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Title Empty rows in Export data csv file
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products.csv smn, 2019-03-13.15:26:07 text/csv
New changeset f5454c8aeab9 by Cédric Krier in branch '5.0':
Open CSV file with empty newline
New changeset 5d4f2d701929 by Cédric Krier in branch 'default':
Open CSV file with empty newline
New changeset 841e8f907d37 by Cédric Krier in branch 'default':
Open CSV file with empty newline
msg47577 (view) Author: [hidden] (smn) Date: 2019-03-13.18:19:39
review269131002 updated at
msg47571 (view) Author: [hidden] (ced) (Tryton committer) (Tryton translator) Date: 2019-03-13.16:24:20
Here is review269131002 which should fix the problem. The newline management of Python3 is in conflict with the csv module.
msg47568 (view) Author: [hidden] (smn) Date: 2019-03-13.15:26:07
File example attached.
We are talking always about Windows environment, no UNIX systems involved.
msg47566 (view) Author: [hidden] (ced) (Tryton committer) (Tryton translator) Date: 2019-03-13.14:23:48
Could you provide an example of the file?
On windows it is normal that lines ends with '\r\n'. So if you open on UNIX a CSV file generated from Windows, you will have extra lines.
msg45996 (view) Author: [hidden] (smarro) Date: 2019-01-17.00:04:46
Using Windows client (5.0.3), when export data, the generated csv file has a empty row before each record.
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