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Title negative product cost price for sales and production with UOM less than default
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msg45259 (view) Author: [hidden] (MR) Date: 2018-12-11.13:29:58
Tryton 5.0. If I select UOM less than default ( for example, the product with default UOM in meters I sale in centimeters) for sale or production input, after few sale or production cycles I get negative product cost price in product cost history.
I don't know the coding, but in my opinion the problem is the value move.unit_price attached in product_cost_fifo/ function _update_fifo_out_product_cost_price in default UOM and after recalculated in stock/  Move class method _compute_product_cost_price from move UOM to default UOM, it's mean the unit_price is 100 times bigger in my centimeters-meters case
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