List of issues

ID Activity Title Component Status Nosy
3469 100 months ago Security notification unread
11072 yesterday General Ledger report contains confusing information account testing
11190 yesterday Allow processing receivable payment without approval account_payment, account_payment_braintree, account_payment_stripe testing
11188 yesterday Translation of email template chatting
9128 yesterday Send invoices to SII testing
11187 yesterday Prevent decreasing the digits of unit of measure product testing
11186 yesterday Do not hide inactive products on product by locations view stock testing
11153 yesterday Add SYSCOHADA chart of account testing
11180 yesterday Remove TreeViewControl tryton testing
11179 yesterday Retries sending email on temporary failure trytond testing
11160 yesterday Manage phanton BOMs on production production testing
11176 2 days ago Allow to correct amount of manual payment account_payment, account_payment_clearing testing
11173 2 days ago Try to reconcile payment clearing with all statement lines account_payment_clearing testing
11150 2 days ago Update the website to bootstrap 5 deferred
9831 2 days ago Aggregated reporting for purchase data purchase testing
11175 3 days ago Allow only reconciled payment and group on draft statement line account_payment_clearing testing
11134 3 days ago Tree views are laoding too many fields sao, tryton, trytond testing
8244 3 days ago Add warning when an supplier with same reference already exists account_invoice testing
11156 3 days ago Create default statement journal account_statement testing
10951 3 days ago Lines to pay unordered account, account_invoice, account_payment testing
11169 3 days ago Order selection field by selection definition trytond testing
11171 3 days ago Order searched payment by closed amount account_payment, account_payment_clearing testing
11164 3 days ago Improve speed of get_eval_fields trytond testing
11166 4 days ago Add quotation validity date sale unread
10989 4 days ago Add optional column sao, tryton, trytond testing
11165 5 days ago Use a simplified list view for reconcile show account unread
11162 6 days ago Add link to last source of main packages testing
10948 6 days ago Add default sale_point on user preferences sale_point testing
11001 6 days ago Show cost of work production_work chatting
11159 6 days ago Add delivery note report in sale_supply_drop_shipment sale_supply_drop_shipment, stock testing
11074 7 days ago Actually support domain on Reference field sao, tryton, trytond testing
11086 7 days ago Use Shopify webhook to speed creation and update web_shop_shopify testing
11158 7 days ago Try reconcile all lines account testing
11157 7 days ago Set default sequence on journal account testing
6254 7 days ago Ship Application stock_package_shipping, stock_package_shipping_dpd, stock_package_shipping_ups in-progress
6180 7 days ago Pack Application sale_shipment_cost, sale_shipment_tolerance, stock, stock_package, stock_shipment_measurements in-progress
11155 7 days ago Do not recompute unit price for shipment cost sale_shipment_cost testing
11141 1 week ago Add shipments reference on invoice account_invoice_stock testing
11000 1 week ago More user-friendly handling of simpleeval errors account chatting
10962 1 week ago Manage Blanket Orders testing
11148 1 week ago Sort origin and add them to line account_invoice unread
11147 1 week ago Check Vies: Server raised fault: '{ 'Check Vies: Server raised fault: '{ 'MS_UNAVAILABLE' }' }' party chatting
11143 1 week ago Enforce same type for children account as their parent account testing
11142 1 week ago Add bottom padding to tabs sao testing
11139 1 week ago Check invoice sequence against invoice date account_invoice testing
11135 1 week ago Improve bank searching bank testing
5834 2 weeks ago The party_siret module should use party.identifier party_siret testing
11133 2 weeks ago Allow to edit readonly fields with drag and drop sao, tryton chatting
11132 2 weeks ago Improve import data error message trytond testing
11129 2 weeks ago Process task by batch trytond testing

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