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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
8812 3 weeks ago should not be possible to create invoice line with closed account chatting  
8811 3 weeks ago reconcile wizard problem in statements unread  
8806 3 weeks ago The warning msg_move_cancel_closed_period ask a question. unread  
8804 3 weeks ago Automatically update currency rates chatting xcodinas
4737 3 weeks ago Add invoice line of timesheet line in the view testing  
8704 3 weeks ago User and group should be ordered by name by default testing albertcuni
6180 1 month ago Pack Application in-progress ced
6089 1 month ago Budget module testing dave
8791 1 month ago Invoice Delegation unread  
8790 1 month ago Update identifier type for python-stdnum 1.12 unread  
6071 1 month ago Add Arabic in-progress ced
5714 1 month ago Add Greek in-progress ced
6254 1 month ago Ship Application in-progress ced
8774 1 month ago Improve UI of translation unread  
8670 1 month ago Message sentences should end with dot testing pokoli
8738 1 month ago Add GTIN property or function field chatting  
8757 1 month ago need filter for journal on Account Plan account moves and GL reporting unread  
8737 1 month ago Point of Sale in-progress ced
8747 1 month ago Better syntax for HTML configuration unread  
8495 1 month ago purchase permits selecting de-activated products when using supplier product code/names chatting  
8739 1 month ago Error when modify a one2many function field without a setter attribute defined chatting  
8696 1 month ago Add success story for imi testing juanjogp
8725 1 month ago Update period when changing move date testing pokoli
8714 1 month ago Allow to translation boolean operation in filter box unread  
3901 1 month ago Remove _parent_ hack chatting  
7819 1 month ago Add order on shipment moves testing pokoli
8710 1 month ago Use Chart.js unread  
5926 2 months ago Allow to delete with a domain unread  
8702 2 months ago Support production forecast testing albertca
8677 2 months ago Set company country in address_from_country Report's context testing pokoli
8687 2 months ago Allow diferent invoice series on the same period testing pokoli
8684 2 months ago Record counter not fully visible in most cases testing albertca
8683 2 months ago Update TinyMCE to version 5 unread  
3703 2 months ago tryton: Show sum of all loaded selected records chatting  
6356 2 months ago Show record names in tree_open window title unread  
6076 2 months ago Add Service Worker do manage cache chatting  
8654 2 months ago Default agent per party testing pokoli
6854 2 months ago Merge invoice, payment and payment group in statement line chatting  
8403 2 months ago Improve how to develop web page section documentation testing josesalvador
7223 2 months ago Remove active on timesheet work chatting  
4879 2 months ago Suport Date, DateTime and Decimal fields in Greater/Less Pyson statement testing edbo
8650 2 months ago Implment MatchMixin on production's default location chatting  
1502 2 months ago Move reconciliation sequence on account configuration testing udono
8649 2 months ago Add DnD on CSV export/import unread  
8642 3 months ago Add limit to user preference actions unread  
8618 3 months ago Allow changing amount in manual invoice taxes testing albertca
8427 3 months ago Add consistency check between IBAN and BIC chatting  
8594 3 months ago Performance improvements in compute_quantities() testing albertca
5454 3 months ago Better integer test on ModelStorage instantiation testing JonLevy
8591 3 months ago Normalize and canonize XML of fodt unread  
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