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Title Easy creation of fiscalyear
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I agree, this would be a good addition.
msg32026 (view) Author: [hidden] (ced) (Tryton committer) (Tryton translator) Date: 2017-02-17.11:36:35
The creation of fiscal year has always been complex for end user because it involves some internal model like the sequences and it is a task done only once per year (so users do not get use to it). With the issue6212, it will become even more complex.

So I think we should try to ease it as much as possible.
My idea is to have a wizard that take a previous fiscal year (the last by default) and it create a new one for the dates entered (by default the same plus one year). It will create the new fiscal year with the same set of period (maybe it could be chosen in the wizard). Each sequence will be duplicated and the counter reset (this behaviour should also be an option because some company does not reset the sequences see issue5205). The duplicate of sequence should take care that the same sequence could be used multiple times inside a fiscal year and so it should duplicate it only once.
After running this wizard, the user will still have the possibility to modify the resulted fiscal year in case there were some changes in the company.

I think this procedure will ease the task by just asking few simple question and just put on the initial setup the load of the configuration.
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