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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
9467 3 days ago Switch columns name and code in variant treeview testing mrichez
9420 4 days ago Add default lead/delivery time for product and suppliers testing pokoli
9411 4 days ago Add relate from product to it's moves testing pokoli
9156 4 days ago Allow lost and found location on inventory moves of supplier shipment testing pokoli
6335 4 days ago Allow lost_found as output of production testing pokoli
9466 4 days ago Use absolute path instead of relative testing ced
9349 4 days ago how to update an existing codereview section in-progress edeediong
9357 5 days ago Manage deletable and writable state from ir.rule on the client side chatting nicoe
9449 5 days ago Send client email via server testing ced
9463 5 days ago Add tools to escape wildcard testing ced
9456 6 days ago Add option to raise error if sendmail fails testing ced
9427 6 days ago Use custom colors and material design testing ced
9459 6 days ago Simplify shipment moves tree view testing pokoli
9409 1 week ago Hide closed accounts from balance sheet detail testing pokoli
7986 1 week ago Link between opportunities and projects testing pokoli
9422 1 week ago Unify assignation wizard testing ced
9450 1 week ago Allow keyword action for any model in-progress ced
9010 1 week ago Integration with vue storefront in-progress ced
9448 1 week ago Partial shipment with staging moves testing pokoli
9182 2 weeks ago Add link between IVA and recargo taxes testing pokoli
9059 2 weeks ago Add symbol widget testing mrichez
9445 2 weeks ago report_content_html sent to client in toolbar testing ced
9444 2 weeks ago Tax group on template must be invisible testing ced
9440 2 weeks ago Use initial cost price for returned product testing ced
9442 2 weeks ago Remove custom SSL tunnel testing ced
9331 2 weeks ago Add production picking location testing pokoli
9430 2 weeks ago Use proper alert context for concurrency and error testing ced
9386 2 weeks ago Allow trusted client to bypass the wait period when entering the wrong password chatting  
9441 2 weeks ago Remove link to python ssl doc testing ced
9438 2 weeks ago Allow subdivisions on carrier selection testing pokoli
9437 2 weeks ago Add wizard to manually assign moves testing ced
9404 2 weeks ago There should be a way to scan binary fields content for virus chatting nicoe
9436 2 weeks ago Add timezone on cron task chatting  
9355 2 weeks ago Prevent doing move in the future in-progress albertcuni
9431 3 weeks ago Allow to specify target from location when trying to assign testing ced
9432 3 weeks ago Replace sql constraint on move by domain unread  
9103 3 weeks ago User-defined reports for custom template extensions chatting resteve
9264 3 weeks ago Allow to replan past shipments testing pokoli
9414 3 weeks ago Set metadata column automatically on table query unread  
9418 3 weeks ago Simplify start and stop of production works testing pokoli
9335 1 month ago Incorrect message to msg_no_fiscalyear_date chatting resteve
9396 1 month ago Improve command line help text in-progress dave
9312 1 month ago Add module to compute product cost per warehouse testing ced
8462 1 month ago queue print_invoice testing lukio
9382 1 month ago Select unique chart by default unread  
9352 1 month ago Strip empty lines from CSV import testing albertcuni
9305 1 month ago Adding currency on party chatting 2cadz
9220 1 month ago Importing timedelta value from a csv file in-progress 2cadz
9371 1 month ago Do not raise ErrorKey on ModelView fields_view_get. Ignore missing fields. testing fgui
9362 1 month ago test_view display view name on fail testing fgui
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