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Title Missing activation of field for input on new lines
Priority bug Status closed
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Created on 2009-10-08.17:16:37 by yangoon, last changed by ced.

msg5734 (view) Author: [hidden] (ced) (Tryton committer) (Tryton translator) Date: 2010-02-28.22:13:24
No news since 3 months, closing issue.
Re-open it if it is not fixed.
msg5131 (view) Author: [hidden] (ced) (Tryton committer) (Tryton translator) Date: 2009-11-10.22:43:40
Could you test with different windows manager?
msg4896 (view) Author: [hidden] (yangoon) Date: 2009-10-18.14:27:44
Tested on Debian testing with gtk2 versions 2.16.6-1  and 2.18.2-1, can reproduce like this:
- Create new move line in Journal
- Input some name
- Tab to Account
- Press F2 to select account
- Confirm account
-> Account is inserted, focus remains on field account
- Tab to Debit -> no focus set
- Tab to Credit -> focus set
- Retab to Debit -> focus set

- Create new move line in Journal
- Input some name
- Tab to Account
- Insert some partial account name
- Select some account from the search pop up
-> Account is inserted, focus is set automatically on field Debit with activated focus
-> nice!
msg4748 (view) Author: [hidden] (ced) (Tryton committer) (Tryton translator) Date: 2009-10-09.16:15:43
Could not reproduce.
msg4738 (view) Author: [hidden] (yangoon) Date: 2009-10-08.17:16:37
Like issue1213 perhaps a GTK issue:
While entering move lines after the selection of an account with F2 the following field debit is not correctly focused. You have either to tab further to field credit and return to debit or to use the mouse to get the input activated.
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