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ID Activity Components Title Status Assigned To
6511 4 days ago sao Drop c3 and use directly d3 chatting  
6851 5 days ago stock_supply_production Optimize for disassembly unread  
6830 6 days ago account_invoice Add retention on different receivable account chatting  
4278 6 days ago   Remove trigger user unread  
6847 6 days ago party Add optional name to contact mechanism testing ced
6843 1 week ago   Deprecate python 3.3 and add 3.6 testing ced
6841 1 week ago purchase, sale Wrong product invoices when changing product of stock move testing ced
6813 1 week ago   RFC: promotion coupon testing ced
6837 1 week ago purchase Remove on_change_taxes on purchase line unread  
6834 1 week ago sao, tryton Add csv protection against spreadsheets chatting  
6833 1 week ago sale_supply_drop_shipment _synchronize_moves drops part of the purchased quantity instead of keeping track of it in-progress nicoe
6831 1 week ago account_payment_sepa Mandate identification can be used as rec_name testing pokoli
6828 1 week ago sao Missing toolbars' buttons' tooltips chatting fmorato
3797 1 week ago purchase, stock_supply Unify purchase description and use the one of supplier if exists testing ced
6829 1 week ago sao, tryton Special padding for group with col -1 and 1 testing ced
6711 1 week ago trytond trytond documentation: missing _parent behaviour chatting fmorato
6799 1 week ago   suppliers don't relate to product variants chatting  
6824 2 weeks ago sale Always update description when changing product testing ced
6823 2 weeks ago purchase_request Use on_change_product to fill purchase line testing ced
6822 2 weeks ago purchase_requisition Purchase requisition should not set description testing ced
6820 2 weeks ago sale_promotion Allow promotion per category of products testing ced
6810 2 weeks ago account Default values for account in create chart of account wizard unread  
6332 2 weeks ago carrier_weight Add help text for carrier weight in-progress xcodinas
6318 2 weeks ago carrier Add help text for carrier testing xcodinas
6809 2 weeks ago currency, trytond Currency sign possition should be a selection chatting  
6401 2 weeks ago stock Add help text for stock testing pokoli
6400 2 weeks ago currency Add help text for currency testing pokoli
6808 2 weeks ago sale_promotion Use simple list view for products on promotion testing ced
6399 2 weeks ago product_attribute Add help text for product_attribute testing pokoli
6637 2 weeks ago trytond configfile could be expanded for ~ and ~user unread  
6669 2 weeks ago sao Add headers attribute on td of tree view chatting  
6389 2 weeks ago trytond Add a test to ensure that all buttons are registered in ir.model.button testing pokoli
6792 3 weeks ago trytond Drop BigInteger in favour of integer unread  
6739 3 weeks ago sao Widget buttons should be ignored when tabbing chatting xcodinas
6086 3 weeks ago web_user Add web_user_application testing pokoli
6745 3 weeks ago   Turkish translation in-progress ced
6776 4 weeks ago sao Redraw only new rows when use "More" button unread  
4341 1 month ago sao, tryton, trytond Flexible active in-progress pokoli
4080 1 month ago   Remove company record rules deferred ced
6760 1 month ago   Remove CompanyReport by single report unread  
6751 1 month ago trytond Reduce number of queries in ModelSQL.write unread  
2943 1 month ago   Sanitize profile.cfg to remove carriege return. chatting  
5032 1 month ago trytond Add pluggable report converter chatting  
3672 1 month ago   Clean translation doesn't clean double xml error message in-progress xcodinas
5636 1 month ago sao Improve sao mime-type guessing testing  
6664 2 months ago account Add warning when creating a second chart of account unread  
6396 2 months ago sao, tryton Hide buttons not applicable on any record in-progress pokoli
4879 2 months ago   Suport Date, DateTime and Decimal fields in Greater/Less Pyson statement chatting  
6716 2 months ago   Allow reviewbot to post to other roundup unread  
2068 2 months ago   Allow to include richtext content in report chatting  
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