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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
8992 6 days ago Add contact and invoice party testing ced
8972 6 days ago Remove party required for 431x and 441x account's in-progress pokoli
8988 6 days ago Activate module from UI with multi-process server unread  
8986 6 days ago Use depends on TaxableMixin testing ced
8983 1 week ago Allow to test email settings with trytond-admin testing pokoli
7770 1 week ago RFC: UK Accounts testing dave
8982 1 week ago Add visual on product and location quantities unread  
8981 1 week ago Show salable product to salesmen testing ced
8980 1 week ago Register employee attendance testing pokoli
8930 1 week ago Keep history of cost price modification testing ced
7271 1 week ago Recompute cost price after landed cost testing ced
8795 1 week ago Update cost of moves when recomputing product cost price testing ced
7873 2 weeks ago Rename the quantity_added field in the inventory counting wizard testing dave
8969 2 weeks ago Add employee on some documents testing ced
8967 2 weeks ago Remove global variables testing ced
4879 2 weeks ago Suport Date, DateTime and Decimal fields in Greater/Less Pyson statement testing edbo
1000 2 weeks ago Rounding for CHF testing ced
8960 3 weeks ago Add success story for AIIMS chatting nicoe
8961 3 weeks ago Consider named separator as mnemonic label testing ced
8925 3 weeks ago Allow to define the invoice date when crediting in-progress ced
8959 3 weeks ago Add TRYTOND_DATABASE_URI testing ced
8958 3 weeks ago Limit the currencies used for sale unread  
8957 3 weeks ago Add a default static route for each module unread  
8956 3 weeks ago Add alignment to group testing ced
8955 3 weeks ago Use AccountMissing exception for AccountError testing ced
8953 3 weeks ago Store only hashed key unread  
8949 4 weeks ago Document the from address format testing ced
8948 1 month ago Restore stored session after database/user dialog testing ced
8946 1 month ago Move .search document to ModelStorage instead of ModelSQL testing ced
8945 1 month ago Allow short_year in sequences testing albertca
8940 1 month ago Inherti party class in account_invoice chatting  
8938 1 month ago Submit chronos as Microsoft Edge extension unread  
8936 1 month ago More random delay for login testing ced
8935 1 month ago Display nice user message on 429 Too many requests testing ced
8934 1 month ago Allow to unhide password on login screen unread  
8932 1 month ago Sale_stock_quantity module skips sale number sequence testing ced
8931 1 month ago Test domain works testing ced
8927 1 month ago Unify cancel state chatting  
8929 1 month ago Return more appropriate HTTP status on Tryton exception testing ced
8866 1 month ago Add support for python3.8 testing ced
8924 1 month ago cancel and replace client invoice chatting  
8808 1 month ago adding missing tax identifier type (do_cedula) in-progress joseagrc
8890 1 month ago Allow to use dotted notation in Model.get_id testing ced
8915 1 month ago Add logging file option unread  
8914 1 month ago Build 32 and 64 bits client testing ced
6089 1 month ago Budget module testing dave
4080 1 month ago Remove company record rules deferred pokoli
8701 1 month ago Allow to export book of issued and received Invoices chatting pokoli
8891 1 month ago Show production reference on it's rec_name in-progress albertcuni
8893 1 month ago Move from consigned supplier to customer must require assignation unread  
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