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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
8437 2 months ago Improve rendering stragegy on tree views chatting  
8434 2 months ago Argentina chart of account in-progress lukio
1502 2 months ago Move reconciliation sequence on account configuration testing  
8419 2 months ago Limit tax account on invoice to balance statement chatting  
6314 2 months ago Add help text for product testing nicoe
7234 2 months ago Add help text for commission_waiting testing pokoli
7233 2 months ago Add help text for commission testing pokoli
7034 2 months ago Add help text for trytond chatting udono
8410 2 months ago Show grouping move chatting  
8202 2 months ago Errors when importing data should return back to import dialog instead of closing testing jan
7492 2 months ago Support colspan -1 & 0 chatting  
7490 2 months ago Remove 'replace' and 'replace_attributes' from xpath inheritance unread  
7202 2 months ago Add format_datetime to Report in-progress xcodinas
8392 2 months ago Posting account statement should require a fresh session testing pokoli
7907 2 months ago Add mapping for ToDate for sqlite chatting  
2479 2 months ago Add taxes from default account in sale line chatting  
3491 2 months ago Use grouping params of Move.assign_try chatting  
8368 2 months ago Line with errors unread  
4737 2 months ago Add invoice line of timesheet line in the view testing  
7213 2 months ago Update reviewbot for flake8-3 chatting  
8379 2 months ago Harden store of user application key unread  
8360 2 months ago Set subscription end date when closing it testing pokoli
8055 2 months ago Sign build chatting  
8085 3 months ago Allow to finish a subscription line before it's next consumption testing pokoli
8349 3 months ago sale subscription buttons could be at listview need-eg  
8347 3 months ago Allow supply on sale in product by company chatting resteve
8342 3 months ago Trigger should be asynchronous chatting  
8344 3 months ago Old iso code in script for import translation in-progress tbruyere
8345 3 months ago Improve translate pycountry script performance testing pokoli
8330 3 months ago Improve default period and date when copying move from a closed period chatting  
5694 3 months ago Remove multidatabase support chatting  
8333 3 months ago Improve the behavior of readonly xxx2Many unread  
8331 3 months ago Allow methods argument in ModelView.button_change unread  
5757 3 months ago Make harder to create an index chatting  
8328 3 months ago Separate group and model unread  
7600 4 months ago Check products quality in-progress pokoli
8282 4 months ago purchase UOM by supplier chatting  
6254 4 months ago Ship Application in-progress ced
6180 4 months ago Pack Application in-progress ced
8244 4 months ago Add warning when an supplier with same reference already exists testing pokoli
8242 4 months ago Add warning when processing payment with date out of range unread  
8221 4 months ago Replace table for affix in treeview cell unread  
8227 4 months ago Use field context to read .rec_name unread  
8228 4 months ago Replace purchase fields on stock move by reference field unread  
8215 4 months ago Children rec_name is not set until parent is saved chatting  
7845 4 months ago Angolan Portuguese Translation in-progress ced
6948 5 months ago Sale reporting in-progress  
7783 5 months ago Allow to use session key instead of login/password chatting  
7890 5 months ago Additional informations on Payment Group testing semarie
7129 5 months ago Slow to list Lines to Pay when have lot of data pending to reconcile chatting  
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