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ID Activity Title Component Status Nosy
7600 2 months ago Check products quality testing
11385 2 months ago Improve coupon per party using payment data account_payment, account_payment_braintree, account_payment_stripe, sale_promotion_coupon testing
11421 2 months ago Check server version sao unread
11412 2 months ago Ordering columns definition per backend trytond unread
2284 2 months ago Allow to define table to store translation values trytond chatting
11381 2 months ago Move save of M2O from _save_values to save trytond testing
11407 2 months ago Remove direct dependency to werkzeug in modules in-progress
11293 2 months ago Allow to specify database statement timeout on RPC calls sao, tryton, trytond testing
9994 2 months ago Configure standalone supplier invoice line per company and supplier purchase_invoice_line_standalone testing
11160 2 months ago Manage phanton BOMs on production production testing
10392 2 months ago Restrict Income Statement dates to the one in the fiscalyear account testing
8957 2 months ago Add a default static route for each module trytond testing
11358 2 months ago Avoid creating duplicated report translations trytond testing
10469 2 months ago Add actions in group view trytond testing
8945 2 months ago Allow to use date format syntax in prefixes and suffixes of sequences trytond testing
10907 2 months ago Replace PyPDF2 dependency chatting
11383 2 months ago Allow to configure cache size in the config file trytond chatting
11382 2 months ago LRUCache should really be LRU trytond unread
11001 2 months ago Show cost of work production_work chatting
11263 2 months ago Add rec_name searcher on reporting models sale, stock testing
11083 2 months ago Allow to append, extend and remove by ids proteus testing
9317 2 months ago Hide readonly field from import window sao, tryton chatting
11374 2 months ago Prevent links to blink the form on refresh sao unread
11372 2 months ago Sao.Group should subclass Array sao unread
11371 2 months ago Replace jQuery.when by Promise sao unread
11370 2 months ago Replace Sao.class_ by class/super sao unread
11363 3 months ago Replace custom ImmutableDict by immutables trytond unread
11234 3 months ago Cache keys are sometimes polluted by the context trytond testing
11159 3 months ago Add delivery note report in sale_supply_drop_shipment sale_supply_drop_shipment, stock testing
10948 3 months ago Add default sale_point on user preferences sale_point testing
11208 3 months ago Clear fiscalyear when changing company account testing
9320 3 months ago Add trigger templates trytond testing
11191 3 months ago Replace Count(1) by Count(*) unread
9831 3 months ago Aggregated reporting for purchase data purchase testing
11306 3 months ago The account_invoice_defer module is not compatible with the analytic_invoice module chatting
10833 3 months ago Add Kopen Software success stories chatting
11275 4 months ago Use set_session instead of set_isolation_level trytond chatting
11053 4 months ago Manage payment_group and payment keywords on statement rules account_statement_rule testing
11031 4 months ago Make use of Server-Timing headers to monitor performances chatting
10650 4 months ago Support RFC6530 on email formatting trytond chatting
10460 4 months ago Too many decimal places shown when displaying a computed float sao, tryton chatting
10199 4 months ago Add purchase complaints testing
11232 4 months ago Add unique constraint on relation of Many2Many trytond unread
10187 4 months ago Huge views with a lot of lazy fields in tabs are slow to load sao, tryton chatting
11224 4 months ago Set purchase and sale uom when activate purchasable or salable purchase, sale unread
11221 4 months ago Stop ignoring E123 but use hang-closing chatting
3686 4 months ago Allow to use SAVEPOINT trytond unread
6269 5 months ago Scenario depending on current date trytond chatting
7736 5 months ago Trunk based docker images Docker testing
11194 5 months ago Check server version sao unread

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