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ID Activity Title Status Creator
9906 10 hours ago A company is required for updating sequence values chatting pokoli
9905 yesterday Tab navigation on editable list stop when column as readonly cell unread ced
9902 yesterday Create Date of models use the wrong text chatting nicoe
9901 yesterday Record rule based user attribute also subject to record rule always fails testing ced
9645 yesterday Payment term's PaymentTermLineRelativeDelta does too many migration testing nicoe
9854 2 days ago the currency of the invoice lines is not the same as the currency of the header testing sylviegar
9834 2 days ago Wrong VAT list identifier when using non eu_vat type testing pokoli
9896 2 days ago Error picking shipment assignment unread sylviegar
9762 4 days ago general ledger account parties problems testing risto3
9894 4 days ago Erasing a party results in application error testing Nemo
9892 5 days ago Cc and Bcc PYSON field are missing pyson widget testing ced
9891 5 days ago Belgium VAT customer is missing be_vat identifier testing ced
9864 5 days ago es_dni is not included as tax identifier type testing josesalvador
9890 5 days ago Sale complaint permit to use non-line testing ced
9889 5 days ago Include country module in sale's module depends testing dave
9848 6 days ago Can not delete products on web_shop_vue_storefront chatting iehoshia
9829 6 days ago Removing invalid char before importing from pycountry. chatting 2cadz
9886 6 days ago Unsubscribe URL returns 405 Method Not Allowed testing ced
9885 7 days ago Missing record on wizard when the id is 0 testing ced
9884 7 days ago No result when opening Product Quantities by Warehouse with a product in context testing ced
9883 7 days ago Duplicate sale subscription copy sale subscription line consumed_until data testing josesalvador
9878 7 days ago need to enable 'expense' on account type 'autres_charges' in order to use accounts 65x (French PCG) unread risto3
9881 1 week ago modified_save returns True when user choose to not save testing ced
9880 1 week ago Record saved automatically when clicking on action testing ced
9875 1 week ago Different behaviors GTK and SAO when validate trigger conditions chatting resteve
9873 1 week ago Wrong identifier type for "Chinese Resident Identity Card Number" in-progress dotbit
9811 1 week ago on_change_with_product_uom_category fails on line without product chatting ced
9868 1 week ago set_readonly call on numeric dict fields do not work anymore chatting nicoe
9833 1 week ago Reports are not converted to CSV testing pokoli
9866 1 week ago ModelStorage.copy relies on uniqueness of records unread ced
9852 1 week ago Bookmarked search not saved correctly in Sao unread dave
9842 2 weeks ago Cron model does not clean Minute, Hour, Day and Weekday when interval type changes unread albertca
8988 2 weeks ago Activate module from UI with multi-process server chatting ced
9814 3 weeks ago Product template search bar showing non serchable product.product function fields as recomendation need-eg jared-nan
9798 3 weeks ago Textarea multiline overflow chatting atarroja
9784 4 weeks ago Not set value from readonly field when ModifyHeader need-eg resteve
9777 1 month ago balance date is optional on OFX unread ced
9775 1 month ago Remove product accounts reference from documentation testing pokoli
9630 1 month ago client actions results in unloaded depends on the client side testing nicoe
9759 1 month ago Missing "sales" in menu if modules are activated in a specific order unread simon
9288 1 month ago Access error after executing a button that removes the record need-eg pokoli
9221 1 month ago EC Operation List shows canceled purchase invoices in-progress josesalvador
9650 2 months ago Users can create account.journal.period but there's no editable view unread albertca
9510 4 months ago TinyMCE remove genshi tags and attributes unread ced
9413 5 months ago Random test failure of cache test chatting ced
8094 6 months ago Tryton client 5.0 cannot minimize maximized screen to dock deferred inrowga
7879 6 months ago GTK-Client: Filter not working in wayland deferred hbrandes
9300 7 months ago Access error for invoice with replaced party unread ced
9054 9 months ago MPTT test_reparent takes more than 500s chatting ced
8512 16 months ago Sequence not set on One2Many with first form view unread ced

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