List of issues

ID Activity Title Component Status Nosy
11839 1 month ago Import MT940 as statements testing
11838 1 month ago Support country organization for tariff code and duty rate customs testing
11831 1 month ago Open sale products from category sale chatting
11500 1 month ago Unable to pay invoice in another currency account_invoice chatting
11826 1 month ago Optimize logging tryton testing
11825 1 month ago Cache result of digits and symbol sao, tryton testing
11821 1 month ago Use write-off when paying full amount account_invoice testing
11819 1 month ago Reschedule also draft and request shipments and production production, stock unread
11818 1 month ago Remove free arguments from generic Widget method tryton unread
11816 1 month ago Check quantity of other warehouses based on provisioning location sale_stock_quantity unread
11814 1 month ago Do not select first record by default sao, tryton testing
11813 1 month ago Display number of selected record in xxx2Many widgets sao, tryton testing
10247 1 month ago Improve translation handling for plain text templates trytond chatting
11804 1 month ago Add configuration for project invoice method default value project_invoice unread
11791 1 month ago Add support for barcode an qrcode product, trytond testing
11792 1 month ago Add company rule on commission commission unread
11783 1 month ago Allow to do move with assignation required stock unread
11784 1 month ago Add VATIN tax identifier unread
6254 1 month ago Ship Application stock_package_shipping, stock_package_shipping_dpd, stock_package_shipping_ups in-progress
6180 1 month ago Pack Application sale_shipment_cost, sale_shipment_tolerance, stock, stock_package, stock_shipment_measurements in-progress
11777 1 month ago Add hosting and training to NaN-tic testing
10199 1 month ago Add purchase complaints testing
11750 1 month ago 'create' method execution frozen or extremly slow stock, trytond need-eg
11755 1 month ago Add region and organization customs unread
11752 2 months ago Add CIPRES chart of account in-progress
11676 2 months ago Sale supply production quantities are not updated by sale_amedment. sale_amendment, sale_supply, sale_supply_production chatting
11740 2 months ago Button and TimeDelta field bug in production_work production_work chatting
10301 2 months ago We should limit data received by RPC calls trytond chatting
11293 2 months ago Allow to specify database statement timeout on RPC calls sao, tryton, trytond testing
11234 2 months ago Cache keys are sometimes polluted by the context trytond testing
11709 2 months ago Use date grouping to compute delta sale_stock_quantity unread
10331 2 months ago Improve the performances of fields.Selection using computed selections when displayed in treeviews in-progress
11250 2 months ago Publish flatpak application for tryton tryton in-progress
11701 2 months ago Standardize the declaration order of Model classes trytond chatting
11695 2 months ago Set in a configuration the number of of row to prefetch trytond unread
11634 2 months ago Add help to account active field account unread
4498 2 months ago Allow to browse history excluding the given datetime sao, tryton, trytond in-progress
11358 2 months ago Avoid creating duplicated report translations trytond testing
11159 2 months ago Add delivery note report in sale_supply_drop_shipment sale_supply_drop_shipment, stock testing
10948 2 months ago Add default sale_point on user preferences sale_point testing
11693 2 months ago Enforce field access on xxx2Many fields trytond unread
11670 3 months ago Use httpdomain to document API unread
11664 3 months ago Add secondary_quantity to stock lot trace stock_lot, stock_secondary_unit testing
11633 3 months ago Allow to select sum in tree sao testing
11649 3 months ago maturity_date keyword in the move template form account unread
11458 3 months ago Support border type on image and icon sao, trytond in-progress
11648 3 months ago Pass objects instead of values on functions sao unread
11478 3 months ago Always include label for all form widgets sao, tryton, trytond unread
11647 3 months ago Fill source and destination when 2 parties are selected for replace wizard party chatting
10187 3 months ago Huge views with a lot of lazy fields in tabs are slow to load sao, tryton testing

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