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ID Activity Title Component Status Nosy
10154 16 months ago Renew device cookie fails randomly tryton chatting
10038 17 months ago EC sales list with cancelled invoice account_es, account_eu unread
9977 18 months ago Test fails when executed on 31/12 account_payment_clearing, commission chatting
9054 29 months ago MPTT test_reparent takes more than 500s trytond chatting
8512 35 months ago Sequence not set on One2Many with first form view unread
7398 50 months ago Rounding assigned quantity stock unread
7399 50 months ago Rounding issue in remaining quantity computation purchase, sale unread
3469 105 months ago Security notification unread
11579 6 hours ago Optionally use parent description to group project tasks on invoice line project_invoice testing
11587 8 hours ago Manage marketing campaign testing
11250 yesterday Publish flatpak application for tryton tryton in-progress
11561 yesterday Add STARTTLS support for LDAP authentication ldap_authentication chatting
11585 yesterday Remove kwargs from Pool.register trytond unread
11582 3 days ago Support authentication by SAML identity provider sao, tryton, trytond in-progress
11342 3 days ago New column type: SQLExpression trytond testing
11574 7 days ago Support pickup at warehouse sale, stock testing
11512 1 week ago Set default party currency when creating move on shipment stock testing
11488 1 week ago required or readonly attributes have precedence over states trytond testing
9436 1 week ago Add timezone on cron task trytond testing
11575 1 week ago Support iterable in grouped_slice trytond testing
11576 1 week ago Avoid copying ids in reduce_ids trytond testing
10962 1 week ago Manage Blanket Orders testing
5757 2 weeks ago Make harder to create an index chatting
10248 2 weeks ago account_ro module: Romanian Chart of Accounts in-progress
11570 2 weeks ago Add tax identifier as tax rule criteria account unread
11486 2 weeks ago Use implicit join for where clause on Many2One trytond testing
11294 2 weeks ago Analytical lines of invoices lines do not agree with those of the account move line analytic_invoice, analytic_purchase, analytic_sale testing
11558 2 weeks ago Display allocation result before and after posting account_stock_landed_cost, account_stock_shipment_cost testing
11528 2 weeks ago Recommend products on sale testing
7285 2 weeks ago Add a meaningfull rec_name for payments account_payment unread
11566 2 weeks ago Use exception group to group validation and import errors trytond unread
11449 3 weeks ago Add Ukrainian language in-progress
11500 3 weeks ago Unable to pay invoice in another currency account_invoice chatting
11543 1 month ago Use GET http request to get binary content sao, tryton, trytond unread
11494 1 month ago Reschedule planned date for late productions and allow to change it on running production testing
11496 1 month ago Use context model for chart of accounts and taxes account, analytic_account testing
5228 1 month ago logging request should truncate large data trytond testing
11530 1 month ago Add duration in logging output trytond testing
7770 1 month ago RFC: UK Accounts testing
11324 1 month ago Remove migrations previous to 5.0 trytond testing
11510 1 month ago Use better deactivate error message in products product chatting
11491 1 month ago Add relate to find purchases of production production_outsourcing need-eg
11513 1 month ago Use JSONB by default for MultiSelection trytond unread
10346 1 month ago Create account_consolidation testing
9134 1 month ago Documenting backend in-progress
11153 1 month ago Add SYSCOHADA chart of account testing
11478 1 month ago Always include label for all form widgets sao, tryton, trytond unread
11458 1 month ago Support border type on image and icon sao, trytond unread
11456 1 month ago Append timestamp arguments to URL image product_image unread
11446 1 month ago Don't try to validate emergency numbers in phone numbers. chatting

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