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ID Activity Components Title Status Assigned To
2286 4 days ago company Replace company change in cron on user by context chatting  
6651 4 days ago web_user Use atexit to sleep testing ced
6581 4 days ago account_payment_stripe Use stripe webhooks to react to events regarding payment fail/success testing nicoe
6561 4 days ago account Remove required from party payable and receivable accounts testing pokoli
6598 5 days ago sao, tryton More meaningful client's titlebar testing kstenger
6625 5 days ago trytond Allow use save of MultiValueMixin.set_multivalue testing ced
6497 5 days ago account_product Allow to set product and category default accounts on wizard testing xcodinas
5644 5 days ago sao, tryton Disable non applicable screen menu option when user has no permisions testing xcodinas
6613 5 days ago account Remove default_get from move line testing ced
6644 6 days ago   Manage shortcut for Favorites chatting  
6643 6 days ago sao, tryton Bring back the colors testing ced
6619 1 week ago account_payment_stripe, timesheet, trytond Max request size testing ced
6642 1 week ago tryton Let raises server_version unread  
6640 1 week ago account_invoice, trytond Support single record report testing ced
577 1 week ago company reports letter: document header and footer should be localized chatting  
6637 1 week ago trytond configfile cound be expanded for ~ and ~user unread  
6626 1 week ago product_cost_fifo, stock Improve performance of average cost price testing ced
6360 1 week ago sao, tryton Manage readonly state fields on calendar views testing xcodinas
6636 1 week ago chronos Show error message on register testing ced
6629 1 week ago   Add test for ModelSingleton inheritance testing nicoe
6406 2 weeks ago   Add shipment tolerance to sale testing ced
6624 2 weeks ago trytond Improve documentation of "states" attribute of views unread rmu
6603 2 weeks ago   Document release process testing pokoli
6423 3 weeks ago   Allow to define tests in external backends testing nicoe
6617 3 weeks ago account_payment_stripe Allow manual stripe payment testing ced
6577 3 weeks ago stock Disable child_of domain on moves from shipment when the field is read-only testing ced
6604 3 weeks ago sao, tryton Allow to template URLAction value chatting  
6601 3 weeks ago account Account type per balance sign chatting  
6254 3 weeks ago stock_package_shipping, stock_package_shipping_dpd, stock_package_shipping_ups Ship Application in-progress ced
6180 3 weeks ago sale_shipment_cost, stock, stock_package, stock_shipment_measurements Pack Application in-progress ced
6599 3 weeks ago trytond Remove name from user chatting  
6584 1 month ago project_plan It should not be possible to allocate the same employee multiple times per work testing pokoli
6585 1 month ago account Show account field in account move line list payable and receivable chatting  
6442 1 month ago   Add serial number functionalities to lot testing nicoe
6573 1 month ago purchase, purchase_invoice_line_standalone Not assign salable product in purchase scenario test chatting  
3932 1 month ago   Missing record rules for account.move and account.move.line chatting  
6475 1 month ago   Module to support payment on sale before confirmation testing ced
6558 1 month ago account_deposit Sign of deposit field on party chatting  
6560 1 month ago account_deposit Allow to call recall from invoice record unread  
3211 1 month ago   Roadmap for Python 3 deferred ced
5428 1 month ago sao, tryton Add ':id' and :'lang=' support to import CSV unread  
3337 1 month ago   Replace all dict creation with default value by fromkeys unread  
2777 1 month ago   Put created values in the cache unread  
4341 1 month ago sao, tryton, trytond Flexible active in-progress pokoli
3747 1 month ago   Readonly fields when party is inactive chatting  
4735 1 month ago trytond Allow to Apply inheritance on models loaded in the pool testing pokoli
6549 1 month ago stock Add warehouse or from/to location in shipment tree view chatting resteve
6546 1 month ago sao Format number using toLocalString chatting  
6545 1 month ago trytond Use flat opendocument for reports testing ced
6523 2 months ago   Add menu entry "Reports" in sale / purchase / stock chatting  
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