling users sao, tryton, trytond testing
11923 6 days ago Fill lot to output product when needed and possible production testing
11922 6 days ago Do not allow to use assets in production production unread
11911 6 days ago Add party communication module in-progress
11593 7 days ago When copy a lot, left the number empty stock_lot testing
11918 1 week ago New prefix from BIPM sao, tryton testing
11919 1 week ago We should remove searchers on amounts on the invoice account_invoice unread
8402 1 week ago Improve design of title and description handling on ir.model and ir.model.field trytond in-progress
11867 1 week ago Improve check_xml_record for better error message trytond testing
11916 1 week ago Use depends to explode BOM production testing
11907 1 week ago Set language before import account in-progress
11904 1 week ago Add some invoice information on line list account_invoice testing
11888 2 weeks ago Add details for tariff_codes list on product form customs testing
11902 2 weeks ago Clean tryton-tools from no more used scripts testing
11897 2 weeks ago Signature date of the mandate shouldn't be in the future account_payment_sepa testing
11901 2 weeks ago Add md-s success stories in-progress
11652 2 weeks ago Generate Facturae invoices testing
11877 2 weeks ago Can not use interactive Console with trytond-console on Python 3.11 chatting
9320 2 weeks ago Add trigger templates trytond testing
11887 3 weeks ago autocommit attribute for SQLite in Python 3.12 trytond unread
11884 3 weeks ago Better way to set default journal account, account_invoice, purchase, sale, sale_subscription testing
11870 3 weeks ago Add new UK identifier type party testing
11160 3 weeks ago Manage phanton BOMs on production production testing
11882 3 weeks ago Update translation must be based on default language trytond testing
11881 3 weeks ago Do not try to translate empty source trytond testing
11880 3 weeks ago Define depends on is_valid_product_for_blanket_agreement purchase_blanket_agreement, sale_blanket_agreement testing
11878 3 weeks ago Do not propose to activate tests module trytond testing
11879 3 weeks ago shipment reference writable in more conditions carrier, stock unread
11873 3 weeks ago Add relate from product to lots stock_lot testing
11871 3 weeks ago Moving an account shouldn't modify its reconcile, party_required, ... fields testing
11381 3 weeks ago Move save of M2O from _save_values to save trytond testing
7600 4 weeks ago Check products quality testing
11863 1 month ago Make without_check_access decorator public trytond testing
11862 1 month ago Add salary scale to employees timesheet_cost testing
11860 1 month ago Add warning when reset to draft production with started work production_work chatting
11846 1 month ago support rounding the end balance account_statement need-eg
11843 1 month ago Add index on association rule for id and lift sale_product_recommendation_association_rule testing

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