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ID Activity Components Title Status Assigned To
7397 1 week ago   Improve module description chatting  
4080 1 week ago   Remove company record rules deferred pokoli
7438 1 week ago account General ledger for party required chatting  
7440 1 week ago sale_subscription Do not set description as product record name unread  
7424 1 week ago account_asset Allow to set when the depreciation move should be created testing pokoli
3805 1 week ago account_product Remove accounting from Products testing ced
7407 1 week ago account, account_fr add reconcile_date to account Reconciliation class chatting  
7432 1 week ago tryton, trytond Notebook in group testing ced
7431 2 weeks ago trytond URLMixin unread  
7360 2 weeks ago account GL reports need reconciliation chatting  
5169 2 weeks ago   general ledger options chatting  
5180 2 weeks ago   reversal/extourne moves chatting  
2178 2 weeks ago   Replace Rietveld chatting  
7082 2 weeks ago   Import aeb43 file format on statement testing pokoli
7423 2 weeks ago stock Order shipment by planned date chatting  
5769 2 weeks ago   Use like instead of ilike for Reference fields chatting  
7359 2 weeks ago sao, tryton Improve loading strategy testing ced
7364 2 weeks ago sao, tryton, trytond Allow to specify the view id when switching testing ced
3211 2 weeks ago   Roadmap for Python 3 in-progress ced
7417 2 weeks ago account Better support for chart of account evolution over time unread  
7390 2 weeks ago   Python 3.6 deprecate invalid escape sequences chatting  
7402 3 weeks ago account Improve party required usage unread  
4990 4 weeks ago account Merge account type and account kind chatting  
7195 1 month ago sao Remove svg blob spefic management for firefox testing pokoli
7347 1 month ago bank Party's rec_name should not search on bank accounts chatting  
4658 1 month ago   CAMT053 SEPA Statement module chatting nicoe
6213 1 month ago   Improve rec_name based on parent chatting  
7034 1 month ago trytond Add help text for trytond chatting udono
7388 1 month ago sao Add support for right-to-left chatting  
7389 1 month ago purchase Allow purchase user to manage moves from purchases unread  
7385 1 month ago trytond Use context field when reading related field unread  
4339 1 month ago carrier Add active field in carrier chatting  
7372 1 month ago   Missing tab string when opening from URL without name parameter unread  
5757 1 month ago   Make harder to create an index chatting  
1505 1 month ago   Singleton creation behavior chatting  
7218 1 month ago sao Shortcuts override native browser chatting xcodinas
7355 1 month ago sao Deleted or selected row not enough visible unread  
7353 1 month ago trytond Expose SQL expression to extract model and ID in Reference fields unread  
7354 1 month ago sao, tryton Coherent format for TimeDelta unread  
5841 1 month ago product_price_list, sale_price_list Document price list behaviour chatting  
7342 1 month ago stock Use indexable clause calculating stock chatting  
7352 1 month ago sao, tryton Add timedelta widget in search box unread  
7196 1 month ago trytond Improve common XML search unread  
7224 1 month ago   Add UN/CEFACT CII document in-progress ced
7237 1 month ago   Add Finnish in-progress ced
6745 1 month ago   Add Turkish in-progress ced
6071 1 month ago   Add Arabic in-progress ced
5714 1 month ago   Add Greek in-progress ced
7331 1 month ago trytond Do not use temporary column to alter size unread  
3106 1 month ago account Cash flow statement unread  
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