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6013 yesterday account, account_be, account_de_skr03, account_eu, account_fr, account_invoice Add flat tax report based on formula in-progress ced
6442 yesterday   Add serial number functionalities to lot testing nicoe
7218 yesterday sao Change new record shortcut chatting xcodinas
7234 yesterday commission_waiting Add help text for commission_waiting testing pokoli
7233 yesterday commission Add help text for commission testing pokoli
6399 yesterday product_attribute Add help text for product_attribute testing pokoli
6086 yesterday web_user Add web_user_application testing pokoli
6747 yesterday account The period context from income statement is not propagated to accounts and move lines testing pokoli
7220 4 days ago sao, tryton, trytond There should be a way to give the users the possibility to hide some part of a view in-progress nicoe
6081 5 days ago proteus, sao, tryton, trytond Allow to define sort of M2O, O2M, M2M and Reference fields when searching them in-progress nicoe
7227 5 days ago   Add domain on all prices to be positive unread  
7225 5 days ago   Add UNECE code in-progress ced
7224 6 days ago   Add UN/CEFACT CII document in-progress ced
7223 6 days ago timesheet Remove active on timesheet work unread  
6912 7 days ago account, account_eu Manage chart of account update per account testing pokoli
7117 7 days ago sao, tryton Include context model on screen context testing pokoli
7215 1 week ago   Add python_requires in setup unread  
2177 1 week ago   Being less Google dependent unread  
2178 1 week ago   Replace Rietveld chatting  
7213 1 week ago   Update reviewbot for flake8-3 unread  
7212 1 week ago trytond Use sqlite3.backup testing ced
3229 1 week ago   Allow 'other' in invoice line account chatting  
3516 1 week ago account, account_asset, account_dunning, account_invoice, account_statement, calendar, calendar_scheduling, calendar_todo, commission, product_cost_fifo, production, project_plan, purchase, sale, sale_shipment_cost, sale_supply, sale_supply_drop_shipment, stock, stock_forecast, stock_lot, stock_supply, stock_supply_production, trytond Fix anti-pattern about create/write in loop in-progress pokoli
7203 1 week ago account_invoice InvoiceLine on_change_account ignores supplier tax rule if not linked to any invoice testing pokoli
7202 1 week ago trytond Add format_datetime to Report unread  
7199 1 week ago sao, tryton, trytond Add value validation on Dict field unread  
7200 1 week ago sale_supply, sale_supply_drop_shipment Create request when invoice is paid testing ced
7197 1 week ago   Support import of OFX statement testing ced
7195 1 week ago sao Remove svg blob spefic management for firefox testing pokoli
7196 1 week ago trytond Improve common XML search unread  
5576 1 week ago trytond Improve copy() to make it more flexible chatting  
7190 2 weeks ago   Synchronise roles on PyPI testing ced
7189 2 weeks ago   Set account on cash journal unread  
7181 2 weeks ago sao Hide badge when count is zero chatting  
7180 2 weeks ago sao Unnecessary placeholder in Sao login chatting  
7177 2 weeks ago trytond Alternative to MPTT using stored path unread  
7127 2 weeks ago trytond Manage depends xml attribute on field level testing pokoli
7169 3 weeks ago company, party, web_user Add wizard to erase party testing ced
6911 3 weeks ago account Support non deductible taxes unread  
6180 3 weeks ago sale_shipment_cost, sale_shipment_tolerance, stock, stock_package, stock_shipment_measurements Pack Application in-progress ced
7075 3 weeks ago trytond Allow to use nested expression when ordering Function field chatting  
5127 3 weeks ago sao Stick gloabl search chatting  
6254 3 weeks ago stock_package_shipping, stock_package_shipping_dpd, stock_package_shipping_ups Ship Application in-progress ced
4341 3 weeks ago sao, tryton, trytond Flexible active in-progress pokoli
7167 3 weeks ago   Improve Full Size Dialog Title chatting  
7165 3 weeks ago tryton Using filter form with operator on numeric field is not working chatting  
7156 3 weeks ago stock More flexible Move.pick_product unread  
7149 3 weeks ago account_deposit Do not show the recall deposit button if the party does not have any deposit available testing pokoli
7086 1 month ago product Add identifier to product chatting bblaz
7138 1 month ago sao, tryton Unhide invalid fields on client side unread  
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