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Remove active on timesheet work
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Created on 2018-03-14.09:59:40 by ced, last changed 14 months ago by reviewbot.


Author: [hidden] (ced) Tryton committer Tryton translator
Date: 2019-08-01.17:10:57
It will be good to implement issue4879 but I do not think the states on the timesheet_lines should depend on the current date. It will always be allowed to fill timesheet at a valid date.
Author: [hidden] (edbo)
Date: 2019-08-01.16:56:38
I'm hitting with changing the state for the timesheet_lines field ( The state depends on the 'active'-field which is removed.

Now I want the field depends on 'timesheet_end_date' and added:

    'readonly': Date() > Eval('timesheet_end_date', Date()),

But I got the message "AssertionError: statement must be an integer or a float"
Author: [hidden] (ced) Tryton committer Tryton translator
Date: 2019-08-01.15:31:20
I do not think as there will be no migration of the data into another field. So it is better to keep the information if users want to do something with it.
Author: [hidden] (edbo)
Date: 2019-08-01.15:19:28
I want to pick up this one. Should I also add a table query to remove the active column?
Author: [hidden] (ced) Tryton committer Tryton translator
Date: 2018-03-14.09:59:39
The field is duplicate with the start/end date which can lead to incoherent situation like inactivate the of a (still active).
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