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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
8684 2 weeks ago Record counter not fully visible in most cases testing albertca
8683 2 weeks ago Update TinyMCE to version 5 unread  
3703 2 weeks ago tryton: Show sum of all loaded selected records chatting  
6254 2 weeks ago Ship Application in-progress ced
6180 2 weeks ago Pack Application in-progress ced
6356 3 weeks ago Show record names in tree_open window title unread  
8569 3 weeks ago Remove implicit fields names on ModelStorage.search_read testing nicoe
6076 3 weeks ago Add Service Worker do manage cache chatting  
8654 3 weeks ago Default agent per party testing pokoli
6854 4 weeks ago Merge invoice, payment and payment group in statement line chatting  
8403 1 month ago Improve how to develop web page section documentation testing josesalvador
7223 1 month ago Remove active on timesheet work chatting  
4879 1 month ago Suport Date, DateTime and Decimal fields in Greater/Less Pyson statement testing edbo
8650 1 month ago Implment MatchMixin on production's default location chatting  
1502 1 month ago Move reconciliation sequence on account configuration testing udono
8649 1 month ago Add DnD on CSV export/import unread  
8642 1 month ago Add limit to user preference actions unread  
8570 1 month ago Search also on replaced party chatting nicoe
7746 1 month ago Allow complete freedom on project and task states testing pokoli
8571 1 month ago In wizards you sometime want to skip the validation of the form chatting nicoe
8618 1 month ago Allow changing amount in manual invoice taxes testing albertca
8617 1 month ago Use lazy_string for sale reporting mixins unread  
8427 1 month ago Add consistency check between IBAN and BIC chatting  
8435 1 month ago Association module testing  
8594 1 month ago Performance improvements in compute_quantities() testing albertca
5454 1 month ago Better integer test on ModelStorage instantiation testing JonLevy
8591 1 month ago Normalize and canonize XML of fodt unread  
8587 1 month ago missing tax_identifier_types 'do_cedula' testing inrowga
8580 1 month ago Replace gettext.js unread  
8579 1 month ago Update to fullcalendar version 4 unread  
8318 2 months ago Parallelism tasks testing ced
8551 2 months ago When the state of a task is set to 'done' set also an enddate chatting  
8524 2 months ago Add placeholder for fields testing pokoli
8319 2 months ago Reset password and Validate e-mail doesn't work on web_user module testing pokoli
8538 2 months ago Increase user attention on tab content chatting  
8526 2 months ago Allow to edit amount of line unread  
7270 2 months ago Add optional keyword on tree view chatting  
8503 2 months ago Add support for Facebook to tryton-tweet chatting  
8495 3 months ago purchase permits selecting de-activated products when using supplier product code/names chatting  
8496 3 months ago Store payee as information unread  
8283 3 months ago Push docker image after running tests in-progress ced
8492 3 months ago statement for multicurrency bank account chatting  
7770 3 months ago RFC: UK Accounts testing dave
7873 3 months ago Rename the quantity_added field in the inventory counting wizard testing dave
8490 3 months ago Allow to instantiate singleton without id unread  
6191 3 months ago Allow to use the quantity of the line instead of the shipped quantity when invoicing a sale testing nicoe
8477 3 months ago Wrong filtering with 'Party:!anytext' in Invoices, Sale, Purchase chatting  
3932 3 months ago Missing record rules for account.move and account.move.line chatting  
6269 3 months ago Scenario depending on current date chatting  
8462 3 months ago queue print_invoice testing lukio
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