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ID Activity Title Component Status Nosy
11477 10 hours ago is_full_text evaluates undefined variable at SAO sao testing
11472 10 hours ago SAO DomainParser gets caught in infinite loop sao testing
11497 11 hours ago set_on_change crash on null value for One2Many sao testing
11255 yesterday Sale reporting values are multiplied by 4 chatting
11495 yesterday Include recursively rst files under doc unread
11493 yesterday arguments not available in arrow function sao testing
11492 yesterday ActivePeriodMixin does not work on negative value account testing
11489 yesterday Open twice the preference dialog sao unread
11476 yesterday Sometimes changes to richtext widget go undetected sao need-eg
11485 3 days ago more-cell does not have the right width (no colspan) sao testing
11487 3 days ago Creation of the bank account record for the bank that not exist in schwifty tables bank testing
11463 3 days ago Selecting a record in a scrollable list will scroll the list and does some flipping tryton chatting
11317 4 days ago Tax rounding when using multiple taxes results in wrong total amount account in-progress
11453 4 days ago The supply dates interval is shorter with multiple suppliers stock_supply testing
11484 4 days ago Fail when reading relate for invalid Reference field trytond testing
11480 4 days ago Bad performance when computing deletable and writable state trytond testing
11482 4 days ago Do not log HTTPException in with_transaction wrapper trytond testing
11471 1 week ago Broken or dead link in ir module translations unread
11410 1 month ago X character on tab close is overflowed in SAO macOS sao chatting
11395 1 month ago Windows desktop client closes when changing order in any read-only tree sequence view tryton chatting
11401 1 month ago Refresh pool can break any code at any time trytond in-progress
11399 1 month ago Modules manipulating the domain and states in their setup should invalidate the depends cached properties chatting
11397 1 month ago Cache invalidation does not work after a disconnection to the database trytond unread
11393 1 month ago Stock move is created when fiscalyear does not have any stock method account_stock_continental testing
11359 1 month ago sale_date is missing in pattern to match sale price list product_price_list_dates need-eg
11343 1 month ago Missing translation after sync for help strings trytond need-eg
11334 1 month ago Problem Creating Price List need-eg
11296 2 months ago valid SIRET code not accepted party, party_siret deferred
10961 3 months ago Misconfigured adjustment period can break general ledger account need-eg
10742 3 months ago Task leveling error noneType project_plan unread
11217 3 months ago AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'inventory_moves in when click done in production sale_supply_production need-eg
11230 3 months ago Many2Many values are not always unique proteus, trytond chatting
7799 3 months ago TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'datetime.timedelta' project_plan in-progress
11223 3 months ago Crash when cancelling adding a children package on gtk client stock_package, tryton unread
10966 3 months ago Error opening report with Microsoft Excelwith long name chatting
10591 3 months ago Support warning keys of newly created record chatting
10870 3 months ago Lock table is not enough to ensure to read last committed values trytond chatting
11213 3 months ago Calendar entries appear duplicated when quickly moving through months sao unread
11212 3 months ago AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'save' sale_amendment unread
10853 3 months ago after validating bank statement, changing view back to tree thinks the record has been modified need-eg
11070 4 months ago Dragging between days productions on fullcalendar not working as expected sao unread
11104 4 months ago Worker pool stop working after all processes crach trytond unread
11018 5 months ago Prevent changing root once lines exist analytic_account unread
10981 5 months ago Cost value on location should depend on warehouse product_cost_warehouse unread
10513 6 months ago Python 3.9 breaks module import unread
10777 6 months ago 'RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded in comparison' refreshing after reconcile tryton chatting
10807 7 months ago problems with richtext widget tryton unread
10374 12 months ago Use canonical domain for test comparison trytond chatting
10322 13 months ago Not possible to redifine product field product unread
10154 14 months ago Renew device cookie fails randomly tryton chatting

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