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7685 1 week ago   Add coverage report in-progress ced
7836 1 week ago   Use custom name in rtd and add proteus doc testing ced
7835 2 weeks ago   Allow to send marketing emails in-progress pokoli
7830 2 weeks ago trytond Remove read all fields testing ced
7815 2 weeks ago trytond Remove testing ced
7828 2 weeks ago account_invoice, account_payment_clearing, account_statement, account_stock_anglo_saxon, account_stock_continental, purchase, purchase_requisition, sale, sale_advance_payment Split scenario unread  
3636 2 weeks ago trytond Thousands separator different when is numeric or monetary (space, point,...) chatting  
7826 2 weeks ago stock_package Total packages moves are all stock moves done and quantity > 0 chatting  
7707 2 weeks ago account_statement Improve behavior of invoice completly paid in statement line testing ced
7823 2 weeks ago purchase, sale Remove form mode on invoices, shipments on sale and purchase view testing ced
7804 2 weeks ago   Add Estonian language translation project in-progress ced
7819 3 weeks ago tryton one2many widget: preserve order at reload/save unread  
7801 3 weeks ago account Add test for update chart from template testing pokoli
7774 3 weeks ago sao, tryton, trytond Support single day view on calendar testing pokoli
5943 3 weeks ago stock Allow consumable products in inventory testing albertca
7805 3 weeks ago   Allow configuring which quantity is grouped in compute_quantities_query() chatting albertca
7770 3 weeks ago   RFC: UK Accounts in-progress dave
7718 3 weeks ago account Improve tax update from template unread  
7780 3 weeks ago trytond Allow to HMAC password hash chatting  
7797 1 month ago party Missing sequence on contact mechanism unread  
7785 1 month ago trytond Allow to configure the timeout of SharedDataMiddleware unread  
7779 1 month ago account_fr Ensure order per posted date in FEC unread  
7765 1 month ago trytond Skip access check on instance unread ced
7762 1 month ago   Explain how to setup language in docker README unread  
7744 1 month ago sao, tryton Enforce required values on Many2One with selection widget testing pokoli
7407 1 month ago account, account_fr add reconcile_date to account Reconciliation class chatting  
7752 1 month ago account_fr missing taxes in account_fr chatting  
7703 1 month ago   Update database for new SQLite feature unread  
7705 1 month ago account Add cache to Period.find chatting  
7694 2 months ago sale_subscription, sale_subscription_asset, stock_lot Lots linked to services need-eg  
7689 2 months ago commission Manage commissions on sale subscription testing pokoli
4271 2 months ago account_payment_sepa, trytond SEPA mandate translation chatting  
7674 2 months ago account_asset Rename field "value" to "cost_of_asset" on asset chatting  
7673 2 months ago account_asset Rename start_date to depreciation_start_date on asset unread  
7672 2 months ago account_asset Rename purchase_date into acquisition_date on asset unread  
7646 2 months ago account_invoice Allow to pass action_id to print_invoice unread  
7641 2 months ago account_invoice Replace same_account_on_line error message by domain unread  
7637 2 months ago   Add a domain to MatchMixin in-progress albertca
4080 2 months ago   Remove company record rules deferred pokoli
7638 2 months ago trytond Check record rule on button decorator unread  
7636 2 months ago   Allow ability to configure tax identifiers unread  
5769 3 months ago   Use like instead of ilike for Reference fields chatting  
7619 3 months ago sao, tryton Float widget of Dict field should support no digits unread  
7034 3 months ago trytond Add help text for trytond chatting udono
6254 3 months ago stock_package_shipping, stock_package_shipping_dpd, stock_package_shipping_ups Ship Application in-progress ced
6180 3 months ago sale_shipment_cost, sale_shipment_tolerance, stock, stock_package, stock_shipment_measurements Pack Application in-progress ced
7600 3 months ago   Check products quality in-progress pokoli
7459 3 months ago product Make product only extras_depend on company unread  
7492 3 months ago sao, tryton Support colspan -1 unread  
5334 3 months ago account_invoice Invoice.update_taxes could be a dualmethod chatting  
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