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3469 63 months ago   Security notification unread  
8004 yesterday sao, tryton, trytond HTML editor testing ced
8005 yesterday trytond Use rnc2rng testing ced
8001 yesterday trytond Raise TOO_MANY_REQUESTS on login RateLimitException testing ced
7975 2 days ago trytond Make Cache transactional testing ced
7837 2 days ago account_es Allow to include amount to compensate from previous periods on 303 report testing pokoli
7776 2 days ago project_invoice Rely less on duration and more on amount testing pokoli
4990 2 days ago account Merge account type and account kind in-progress ced
7558 3 days ago account_es Add Spanish VAT List testing pokoli
7967 4 days ago account Update sequence name in renew fiscal year unread  
7992 5 days ago account_eu EC Sale list code is always updated from template testing pokoli
7905 6 days ago trytond Allow to search and order on Dict key value testing ced
7991 6 days ago   Add list of available field widgets to the docs unread  
7990 6 days ago sao Improve Dict layout testing ced
7989 6 days ago sao, tryton Ensure same behavior between form and dict widgets testing ced
7986 6 days ago project, sale_opportunity Link between opportunities and projects testing pokoli
7980 1 week ago account_fr Balance sheet split gross and net amount unread  
7347 1 week ago account, bank, country, party, product, purchase Party's rec_name should not search on bank accounts testing pokoli
7971 1 week ago   Add name orderding on some models testing pokoli
7034 1 week ago trytond Add help text for trytond chatting udono
7956 1 week ago account_fr code_digits for account_fr chatting  
7233 1 week ago commission Add help text for commission testing pokoli
7770 1 week ago   RFC: UK Accounts in-progress dave
7964 1 week ago   Domain is not in the letsencrypt certificate chatting  
7966 2 weeks ago sao, tryton Empty result when offset is too big testing ced
7851 2 weeks ago sao, tryton, trytond Add Array field in-progress pokoli
7961 2 weeks ago product Add a way to bulk-add product (templates) to categories chatting  
7960 2 weeks ago sao, tryton changing (product) attributes does not affect already assigned ones in open tabs chatting  
4080 2 weeks ago   Remove company record rules deferred pokoli
7890 2 weeks ago account_payment Additional informations on Payment Group testing semarie
7554 2 weeks ago party Allow to customize the type of subdivision used per country testing pokoli
7906 2 weeks ago account_invoice, party Include all identifier from python-stdnum testing ced
6254 2 weeks ago stock_package_shipping, stock_package_shipping_dpd, stock_package_shipping_ups Ship Application in-progress ced
6180 2 weeks ago sale_shipment_cost, sale_shipment_tolerance, stock, stock_package, stock_shipment_measurements Pack Application in-progress ced
7929 2 weeks ago   Marketing Automation testing ced
7920 2 weeks ago   URL shortener testing ced
7707 2 weeks ago account_statement Improve behavior of invoice completly paid in statement line testing ced
7752 3 weeks ago account_fr missing taxes for autoliquidation in account_fr chatting  
6799 3 weeks ago   suppliers don't relate to product variants chatting  
7280 3 weeks ago account_invoice_stock Update of the cost price when changing the unit price on the supplier invoice chatting  
7943 3 weeks ago tryton, trytond Allow to redirect bus request testing ced
7942 3 weeks ago sao Add plugin support testing ced
3636 3 weeks ago trytond Thousands separator different when is numeric or monetary (space, point,...) testing pokoli
7689 1 month ago commission Manage commissions on sale subscription in-progress  
7931 1 month ago account_fr missing taxes for sales & services in account_fr chatting  
3459 1 month ago   Improve accessibility support chatting  
7926 1 month ago   Rename informations into information unread  
7914 1 month ago sao, tryton, trytond Trim char/text field chatting  
7921 1 month ago   Update links in module description in-progress ced
7492 1 month ago sao, tryton Support colspan -1 & 0 chatting  
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