List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Nosy
10425 yesterday Remove python format warning on translation compilation testing
10421 2 days ago Infinite loop on database operational error when running task testing
10402 2 days ago Replace or improve csb43 chatting
10420 3 days ago Party Configuration - Setting Identifier Type causes exception on record save testing
10249 3 days ago Start balance on general ledger does not take start date into account testing
10418 3 days ago Wrong domain error message unread
10417 3 days ago Wrong account used when processing purchase with multiple companies unread
10415 4 days ago company is not set explicitly on grouping move testing
10414 4 days ago Wrong Line class usage and missing description when grouping lines testing
10413 4 days ago Setting a translatable Char field with an SQL expression mess with its translation unread
10407 4 days ago Module activation "party_avatar" : unexpected behavior testing
10405 4 days ago Duplicate shipping with packages: packages are also duplicated ... unread
10404 5 days ago Assigned move should not be stored testing
10401 5 days ago Consider optional warehouse for sale and purchase in invoice tax rule pattern chatting
10399 1 week ago Posting invoice with too much deposit does not raise error testing
10398 1 week ago "Avances et acomptes" should be deposit and not assets testing
10393 1 week ago Readonly date can be edited testing
10391 1 week ago Commission is missing company rule unread
10389 1 week ago CategoryTree get_total fails with unsupported operand type(s) for +=: 'decimal.Decimal' and 'NoneType' testing
10385 1 week ago account 6451 shouldn't be closed chatting
10386 1 week ago Field context not used to validate domain testing
10334 1 week ago Duplicated code in languages administration testing
10382 1 week ago Decimals of quantity move exceed the total digits when split move need-eg
10374 2 weeks ago Use canonical domain for test comparison chatting
10330 2 weeks ago Filename too long testing
10235 2 weeks ago Crash trying to set sequence's number_next to zero testing
10206 2 weeks ago Wrong cost price shown on product cost history (and used for inventory valuation) chatting
10292 3 weeks ago Type amount ignores inactive accounts testing
10207 3 weeks ago Second time updating an asset, the date appears as "undefined" need-eg
10240 3 weeks ago Selecting party without location defined crashes on shipments chatting
10336 3 weeks ago Create user with LDAP is not working unread
10322 3 weeks ago Not possible to redifine product field unread
10300 1 month ago Account balance should be checked removing it's type chatting
10244 1 month ago Crash if list_price is None chatting
10154 2 months ago Renew device cookie fails randomly chatting
10038 3 months ago EC sales list with cancelled invoice unread
9977 4 months ago Test fails when executed on 31/12 chatting
9413 10 months ago Random test failure of cache test chatting
9054 15 months ago MPTT test_reparent takes more than 500s chatting
8512 22 months ago Sequence not set on One2Many with first form view unread
7799 28 months ago TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'datetime.timedelta' in-progress
7398 36 months ago Rounding assigned quantity unread
7399 37 months ago Rounding issue in remaining quantity computation unread
5419 57 months ago Field width not correctly computed in Chrome deferred
3469 91 months ago Security notification unread
10424 yesterday Add split lines wizard in-progress
10408 3 days ago Add filename to shipping label chatting
10416 4 days ago Improve main menu naming unread
10027 4 days ago Allow to partially validate a statement with origins testing
10410 4 days ago Set button state in message_callback unread

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