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7463 1 week ago purchase, purchase_invoice_line_standalone, sale_supply_drop_shipment Use task queue to process purchase testing ced
7460 1 week ago sale, sale_supply, sale_supply_drop_shipment Use task queue to process sale testing ced
4990 1 week ago account Merge account type and account kind chatting  
7571 1 week ago sale_promotion Prevent negative price when applying promotion testing ced
7570 1 week ago sale_promotion Do not use free product for promotion testing ced
7471 1 week ago trytond Allow to use Exclude with range unread  
7474 2 weeks ago account_dunning_fee, account_stock_anglo_saxon, account_stock_continental, carrier, product, product_cost_fifo, production, purchase, sale, stock, stock_forecast Use multivalue api to access product multivalue fields testing pokoli
7450 2 weeks ago account, account_invoice, account_statement Remove default accounts from journals testing pokoli
7564 2 weeks ago tryton Increase height of Selection in search box testing ced
7438 2 weeks ago account General ledger for party required chatting  
7562 2 weeks ago stock_consignment Consignment should not always be invoiced on assignment unread  
2178 2 weeks ago   Replace Rietveld chatting  
7554 2 weeks ago party Allow to customize the type of subdivision used per country testing pokoli
6442 2 weeks ago   Add serial number functionalities to lot testing ced
7224 2 weeks ago   Add UN/CEFACT CII document in-progress ced
7560 2 weeks ago tryton Can't copy error messages since GTK3 chatting  
7558 2 weeks ago account_es Add Spanish VAT List in-progress pokoli
7484 2 weeks ago account_es Allow to export Spanish tax code report as files testing pokoli
7518 2 weeks ago   RFC: Interface with Chorus Pro testing ced
7218 3 weeks ago sao, tryton Shortcuts override native browser chatting nicoe
7548 3 weeks ago   Slow search products with cost_price field and multicompany chatting  
7515 3 weeks ago stock, stock_lot RFC: Inventory Counting wizard testing ced
7225 3 weeks ago   Add UNECE code in-progress ced
6760 3 weeks ago account_asset, account_dunning_letter, account_payment_sepa, account_statement, company, purchase, purchase_request_quotation, sale, stock Remove CompanyReport by single report in-progress pokoli
7545 3 weeks ago sao, tryton Post button invisible on account_invoice on 99+ records chatting  
7486 3 weeks ago   RFC: Asset subscribed testing ced
7547 3 weeks ago   Add support for Python 3.7 unread  
7482 3 weeks ago   RFC: Production outsourcing testing ced
3318 1 month ago   New module product_template_attribute in-progress albertca
7525 1 month ago account Summarize debit and credit on view accounts chatting  
7524 1 month ago stock_consignment Allow to use view location under customer unread  
7023 1 month ago country, notification_email, trytond Missing active field chatting xcodinas
7511 1 month ago tryton Position problem for the dialogue window need-eg  
6148 1 month ago   Add support for easypost chatting  
7490 1 month ago trytond Remove 'replace' and 'replace_attributes' from xpath inheritance unread  
7227 1 month ago   Add domain on all prices to be positive chatting  
7492 1 month ago sao, tryton Support colspan -1 unread  
7480 1 month ago tryton Use named arguments instead of positional arguments with the GObject constructor in-progress Timitos
6678 1 month ago   Some improvements to the 'How to contribute' guide chatting  
7459 1 month ago product Make product only extras_depend on company unread  
7295 2 months ago account_payment_sepa SEPA Messages could be stored on the filesystem testing nicoe
7447 2 months ago sao Slow Sao 4.8 behavior chatting  
7442 2 months ago trytond Allow to skip user warning globaly unread  
4351 2 months ago trytond A warning should be raised if a module tries to change the type of a field. testing pokoli
6962 2 months ago sao, tryton Automatically select many2one rec_name when exporting fields unread  
7202 2 months ago trytond Add format_datetime to Report chatting xcodinas
7051 2 months ago trytond Limitation on number of modules chatting xcodinas
7443 2 months ago trytond Add format_timedelta at the report chatting xcodinas
3786 2 months ago trytond Make selection more strict on None vs '' unread  
7397 2 months ago   Improve module description chatting  
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