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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
9556 11 hours ago Add support for ONIX book in-progress ced
9636 yesterday Add a module documentation style guide and suggested structure in-progress dave
9642 yesterday Replace minimal chart of account with IFRS in account module chatting  
9643 yesterday Use more apropiate date for commissions testing pokoli
9644 yesterday Add domain tabs on commission list unread  
9507 yesterday Clean temp directory at exit chatting helmyc
9541 yesterday Avoid unnecessary writes of actual quantity testing pokoli
9634 yesterday Add new state before packing in shipment out workflow testing mrichez
9625 yesterday Use available space on navbar testing atarroja
3838 yesterday Pressing F2 should open the search dialog in add_remove one2many widget testing  
9010 yesterday Integration with vue storefront testing ced
9620 yesterday Avoid infobar to navigate testing ced
9638 2 days ago ModelView's on_change_with() should return rec_name of m2o fields chatting  
7961 2 days ago Add a way to bulk-add product (templates) to categories in-progress pokoli
9637 2 days ago Keep cost of unused input products testing ced
9640 2 days ago Allow getter and on_change_with* to return Model instance unread  
9635 3 days ago Improve product module documentation in-progress dave
9598 3 days ago Improve country module documentation testing dave
9124 3 days ago Improve currency module documentation testing dave
9601 3 days ago Improve company module documentation testing dave
9139 3 days ago Improve party module documentation testing dave
9610 3 days ago Improve account module documentation in-progress dave
9591 3 days ago Recount tab only for current one testing ced
9480 3 days ago Fill grouping values when assigning move testing ced
9504 3 days ago Improve lot searching testing ced
5175 3 days ago Add domain on journal of invoice testing helmyc
9331 4 days ago Add production picking location testing pokoli
9561 4 days ago Improve account type amount performance testing pokoli
9156 4 days ago Allow lost and found location on inventory moves of supplier shipment testing pokoli
6335 4 days ago Allow lost_found as output of production testing pokoli
7202 4 days ago Add format_datetime to Report testing pokoli
9589 4 days ago Manage discount on sale line testing ced
9612 5 days ago Allow to read the supplier value when creating quotation lines testing pokoli
9465 6 days ago Add a validation function to detect XSS attempt in richtext widgets chatting nicoe
9560 6 days ago Apply landed cost on subset of moves testing ced
9623 6 days ago Account statement doesn't work with "party required" Journal account chatting  
5470 7 days ago Search widget does not work properly for negated rec_name criteria chatting  
9621 1 week ago Close info bar when clicking anywhere on it testing ced
9619 1 week ago Animate "Processing..." testing ced
9386 1 week ago Allow trusted client to bypass the wait period when entering the wrong password chatting  
9605 1 week ago Allow to cancel posted landed cost testing ced
9617 1 week ago Add PYSON recipients to email template testing ced
9606 1 week ago Add SQL pairing tool testing ced
9542 1 week ago Add Braintree payment testing ced
7770 1 week ago RFC: UK Accounts testing dave
9558 1 week ago Freeze value in MemoryCache unread  
9611 1 week ago Use list-form for attachments unread  
9609 1 week ago Add relate from supplier shipment to landed costs testing ced
9596 1 week ago Fetch model names for when its is missing testing ced
9604 1 week ago Remove model and record from Stock Assign Manual wizard testing pokoli
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