List of issues

ID Activity Title Component Status Nosy
11107 3 weeks ago Move view inheritance to ir.ui.view instead of ModelView trytond testing
11106 3 weeks ago Limit board action domain to active id and ids sao, tryton, trytond testing
11069 3 weeks ago Split on RescheduleLinesToPay confusing when we are joining lines to pay account_invoice testing
8940 3 weeks ago Inherti party class in account_invoice account_invoice testing
8957 3 weeks ago Add a default static route for each module trytond testing
10833 3 weeks ago Add Kopen Software success stories chatting
11103 3 weeks ago Better rate limits management web_shop_shopify testing
11101 3 weeks ago Do not create dunning for line with pending payment account_dunning, account_payment testing
11100 3 weeks ago Remove entropy check on password trytond testing
11046 3 weeks ago Set company context when calling today in-progress
11090 3 weeks ago Add credit type to account account testing
11097 3 weeks ago Get unit from sql query stock testing
11096 3 weeks ago Try to use cached value to instantiate field with context field trytond testing
6854 4 weeks ago Merge invoice, payment and payment group in statement line account_payment_clearing, account_statement testing
10830 1 month ago Add a generic module test for orphan XML views trytond testing
10748 1 month ago ModelSingleton creation pattern could result in duplicate singleton records trytond chatting
11082 1 month ago Improve proteus docs on Many2Many proteus testing
11083 1 month ago Allow to append, extend and remove by ids proteus unread
11075 1 month ago Add relate on complaint action result sale_complaint unread
11072 1 month ago General Ledger report contains confusing information account testing
11066 1 month ago Handle worker exceptions in transaction to keep the database name trytond in-progress
5581 1 month ago Improve validate error messages in-progress
11065 1 month ago Notification message sao, tryton, trytond in-progress
10532 1 month ago Add warehouses to supply stock stock_supply, stock_supply_production testing
2178 1 month ago Replace Rietveld chatting
11063 1 month ago Form display must wait widget promises sao unread
7736 1 month ago Trunk based docker images Docker testing
10792 1 month ago Add lot traceability view stock_lot testing
10199 1 month ago Add purchase complaints testing
9320 1 month ago Add trigger templates trytond testing
11053 1 month ago Manage payment_group and payment keywords on statement rules account_statement_rule testing
11052 1 month ago Store sepa payment info and group id account_payment_sepa testing
10482 1 month ago Serbia chart of account in-progress
9556 1 month ago Add support for ONIX book in-progress
11045 1 month ago Allow to choose the company to supply stock stock_supply unread
11044 1 month ago generate dunnings only for contextual company account_dunning unread
10346 1 month ago Create account_consolidation testing
11031 1 month ago Make use of Server-Timing headers to monitor performances unread
11021 1 month ago Category's rec_name is not visible in children one2many view account, party, product unread
11017 1 month ago Replace root field by path analytic_account unread
11016 1 month ago Copy previous configuration on first use tryton unread
11012 1 month ago Virtual fields _write and _delete are not set when the value is set from a default value sao, tryton testing
11008 1 month ago Dict field with equal operator fails on sqlite database trytond chatting
7600 1 month ago Check products quality testing
7819 1 month ago Add order on shipment moves stock chatting
10951 1 month ago Lines to pay unordered account, account_invoice, account_payment testing
10999 1 month ago Add link to open Reference field on tree view sao unread
10997 1 month ago POS accounting does not support COGS account_stock_anglo_saxon unread
10976 1 month ago Permit over 100% in progress bar widget sao, tryton chatting
10027 1 month ago Allow to partially validate a statement with origins account_statement testing

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