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ID Activity Title Component Status Nosy
9977 19 months ago Test fails when executed on 31/12 account_payment_clearing, commission chatting
9054 30 months ago MPTT test_reparent takes more than 500s trytond chatting
8512 37 months ago Sequence not set on One2Many with first form view unread
7398 51 months ago Rounding assigned quantity stock unread
7399 52 months ago Rounding issue in remaining quantity computation purchase, sale unread
3469 106 months ago Security notification unread
8960 2 hours ago Add success story for AIIMS testing
11458 11 hours ago Support border type on image and icon sao, trytond in-progress
11421 12 hours ago Check server version sao testing
11648 12 hours ago Pass objects instead of values on functions sao unread
11633 12 hours ago Allow to select sum in tree sao testing
11478 yesterday Always include label for all form widgets sao, tryton, trytond unread
11647 yesterday Fill source and destination when 2 parties are selected for replace wizard party chatting
11646 2 days ago Support alternative payees on invoice account_invoice, account_statement testing
11645 2 days ago Allow to delegate to another party existing lines account testing
11644 2 days ago Allow different types for PYSON If proteus, sao, tryton, trytond testing
11643 2 days ago Allow PYSON size to be None trytond testing
10187 2 days ago Huge views with a lot of lazy fields in tabs are slow to load sao, tryton testing
9320 2 days ago Add trigger templates trytond testing
7265 2 days ago Allow view locations on storage incoming and outgoing locations stock testing
11001 2 days ago Show cost of work production_work chatting
11488 2 days ago required or readonly attributes have precedence over states trytond testing
11494 2 days ago Reschedule planned date for late productions and allow to change it on running production, stock testing
11641 2 days ago Add version parameter to use cache-busting for sao files sao need-eg
11638 3 days ago Financial | entries | account moves: sort by number account chatting
11640 3 days ago Compute shortage using a single query stock_supply, stock_supply_production testing
11639 3 days ago Allow grouping by date products by location stock testing
11637 4 days ago Use fromisoformat trytond testing
11342 4 days ago New column type: SQLExpression trytond testing
11582 5 days ago Support authentication by SAML identity provider sao, tryton, trytond in-progress
11528 7 days ago Recommend products on sale testing
11636 7 days ago Remove border bottom on cell on extra small screen sao testing
11634 1 week ago Add help to account ative field account unread
9134 1 week ago Documenting backend testing
11630 1 week ago Display company on product supplier purchase testing
11627 1 week ago Show subscription services on product sale_subscription testing
6096 1 week ago Add wizard to clean location of cancelled production production chatting
3988 1 week ago Add wizard to clean location of cancelled shipments stock chatting
10346 1 week ago Create account_consolidation testing
11623 1 week ago Add carrier_carriage module testing
8368 1 week ago Line with errors chronos unread
7914 2 weeks ago Trim char/text field sao, tryton, trytond testing
11617 2 weeks ago Use ShipmentCostMixin for supplier shipment purchase_shipment_cost, stock_shipment_cost testing
11500 2 weeks ago Unable to pay invoice in another currency account_invoice chatting
11561 2 weeks ago Add STARTTLS support for LDAP authentication ldap_authentication chatting
11075 3 weeks ago Add relate on complaint action result sale_complaint chatting
11599 3 weeks ago Add regional indicator country testing
4658 3 weeks ago CAMT053 SEPA Statement module testing
11574 3 weeks ago Support pickup at warehouse sale, stock testing
10469 4 weeks ago Add actions in group view trytond testing

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