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ID Activity Components Title Status Assigned To
6274 6 days ago purchase, sale Less relying on invoices function field testing ced
6269 6 days ago trytond Scenario depending on current date chatting  
6270 7 days ago tryton Always validate certificate with CA testing ced
6265 1 week ago account Add party required in account template form view chatting  
5227 1 week ago   Allow to define custom delivery date on sale and purchase chatting  
6090 1 week ago trytond Add automatically missing ending '/' on web root testing pokoli
5964 1 week ago trytond Add optional support for weasyprint chatting  
5032 1 week ago trytond Add pluggable report converter chatting  
6253 1 week ago account_invoice Allow to change invoice type criteria chatting  
6259 1 week ago   RFC: Stripe support for payment testing ced
5644 1 week ago sao, tryton Disable non aplicable screen menu option when user has no permisions testing xcodinas
6250 1 week ago sao, tryton need of a Cancel button on attachment view chatting  
6251 1 week ago purchase, sale Calling process method on sales with state 'confirmed' generates invoices and shipments need-eg  
6243 2 weeks ago stock_lot_sled Delta stock computation does not include expired lots in-progress ced
6241 2 weeks ago carrier_weight, stock_package Use package to group parcel when computing carrier cost unread  
5858 3 weeks ago trytond For completeness we should be able to specify nullsfirst / nullslast in _order testing nicoe
6227 3 weeks ago country, currency Update pycountry data testing ced
6081 3 weeks ago proteus, sao, tryton, trytond Allow to define sort of M2O, O2M, M2M and Reference fields when searching them in-progress nicoe
6191 3 weeks ago sale Allow to use the quantity of the line instead of the shipped quantity when invoicing a sale testing nicoe
5960 3 weeks ago trytond Build a script to install all modules dependency testing pokoli
5233 3 weeks ago sao Coma or point thousands/decimal separator chatting  
5175 3 weeks ago account Add domain on journal of invoice chatting nando
5895 3 weeks ago sao Disable selection of most of the HTML deferred xcodinas
6213 3 weeks ago   Improve rec_name based on parent unread  
6210 1 month ago   Define dependencies on Function field getter chatting  
2349 1 month ago   Remove Property fields. in-progress ced
5835 1 month ago   RFC: Email Notification testing pokoli
6175 1 month ago   RFC: New module purchase_request_quotation testing mrichez
4109 1 month ago account_be, account_de_skr03, account_fr account_fr: Switch some 43* accounts to payable chatting  
6184 1 month ago   Duplicate in records in method calls chatting  
5258 1 month ago account_invoice, purchase, sale, stock Add confirmation on all button that can not be undone. testing  
6125 1 month ago sale_invoice_grouping Allow to define the default invoice grouping method for sales testing pokoli
6139 1 month ago   Add support for python 3.6 chatting  
6163 1 month ago trytond Add dualmethod to button and transition unread  
6172 1 month ago sao Sao, update button states on wizard chatting  
6171 1 month ago tryton Set focus on profile instead of login unread  
6121 1 month ago sao Improve navs tabs on small screens chatting  
6160 1 month ago   Warning: value "0" of type 'guint' is invalid or out of range for property 'n-columns' of type 'guint' chatting  
5636 1 month ago sao Improve sao mime-type guessing testing xcodinas
6132 1 month ago purchase_request We should raise a warning when the warehouse of the purchase is different then the one of the purchase request that created it testing nicoe
6114 1 month ago tryton Add lock to write fingerprints and configuration unread  
4909 1 month ago stock Wave picking in-progress ced
4207 1 month ago   Enforce readonly on field chatting  
6148 1 month ago   Add support for easypost unread  
5853 1 month ago party_relationship Sort parties according to their relationship testing nicoe
6136 2 months ago commission Add agent on opportunity unread  
6133 2 months ago proteus Add method to set sequence on ModelList unread  
6030 2 months ago   Update to drone 0.4 in-progress ced
6103 2 months ago account, account_asset, account_deposit, account_stock_anglo_saxon, account_stock_continental Add Lao minimal chart of account in-progress ced
6126 2 months ago   Allow to correct customer invoice testing ced
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