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Title Not able to enter duration in Cycles of Works
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Superseder Production work cycles button are not clickable once created
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Created on 2019-01-15.10:54:58 by jackychak, last changed by ced.

msg47499 (view) Author: [hidden] (ced) (Tryton committer) (Tryton translator) Date: 2019-03-08.19:01:08
For me, it is the same as issue8176.
msg46066 (view) Author: [hidden] (jackychak) Date: 2019-01-18.11:50:26
Given products, Bag with Qty:100 , Orange with Qty:100 and Orange Pack with Qty:0.
Given BOM, Orange Pack Bom with input 1*Bag, 4*Orange and output 1*Orange Pack

Go to production>>configuration>>Work Center Categories
Add Work Center Category: Packing Jobs
Go to production>>configuration>>Routings>>Operations
Add Operation: Pack items with Work Center Category: Packing Jobs
Go to production>>configuration>>Routings
Add Pack Orange Routine with Supplier: <Blank> and Operation: Pack items, Sequence:   , BOM: Orange Pack Bom
Go to production>>configuration>>Work Centers
Add Pack Orange Job with Company: My Company, Parent: , Category: Packing Jobs, Warehouse: Warehouse, Cost Price: 1, Cost Method: Per Cycle
Go to production>>productions
Add production with Reference: , Number: , Planned Date: <today>, Planned Start Date: <today>
Product: Orange Pack, BOM:  Orange Pack Bom
Quantity: 3, Unit: Unit, Routing: Pack Orange Routine
Work Center:  Pack Orange Job
Save production 	// it is PD11

Click Wait	//successful
Click Assign 	//successful
Click Run	//successful
Click Done	//not successful with message Production “PD11” can not be done because work “Packing items @PD11” is not finished.

Go to production>>Works
A works is listed which was created by product PD11. 
Click the works, On Cycles, Click + to get (1/1) a new record. 
I try to enter some number in Duration but no number is accepted.
Note: The above procedure works in Tryton ver 4.4
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