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Author: [hidden] (pokoli) Tryton committer Tryton translator
Date: 2021-08-17.10:45:09

I added more trigger templates on the review. For now I added the states that may be subject to having a notification email to the customer (also some for supplier) but I did not add any other case as I do not want to have a lot of templates (the administrator can create more if required).

Author: [hidden] (ced) Tryton committer Tryton translator
Date: 2021-08-08.17:42:03

I think we need to update the triggers linked to a template if it is changed. Because this is a case that may happen frequently on upgrade (ex: state name change, field is renamed etc.) and the goal of the feature is to make all this internal stuffs transparent to the user.

Author: [hidden] (pokoli) Tryton committer Tryton translator
Date: 2020-05-09.19:50:34
Here is review299621002 which adds the trigger templates and also defines the templates for the account_invoice module. Once we agreed on the desing I will include the templates for all modules. 

Finally I've decided to hide the configuration fields, I think it will improve the UX because once a template is set the user should not care about any other field. 

Last but not least, I'm a little bit concerned about updating templates. Currently template fields are copied to trigger, so if something changes on template the trigger keeps the old values. I'm wondering if it makes sense to update all trigger values when a template is changed. It won't be to dificult, as we only need to find the related templates, call on_change_template and save the values.
Author: [hidden] (pokoli) Tryton committer Tryton translator
Date: 2020-05-09.19:44:47
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