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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
4879 1 week ago Suport Date, DateTime and Decimal fields in Greater/Less Pyson statement testing edbo
8456 1 week ago account_payment_stripe should be migrated to PaymentIntent API in-progress ced
8494 1 week ago Add amendment testing ced
8318 1 week ago Parallelism tasks testing ced
8567 1 week ago Do not allow to assign unknonw field on model testing ced
6573 1 week ago Do not allow to assign unknonw field on proteus model testing ced
8565 1 week ago Better error message when context is missing testing ced
8528 1 week ago Support dot notation on eval testing pokoli
8562 1 week ago Restore colors on tree view testing ced
7746 1 week ago Allow complete freedom on project and task states testing pokoli
8561 1 week ago Allow to use custom start date/datetime in PYSON testing ced
8551 1 week ago When the state of a task is set to 'done' set also an enddate chatting  
8524 1 week ago Add placeholder for fields testing pokoli
8403 1 week ago Improve how to develop web page section documentation testing josesalvador
8435 2 weeks ago Association module chatting  
7223 2 weeks ago Remove active on timesheet work chatting  
8319 3 weeks ago Reset password and Validate e-mail doesn't work on web_user module testing pokoli
8538 3 weeks ago Increase user attention on tab content chatting  
8526 3 weeks ago Allow to edit amount of line unread  
8427 4 weeks ago Add consistency check between IBAN and BIC chatting  
8519 4 weeks ago Missing rnc2rng in trytond extra dependencies testing pokoli
7270 4 weeks ago Add optional keyword on tree view chatting  
8503 1 month ago Add support for Facebook to tryton-tweet chatting  
8495 1 month ago purchase permits selecting de-activated products when using supplier product code/names chatting  
8496 1 month ago Store payee as information unread  
8283 1 month ago Push docker image after running tests in-progress ced
8492 1 month ago statement for multicurrency bank account chatting  
7770 1 month ago RFC: UK Accounts testing dave
7873 1 month ago Rename the quantity_added field in the inventory counting wizard testing dave
8490 1 month ago Allow to instantiate singleton without id unread  
8433 1 month ago All inventary lines are rewritten each time the inventory is saved. chatting  
6191 1 month ago Allow to use the quantity of the line instead of the shipped quantity when invoicing a sale testing nicoe
8477 1 month ago Wrong filtering with 'Party:!anytext' in Invoices, Sale, Purchase chatting  
3932 1 month ago Missing record rules for account.move and account.move.line chatting  
6269 1 month ago Scenario depending on current date chatting  
8462 1 month ago queue print_invoice testing lukio
8184 1 month ago Request Indonesian Language in-progress ced
6071 1 month ago Add Arabic in-progress ced
8243 1 month ago Include ar_dni as a new tax identifier testing lukio
8459 1 month ago Alignment of numerical value unread  
8452 1 month ago Rationalize logging levels unread  
8440 1 month ago Use a single btn styling class on wizard buttons testing dave
7293 1 month ago Documentation Dashboard module testing dave
8428 1 month ago Add help text for dashboard testing dave
8402 2 months ago Improve design of title and description handling on ir.model and ir.model.field in-progress Timitos
8396 2 months ago Define a global method to set default warehouse and add to user's preferences testing tbruyere
8437 2 months ago Improve rendering stragegy on tree views chatting  
8434 2 months ago Argentina chart of account in-progress lukio
8419 2 months ago Limit tax account on invoice to balance statement chatting  
6314 2 months ago Add help text for product testing nicoe
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