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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
9059 2 days ago Add symbol widget in-progress mrichez
8891 2 days ago Show production reference on it's rec_name in-progress albertcuni
9069 3 days ago Show invoice's lines to pay testing pokoli
9068 3 days ago Display login when asking for password or code testing ced
9005 3 days ago Request advancement of spanish payments testing pokoli
8983 3 days ago Allow to test email settings with trytond-admin testing pokoli
9031 3 days ago Allow commission agents as recipients testing pokoli
9058 4 days ago Allow to define sale subscription with invoice date before the start date testing smn
9066 4 days ago Update roundup template to be responsive unread  
1000 4 days ago Rounding for CHF testing ced
8992 4 days ago Add contact and invoice party testing ced
5853 4 days ago Sort parties according to their relationship testing ced
9065 4 days ago Set value as default rec_name field for contact mechanism unread  
9030 4 days ago clearing move uses today date on statement chatting semarie
9062 5 days ago Include gtkspell in freeze build in-progress ced
6601 5 days ago Account type per balance sign testing ced
9061 5 days ago Add documentation for spell attribute testing ced
8683 6 days ago Update TinyMCE to version 5 chatting  
9047 6 days ago Add rowspan unread  
8434 7 days ago Argentina chart of account in-progress lukio
6180 1 week ago Pack Application in-progress ced
6254 1 week ago Ship Application in-progress ced
9057 1 week ago Allow non salable product for return unread  
9051 1 week ago Add link buttons in-progress ced
9053 1 week ago Use same format for str of proteus record testing ced
8737 1 week ago Point of Sale in-progress ced
7853 1 week ago Manage fixed amount projects testing ced
6097 1 week ago Use Many2One to specify actions and views Models chatting  
9049 1 week ago Add Return wizard on purchase unread ced
9050 1 week ago Display Many2One as relation model in ir.model chatting ced
8950 1 week ago Break when match product price supplier chatting  
9043 2 weeks ago Set planned date on inventory move testing ced
9038 2 weeks ago Allow to customize the sequence field used for numbering testing ced
8654 2 weeks ago Default agent per party testing pokoli
8319 2 weeks ago Reset password and Validate e-mail doesn't work on web_user module testing pokoli
9035 2 weeks ago Manage Accept-Language in with_transaction unread  
5834 2 weeks ago The party_siret module should use party.identifier testing nicoe
8960 3 weeks ago Add success story for AIIMS chatting nicoe
6191 3 weeks ago Allow to use the quantity of the line instead of the shipped quantity when invoicing a sale testing nicoe
7776 3 weeks ago Rely less on duration and more on amount testing ced
8570 3 weeks ago Search also on replaced party chatting nicoe
9020 3 weeks ago Improve product form with no template testing ced
9025 3 weeks ago Skip default products when template created from product testing ced
8969 3 weeks ago Add employee on some documents testing ced
8972 4 weeks ago Remove party required for 431x and 441x account's in-progress pokoli
9012 1 month ago Prevent drag and drop of event with readonly dates testing ced
9011 1 month ago Improve rendering of long event text testing ced
9009 1 month ago New API PISTE unread  
9007 1 month ago Reuse modelsql.convert_from testing pokoli
9004 1 month ago Use product code as SKU testing ced
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