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List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
9123 yesterday Add tools to create Spanish chart of account in scenario testing pokoli
8670 yesterday Message sentences should end with dot testing pokoli
9183 yesterday Add sale service tax group testing smn
4140 2 days ago Missing delete in on_change keywords testing ced
9210 2 days ago Disable cheaper on docker images testing ced
9209 3 days ago Add ironga provider and legna success story testing pokoli
9185 3 days ago Delete cancel moves when a production is draft testing pokoli
9208 3 days ago Create/write in loop Anttipattern still present on shipment planning testing pokoli
9172 3 days ago Add language configuration wizard testing pokoli
9206 4 days ago Do not compute pbl for already assigned products testing pokoli
9205 4 days ago Assign shipments on supply testing pokoli
9090 4 days ago Add export CSV route testing ced
9202 4 days ago Allow searching origin without customer testing ced
9204 4 days ago Allow partial return sale and credit invoice testing ced
8980 4 days ago Register employee attendance testing pokoli
8642 4 days ago Add limit to user preference actions testing pokoli
9198 5 days ago Spanish EC Operation list should allow to export data from several periods testing pokoli
3703 5 days ago Show sum of all loaded selected records chatting  
9051 6 days ago Add link buttons testing ced
9194 6 days ago Do not write on target already added to One2Many unread  
9124 7 days ago Improve currency module documentation testing pokoli
9193 7 days ago Set readonly action for non draft complaint testing ced
9191 7 days ago Accurate quantities for sale reporting testing ced
9190 1 week ago Add relate from stock move to account move unread  
9189 1 week ago Add sticky option on group unread  
8737 1 week ago Point of Sale in-progress ced
9154 1 week ago Copy resources to created documents testing ced
7835 1 week ago Allow to send marketing emails testing ced
9145 1 week ago selecting payment in statement origin doesn't respect account chatting  
9118 1 week ago Configure max_network_retries of Stripe testing ced
9120 1 week ago Improve database connection logging testing ced
9049 1 week ago Add Return wizard on purchase in-progress albertcuni
9182 1 week ago Add link between IVA and recargo taxes in-progress pokoli
8969 1 week ago Add employee on some documents testing ced
9070 1 week ago Allow overpay invoice with write-off testing ced
9177 1 week ago Add refund on payment testing ced
7293 2 weeks ago Documentation Dashboard module testing dave
9139 2 weeks ago Improve party module documentation testing dave
8950 2 weeks ago Break when match product price supplier chatting  
3516 2 weeks ago Fix anti-pattern about create/write in loop in-progress pokoli
6314 2 weeks ago Add help text for product testing nicoe
9010 3 weeks ago Integration with vue storefront in-progress ced
6254 3 weeks ago Ship Application in-progress ced
6180 3 weeks ago Pack Application in-progress ced
9149 3 weeks ago Add exception tab in-progress albertcuni
9156 3 weeks ago Allow lost and found location on inventory moves of supplier shipment unread  
9152 3 weeks ago Missing license file for icons on server/modules side chatting  
9128 3 weeks ago Send invoices to SII in-progress pokoli
8579 3 weeks ago Update to fullcalendar version 4 chatting  
7280 3 weeks ago Update of the cost price when changing the unit price on the supplier invoice chatting  
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